Top 15 Safety Hazards Around Home: How To Get Safe House

Awareness regarding safety hazards have an essential benefits. Maintaining a safe house around your home safety is utmost goal obviously in terms of a worthy living. But the safe environment is conditional either.

Some recognizable safety hazards can harm your family members at any time. Always you'll need to pay extra attention to make sure that the risk level becomes zero from the uncertain life-threatening issues.

That's why all you need to address the specific hazards first and let you take the quick attempts to mitigate the risks striving towards zero.

Fortunately, in this smart era of technological excellence, you have chance to prompt your solutions using smart tools and materials that can secure your safe home-keeping away from all kind of hazards.

Here's the definitive brief guide on the specific top safety hazards. You could follow for strongly controlling over the potential issues - for your safe house, safe home and safe environment around. The adequate tools associated with the solution efforts could relax your concern.

15 Safety Hazard Around Home: How To Get Safe House

1. Home Fire

Home fire hazard is one of the top safety hazards in the USA used to happen average 365,000 fires per year and 7 people die in a single day either. Cooking, heating, lighting, and smocking materials and equipment are respectively leading causes of home structure, civilian home, and home fire deaths.


The evidence shows, 17% of the home fires start from the kitchen, 7% from the bedroom, 5% from the confirmed chimney and 4% from the living room.

How to secure home fire safety:

There are some major 8 Types of Firefighting Equipment You Need For Home Fire Safety. Let you know what type of firefighter extinguisher fit for the specific fire type. Besides, make sure you got the needful things for your proper fire safety:

a. Fire Training

Let you be trained previously upon the appropriate tools that how to approach for quick results.

b. Fire alarms

Smock detector fire alarms can help you to get instant siren while they detect fire source automatically. You might set up a First Alert Smoke Detector set in the potential places of your safe house. Keep up the devices active and replace batteries while existed one a year either. This device works round the clock even if there is an electric power failure.

c. Fire doors

Fire doors help at least delaying time to break out the fire. In the meantime, you might decide or act upon the fire whether you need to fight and escape yourselves from the spot.

d. Fire Source

Fire source management, control or monitoring might reduce huge risk of fire occurrence at home. Replace every old part of the electric things from the installment. Let your every adult of the family knows how to control over candle usage as well as electric switches when the fire being generated from the due sources.

e. Kitchen Fire Extinguisher 

Use Kitchen Fire Extinguisher which designed particularly to fight flammable-liquid as well as electrical fires. As an agent, it uses sodium bicarbonate for extinguishing fire soon. It is quite safe to keep up in the kitchen since it has a metal pull pin including safety seal waterproof level with instruction.

2. Child Cuts

Child cuts refer to the child's injury that gets on own body while using sharp objects like a knife, blade, scissors, or broken glass.

Child safety

Most of the cuts happen by kids while adult members are not enough conscious of. And children find sharp elements or accidental tools for them available in the house to handle curiously.

Habitually the kids always get a playful mind and having the huge curiosity to do new something with the things that they do not know how to use. They might use their emotion or any mode to create pressure on the sharp things that make serious injury eventually.

If you find as this hazard happens on your child, based on the intense of injury, all you need to take a quick attempt over the wound how to recover the safety. You'll have to play a first aid approach with checking out the injury, cleaning the wound, and arranging to stop bleeding first.

The ways how to save children from cuts:

The ways you can follow to maintain an improved ecosystem of safety around your home and family to mitigate potential safety hazards:

(a) Identify all pitfalls

First, identify the most probable pitfalls around the home, and make sure that each of the points is quite safe for the kids anyhow. You might make a list of sources that could appear on kids safety should take care of.

(b) Secure kitchen materials

There are many sharp things might keep in the kitchen such as knife sets, point knives, scissors, vegetable peeler, pizza cutter, and so on. Even further glasses that can befall on the floor might make a safety hazard from broken particles. Make sure the kitchen supplies are quite safe and kept secured anyhow.

(c) Never keep garbage beyond of reach

Your family trash might include harmful elements, sharp edges, and broken things. It might create cuts-hazard while kids find beyond their reach. You can make the safety using <Locking StepOn Wastebasket> and get peace in mind on kids movement either.

(d) Secure bathroom materials 

This is common to keep up essential bath tools including scissor, blade, razor or nail cutter set in the bathroom.

You can keep the things in your cabinets securely using childproof magnetic cabinet locks. Install the locks inside the cabinets, keep them out of sight and out of touch of the kids or teens. This is the loyal solution to secure the safety from hazardous materials in the bathroom. 

(e) Secure safety of garden tools 

Surrounding your safe house, you might have to to use yard or garden management tools like lawnmowers, saws, tools, racks, or grass edger. As a part of safety efforts, keep the tools in a secure store. Make sure you do not leave a tool out of the store after your usage in the garden or lawn.

(f) Secure Childproof Garage

There are many needful things kept in the garage might be hazardous for the kids. Use garage-lock to keep the kids out of access into the garage. And store the hazardous substances in top safety container that out of kids reach. Keep the stairs, water heater and workbench in the safe side either.

(g) Guide with child-friendly 

The best part of the safety practice goes with teaching accurate things while kinds are rising. Although DIY schooling might help them be educated on the potential hazards, you too can help them to grasp the practical things scientifically.

Build a friendly relationship that approaches each incident solving sophisticatedly. Let them learn the real science of hazards on how to protect themselves from avoiding mistakes. If they get cut either, let them know what to do on their own or let you get shared for calling an expert from neighbors or professionals.

If your child is bleeding that shows out of your control, call 911. If it gets wound seriously, call a doctor. If the injury goes within your range to <provide first aid>, let it be quite a safety ASAP.

3. Choking Hazard

A choking hazard used to happen while a child eats a solid round food or object unconsciously. The object might get obstructed in the throat of the airway that makes impossible to breathe either. This sort of severe difficulty in breathing or lack of air or suffocation might cause of death.

According to fact data in the USA, thousands of people die from this panic hazard every year. Choking used to happen in the aged people that accounts 2,848 out of total death 5051 in 2015.

How to prevent choking :
When your child or aged member of the family falls in chocking, and suffocate, they either struggle for breath. To rescue them from the deadly situation, all you need to learn the ways carefully.

(a) Take Foodtime Extra Safety 

Take Extra Safety Measures during food time. As hard foods are the most dangerous elements for kids who are less than 4 years old, they deserve you definitive care. Make sure that foods are smoothly eatable for both aged and kids.

You might enlist the most probable dangerous foods such as nuts, seeds, Popcorn, Chewing gum, thick vegetables and so on, to take care of your child against the hazards.

(b) Avoid the places to feed Child

There are some common places better to avoid feeding your child. Very best not to allow the kids taking food in the car, feeding on walking mode, and outdoor elsewhere.

(c) Take playtime safety

Take an extra care and attention to take care of the kids while they are playing in another room or places nearby. To make sure of their safety hearing out further choking issues you might use baby monitor devices such as Infant Optical Lens or Dect Baby Monitor.

(d) Keep the hazardous things out of reach

If your child has learned to crawl, search the things that might cause choking and keep in a safety store anyhow. The things maybe marbles, coins, balloons, small toys or parts of the toys, tiny batteries, and so on.

(e) Train up your skill to protect

Use a LifeVac Travel Kit that might save any of your family member during travel. Let you know how to protect someone from choking or suffocation. You have a chance to learn the ways accurately how to use the Heimlich Maneuver approach to the victim.

The self-training from the web could help you using abdominal thrusts continuously until the victim expels the object. While chocking stops, immediately seek a medical guide for the next to-dos.

4. Overweight and Obesity hazard

Both overweight and obesity are indicating degrees of health condition or safety hazard situation. A Body Mass Index (BMI - the numerical value of weight subject to height) between 25 kg/m² and 29.9 kg/m² shows the overweight, and 30 or more shows the obesity.

The data fact by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 39.8% of U.S. adults are hazardous obese, who have a BMI of 30 or up. About 68% of adults living in the United States have a risky BMI of 25 or up which is the highest part in North America.

What are the potential risk of Overweight and Obesity?

Last year WHO reported that most of the population in the world got unfortunate death due to overweight and obesity rather than underweight.

The list of potential risks is long enough that bears health hazards such as bone problems, breathing problem, asthma risk, apnea, looks like aged than real age, gallbladder trouble, liver disease, cardiovascular concern, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, child's heart disease, stroke, heart attack, depression, and even a sort of cancer.

How to reduce overweight and obesity?

According to WHO, overweight and obesity are the ultimate results of energy imbalance between calories that someone consumed and calories than expended."

Helpful products can reduce obesity or relax your movement:
(a) Obesity knee pain braces
(b) Obesity back brace for women
(c) Obesity Girdle Belt

Here the ways you can follow to control over your state of the BMI for health safety:

(a) Identify present BMI and reasons

Calculate your actual BMI whether it falls in overweight or obesity. Very best to check daily and identify the raw reasons why your overweight tendency is there or uprising. This sort of clear points might help the doctor or experts to provide your better solution. Or if the additional eight is quite an initial stage of overweight range, you have a quick solution to revert your safe zone.

(b) Care the Genetical reasons

There are two types of reasons associated with the increase in overweight. First, genetical reasons hereditary reasons that come out from parents' genes, secondly, your food and drink you habituated to take.

The first reason allows your liver generates fat about 80% of your body and 20% by intaking foods and drinks from outside. There are lots of ways to mitigate the overweight hazards following diet control.

(c) Take diet from an expert Dietitian 

If you feel enough concerned regarding your uprising weight, you can meet an expert dietitian or doctor for a specific suggestion. You can share all the reasons and issues from overweight that you identified can play a significant role in the increase of bad weight. Let them be solved through your daily new habits and lifestyle.

(d) Stop taking high-fat energy-dense foods

Avoid energy-dense or high-fat foods that pile extra fat in the body but can't burn either. Encourage the children to build habits of avoiding fatty foods, snacks, fast foods, energy drinks, and various processed foods.

(e) Physical movement habits 

Make the good habits of active movement daily whether taking part in the family walk or playing outside of the home. Sometimes on the holiday, you can take part in the game of kids and teens like table tennis, swimming, cycling and so on.

(f) Start breakfast taking alkaline water

After taking time for physical exercise in the morning, you can start the day by drinking a glass of hot lemon-water to detox the body acidity. Alkaline water essentially helps to weight-loss and make the day pretty safe.

(g) Habituate with Safety lifestyle 

Let you be habituated with a valued lifestyle that helps to get safe weight and physical fitness. Create an actionable schedule of to-dos' over the situation whether overweight or obesity.

(h) Go yoga daily

There is some sort of yoga including meditation that helps to keep your body so fit and fabulous. It never delays protecting your health from any health hazards. If you are familiar with Kapalbhati, a powerful Pranayama, that is good luck.

You can take the benefits of reducing your overweight hazards using this method. Also, you can practice ASANA, for reducing risk from overweight or obesity.

5. Falls Hazards (Baby and Elderly)

What is Falls Hazard?
Physical weakness or improper moving ability used to occur drop-down that results in various injuries - are called falls hazards. Elderly falls are one of the major home safety hazards due to happening head injury and broken bone.

More than one-third of the adult falls are strongly related to the unfair environment in the home. Baby falls are also important matters in the safe house ecosystem.

The Reasons for falls hazards

The major reasons for falls hazard generated from tripping over objects, poorly located bars, furniture is not strong or unstable chairs or tables, extension cords across walkways, lack of grab bars, pets, poor lighting, clutter, too low toilet seats, cracks in Sidewalk, bad Steps, loose rugs/through rugs, sloping driveway and so on.

How To Reduce Falls Hazards

In terms of keeping up the safe house for the kids and adults against falls hazards, all you need to accurately identify the reasons first. Then, let the reasons quite fixed, and maintain the causes of zero risks forever. Take a quick look at the issues on how to fix:

Slipping over objects:

(a) Fix the faultily located bars

Make sure that the kids or adult can able to grab bars while then walk or pass. If the bars are not properly matched with their catch, fix the bars with the right location.

(b) Unstable furniture

Make sure the interior furniture are not unfit, false and feeble either. Fix the things strong and stout that adults or kids couldn't get falls from.

(c) Walkway extension cords across

The unconscious movement could face falls from long cords on the floor. Keep the cords or cables out of the walkway attaching with the wall to avoid further falls hazards.

(d) Cracks in walkway

The walkway cracks might be a big reason for falls hazards. In this purpose of making safety, all you need to take extra care and awareness. Awareness regarding the potential spots and points could secure your kids and adults to be safe in daily life.

(e) Avoid Loose rugs 

Using throw rugs can occur very bad elderly or baby falls. The best option is to avoid loose rugs. If you either need to use one, you might keep it in a safe area that is out of the walkway.

(f) Fix the poor lighting

Aged vision might always get obstacles to find clear walkway. That is why keep up the proper lighting on the walkways.

(g) Reduce clutter

If a floor is often kept gathered with daily using things, it might cause falls. Make sure the floors are clean and free to walk.

(h) Use proper toilet seats

Falls hazard might be happened due to too low toilet seats. So, keep up seats be optimal for the adults that go within the safety range.

(i) Fix bad steps

The older adults get huge trouble from staircases while the surface is too steep. Then, use handrails on outdoor stair and steps with the proper level that provides safety enough.

(j) Use Protective Tools:

The baby falls protection tools can use such as Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet,
Child Safety Rail Net, and so on. And for elderly, using Medline Bed Assist bar and so on.

Also, make sure the outdoor walkway is free from snow and ice, make easy to get the daily common things within easy reach, use proper light, and keep a phone beyond of reach as well or Install emergency electronic response system based on special requirement.

6. CO Hazard ( Poisoning)

Carbon monoxide is an invisible and unsmellable gas used to generate from fossil fuel burning can create life hazard. It depends on how we use the sources of dangerous life-threatening gases like ovens, grills, heaters cars, natural gas, charcoal, gasoline, wood, or other fuels.

Here are the definitive ways how we can protect our life from CO hazards based on sources in your home:

(a) Kitchen safety

Install the gas oven properly for safe cooking.

(b) Bedroom safety 

Install unvented space heater in the bedroom.

(c) Living Room safety

Make sure the wood-burning fireplace is safe and sound to maintain an optimal fire environment.

(d) Fireplace Chimney Safety

Make sure the chimney is not blocked anyhow, kept open over.

(e) Basement Safety

Inspect the potential sources of generating Carbon Monoxide such as a water heater, and gas cloth dryer, whether installed faulty or not. Do not use an emergency generator.

(f) Garage CO Safety

Regularly check out and make sure the sources such as operating barbecue grill, generator, and equipment being used gas power are safe. Never use an emergency generator in the garage.

(g) Portable Stove Safety

And, keep up safe the portable stoves as well as using only outdoor.

(h) Install CO alarms and maintain.

On the above places and critical locations, you require to use <CO alarm detector> for keeping your mind in peace from uncertain gas hazards.

Solution: Use a CO Alarm Detector 

7. Food Poisoning 

Foodborne illness is called food poisoning. It can turn human normal physical condition into uncomfortable life-threatening or sufferings some days. Evidence shows, every year, 48 million (1 out of 6) people used to get sick, 128 thousand get hospitalized. and 3 thousand die due to food poisoning.

Food poisoning is very common trouble over healthy living that might sometimes turn serious illness either. This sort of poisoning used to occur while your food bears hazardous germs or toxic chemical.

In the USA, various pathogens including Salmonella in unconscious foods are the reasons for unexpected hospitalization.

How the pathogens and other toxins get into our body?

  •  Lack of appropriate food fingering 
  •  Get contaminated in hygiene stores
  •  Lack of safety practices on farms
  •  Get polluted during manufacturing or distributing

Let you know firs the most dangerous infectious and toxic pathogens such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Botulism, Listeria, Hepatitis A, Candida Auris, and so on.

How to prevent?
Here are a few of the major tips to get reducing food poisoning risk:

a. Hands safety

Foremost transit points of pathogens are located in the hands. Before touching foods or handling raw foods, such as eggs, fish, meat or vegetables, wash your hands thoroughly using hand-washing soap or laundry soap.

b. Worksurface safety

Keep up the worktops quite germ-free washing the area like hand-washing before preparing raw foods for cooking. You might use hot water mixed with vinegar so the place gets fit before your every raw food processing.

c. Dishcloths safety

Dirty dish napkins and tea clothes can spread the germs to foods. Make sure you wash the things daily before preparing foods or tea.

d. Chopping board safety

Using separate chopping boards based on the nature of raw foods is a brilliant idea tactically. In some foods such as salad and other ready-to-eat foods can be kept germ free and safe.

e. Raw meat & poultry safety

In terms of protecting germs, raw meats deserve careful handling and washing either. You needn't wash the fresh meats twice instead of once to protect meat-generated germs around the foods. Always keep the meats separate from other ready-to-use foods. While you keep in the deep fridge, use bottom self.

f. Fish Safety

Process raw fish, wash out and keep in the fridge using a separate board, safety hands, and separate self.

g. Vegetables Safety

Wash the vegetables before processing or preserving in the fridge. In case, you might wash the vegetables with vinegar-mixed-water in room temperature for making the raw things safe.

h. Safety cooking

Cook the food at the right temperature. You can use a <food thermometer> to maintain the right temperature in cooking in terms of eliminating germs.

i. Fridge hygiene

Make sure your fridge works at 5°C or below. Stop overloading and putting hot foods in the fridge that might cause to stop chilling. Remember that temperatures stay between 5°C and 63°C is the danger zone. Then bacteria on food might grow either.

j. Aware to the expiry date

This is very important to protect further poisoning during buying foods from a shop. Check out whether products contain a valid date.

Furthermore, if you find severe food poisonings, such as symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, or nausea, immediately contact a doctor.

8. Electric Hazard

electricity safety

Human civilization for better utility runs through continuous modernization based on electricity. Electricity plays a vital role to meet the daily needs of good living. Every household needs electricity, but here's point how much safety the system is that permits your hazardless peaceful living!

Here're the ways how you could prevent further electrical hazards:

a. Keep electricity away from water

Always keep the electrical appliances away from water. Any devices or appliances might get water accidentally, directly go to the corresponding circuit to disrupt the power from the main source.

b. Use safe outlet covers for kids safety

Make sure you use outlet covers to protect your kids. Outlet covers could prevent kids against shock while they finger the appliances.

c. Make sure cords are leakless

Secure the cords are being kept out of pressure by heavy materials at home like furniture. Never hurt the cords that might get leakage and happens hazards either.

d. Fix the feedbacks of appliances 

Appliances are the mirror of the problems could help your providing feedback on whether the electrical system has further trouble or not. Make sure you fix the troubles instantly.

e. Keep away from children

Kids are curious to handle anything they find beyond their hands. Let your electrical appliances stay out of their reach. It would assure the best security to keep your children in a safe home.

f. Do not use extension cords

Especially in terms of preventing kids from playing or chewing the extension cords, you shouldn't use around kids movement. Make sure the kids' room is quite safe in this regard.

g. Use harder cord setting 

Use harder cord set up so children can't pull either. Make sure the cords security of quite right for and kids-friendly.

h. Keep table fan away from kids 

Little kids could put their fingers curiously into the cage of a table fan. This can create hazards. Make sure the portable fans are out of children to reach.

i. Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

GFCI detects further current leakages while devices get contact with water. Especially, it can be used in bathroom or kitchen for electrical safety against spreading through water.

j. Make sure the fitness of wall plates

Wall plates play an important role in using the switch-board that we operate safely at home. Make sure the plates are not broken or missing either. Then replace with a new wall plate in terms of protecting you from electrical hazards.

k. Setup suitable circuit breakers and fuses

Make sure you're using the right size of circuit breakers and fuses that matches with the performance circuit needs wattage and size according to its specification. If not, you must replace the right one. In case, you might take the help of an electrician.

l. Do not use cube taps either

A small and single outlet but several appliances can overheat and become the cause of fire either. If your appliances are limited and can bear the load, then you might use according to clear math.

m. Keep yard-care tools dry

Take preventive attention to your yard-care tools whether dry or wet while you using ones. Various reasons the yard-care tools can get contact with water such as rainy water or sprinkler water. Never use the tools with electricity.

n. Use lamp-friendly bulb 

We've lamp has own capacity to bear the wattage through the bulb. Let your bulb be friendly with lamp. That is why follow the lamp's specification that capable to adapt very well.

o. Turn off and unplug appliances

While you go to bed, make sure your you switched-off and unplugged all appliances in terms of safe house maintenance.

p. Check the overheating

Sometimes check the cords, ports or appliances whether get heated that out of normal range should treat the issue quickly. This sort of checking practice you can do regularly.

q. Educate family members

Last but not least, educating family members regarding electrical safety might bring huge peace in mind among members to avoid further hazards.

According to expert e-Advisers like and some others, the above rules could make your safe home if you care the points seriously.

9. Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure refers to the measure of the degree of blood force or pushing blood against vessel walls in the human body. In the USA, one in three adult people suffers from hypertension or high blood pressure.

Hypertension hazard


This is updated stat in September 2018 by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hypertension is a life hazard as it stands the main reason for stroke, kidney failure, and heart attack.

How to prevent high blood pressure?
You can prevent high blood pressure by practicing the following rules strictly in your daily lifestyle:

(a) Guard your overweight

If you are gaining weight more than 25 BMI, urgently you requirement to maintain your body weight within a safe range.

(b) Stop Smoking

If you do smoke cigarette, quit smoking today. If you do not smoke, do not start either. Smoking rises heat attack and stroke.

(c) Take daily physical activity

This is obvious to take a long walk in the morning at least 3 kilometers per day. Plus, physical exercise such as swimming, running or gym work can help keep your body fit and fabulous.

(d) Give up excess alcohol consumption 

If you taking alcohol more than 1 drinks every day, bound it within single drinks only. You should never compromise with the extra amount that makes your body toxic for serious hazard.

(e) Avoid excess too much salt in the diet

Make sure you do not take too much salt in your diet. The higher level of sodium could increase your body toxin that collaborates to increase overweight as well.

(f) Get regular Exercise

Whether walking daily or going to gym work, you might take your practice that helps reduce your extra fat and keep you fit for the days.

(g) Manage your stress

Managing your tress you can improve your hypertension. You might listen to meditation music, emotional music, meditation, and breathing exercises.

(h) Win over genetical reason

In case your hypertension is the quite genetical reason, you can consult with a doctor for making your rules of lifestyle that helps you growing safe life.

(i) Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet for improving hypertension includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy foods and saturated fat that can lower your blood pressure.

(j) Keep calming your older age

While your age goes on older either, meditate your mind keeping up with calm and cool mindset.

(k) Care your family history 

Take a lesson from your family history of how parents or forefathers got their lifestyle to protect the risk of hypertension.

(l) Guard your chronic kidney disease

Contact a specialist doctor to treat the issue for recovery first. And make a plan for how to lead your lifestyle that helps to cure the disease.

Make a list of what you eat that affects improvement over the diet. Thus create a habit list with the best alternatives what you eat. Eat the foods and fruits that contain potassium can reduce your blood pressure. Finally, determine your best diet consulting a diet expert.

(m) Go yoga

Very best to follow yoga asanas, or pranayamas regularly. Powerful asanas could help you keep your body in proper shape and safe against further hypertension.

(n) Using Massage Gun: 

You can use an instrument like Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Effective Percussion Massage Gun. It can transform betterment around your deep tissue muscle. This massager tool works for percussive therapy, enhanced Recovery, pain relief including enhanced recovery for athletes. Let it work with charging dock and 5 attachments including 3 speeds.

10. High Cholesterol 

High cholesterol is a national health impact in the USA. It's the single cause for stroke and heart attack. While the level of cholesterol reaches very high with extra fat that gets deposited in the wall of blood vessels and arteries, creates huge obstacles against normal blood flow.

This sort of health safety hazards might create from heretical family health trends or bad food habits or an unhealthy lifestyle either. But it can threat your normal life into a serious health risk.

How to prevent high cholesterol?
There are some foods and habits that can help you reducing cholesterol safety health:

a) Lose your weight

High cholesterol generates from LDL (low-density lipoprotein) which is called bad cholesterol as well. Take your efforts from experts on how to revert you normal BMI which is 18 to 25.

b) Avoid Trans fat 

Trans fats, such as popcorn, fried fast foods, non-dairy coffee creamers helps the body to generate cholesterol. That's why avoid these sort of foods in your diet list.

c) Exercise

Loyal ways to reduce cholesterol by taking exercise regularly. Whether you go to the gym or run a race or walk in the morning - that include well-being in guarding your normal cholesterol.

d) Eat more seafood

If you can eat shellfish regularly, it may improve immunity, weight loss, heart, and brain health. Because seafood is rich in lean protein, healthy fats, and minerals.

e) Take optimal alcohol

Your alcohol intake must follow moderation that increases HDL that lower the risk of heart disease. But if the quantity goes more than 2 drinks every day might harm the heart either.

f) Take fiber foods & fruits

The fibers diets like oats, barley, nuts, vegetable oils, whole grain, eggplant, grapes, apples, soy and so on, play a vital role to manage your cholesterol within a safe level.

g) Take monounsaturated fats

Monounsaturated fats reduce risky LDL protecting rich HDL. The sources of monounsaturated fats are olives, olive oil, Tree nuts, Canola oil, almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, avocados and so on.

h) Give up Smoking

Smoking is the critical reason to increase bad lipoproteins and reduces good HDL that develops clogged arteries. While smoker quit this can gain back the ability to create good cholesterol for life safety.

i) Try supplement

You can take supplements that have proven the fact to improve your cholesterol and develop your heart quality.
You can try Fish Oil, Psyllium, and Coenzyme Q10.

11. Heavy Metal Hazards

Among the safety issues at home, heavy metal hazards are silent threats in human health. The heavy metals most commonly include in human physical contamination are cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), chromium (Cr), arsenic (As), mercury (Hg), nickel (Ni), and copper (Co).

As a conscious member of the family, you need to know the heavy metals how they generate, how they pollute, and how to protect or avoid them for a hazardless healthy life.

Heavy metals contamination is one of the top concerns now that happens due to industrial discharging, inappropriate food production and processing, air pollution, and finally water poisoning.

How to reduce heavy metal hazards?

We eat food, take breathe and drink water for living. All we need to know the ways how the heavy metals appear in our body and how to control the source for mitigating the intake. We could feel the presence of heavy metals while our body responds with headaches, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, breathing trouble and so on.

(a) Food protection

You have a chance to analyze a food how it comes from you whether getting toxins either. This sort of foods you need to avoid.

And some of the foods can detox the heavy metals that accumulate in the body, such as garlic, lemon water, tomatoes, cilantro, spirulina, chlorella, green tea, probiotics and so on.

All you need to avoid the foods for well-being are large fish, alcohol, rice and so on. You can talk to your doctor for more specific supplements you need to take.

(b) Polluted air protection

Make you do check regularly the daily air pollution forecasts in your area. And let you know when the pollution is higher you need to avoid going out. When the air pollution level is high, you should not take exercise outdoor.

Use an air pollution filter mask. And  stop breathing exercise near a heavy traffic jam. Keep up forbidden to smoke indoors. Use high-quality musk while walking through the polluted area.

(c) Water protection

Make sure your drinking water is free of heavy metals, and no chance to include any metals through cooking water. Also, make sure that the pots and bowls or pans and dishes are free from hazardous heavy metals.

There are available evidences around the web regarding indoor bad air quality in some areas which includes 5x - 10x times of polluted materials than the outdoor existence contamination. So, indoor heavy metal presence deserves more attention than outdoor.

12. Depression 

Depression is a national health impact in the USA that contributes 9 percent. Depression means a feeling of sadness, melancholy, sorrow, or dejection.

depression risks

According to the American Psychiatric Association "Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act." Depression can result in various emotional problems and reduces the physical inability to work out at home.

The common features of this problem are:

  •  Sadness mood
  •  Lack of interest to do something
  •  Get passion changed
  • Become fatigued
  • Worthless attitude
  • Poor concentration on decision
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Sleeping trouble
  •  Aimless body language
  • Suicidal thought

How to Prevent Depression?
Fortunately, depression is curable, and very best to contact a doctor. If the depression is born from dual diagnosis, you might take a look into the resource therewith. If your family members are quite depression-free, well. You might let them learn the tips on how to avoid further hazard from stress and anxiety that might turn into depression either:

(a) Care your mind and soul

Read a great book like Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass. Go yoga, get asana, take breaths, meditate mind and grow your awareness with meditation as well.

(b) Eat organic & Supplements

Try to shop organic foods, avoiding GMO, and frequently changing the food menu through the week. And take the supplements such as Multivitamin can keep your body & mind fit and fabulous.  

(c) Control over crazy drinks

Take alcohol optimal, and never go caffeine more than it's limit. Better if you give up energy drinks and soft drinks as well.

(d) Take enough water

Take enough pure water that helps your body organs stay healthy and organized to provide you enough positive energy.

(e) Take sleep enough

Take adequate sleep according to your circadian rhythm can give your mind better fitness. Sleeping is a sort of upper-level meditation to reform your well-being daily. Getting sleep about 7 - 8 hours could give your body enough energy to think your brain positive.

(f) Go physical exercise

You need daily walking at least 3 kilometres for your healthy life. Physical exercise could fill your gap of further physical movement you need for fitness. It will give you good though to play the day with fruitful actions.

(g) Listen to the spiritual songs

Yes, spiritual music could blow your mind for better meditation daily. It helps to organize your brain that setup for better result avoiding further anxiety.

(h) Exercise lough

Often yoga gurus mention that laughing is the smallest meditation and sleeping is the longest one. Lough could improve your mental health and mindfulness eliminating any sort of stress.

(i) Firmly set a positive attitude

A positive attitude comes from various forms of self-awareness. You're living and now is the best time to pay your better value upon this time. If you feel you're great now, that time would reward your great moment. Get your best "now" with your art of action for winning the time.

(j) Discuss any drawbacks

A person thinks about 50 thousand thoughts every day. Unfortunately, 80 percent of the thoughts are worthless. These thoughts are the ultimate drawbacks of someone. You might eradicate the drawbacks all on your own discussing with your friends and family. Then, you could figure out the value of your precious thoughts only acceptable.

(k) Live in now

Now is powerful. And now is your life as well. Anxiety might appear due to wrong thought that is pointed in the past or future. Never allow anxiety in mind as it's a mental stranger by the unconscious mind. You can't allow a wrong stranger. So, remove it instantly while you think you needn't allow it in your precious "now-zone" and be treated toxin either.

(l) Discover "new you" every morning

We get to sleep every night, and sleep helps us to repair our thinking platform newly in the brain. Make sure your thought process trust the day is your new chance for using the day for well-being. Provide your self an auto-suggestion - you're great today!

There are countless ways you can help you grow up with well-being without single bit anxiety.

13. Natural Calamity

Natural disasters in the USA kill thousands of people and damages billions of dollars of economic property each year. The disasters in the USA include wildfire, hurricane, flood, blizzard, tornado, cold wave, Tsunami, heatwave, landslide, earthquake, volcano, drought, hailstorm, and so on.

natural disaster safety

Make sure you know the level of risks from the possible disasters learning adequate sources on the as pact of your location and history of natural calamities. Make a yearly safety plan whether any of these disasters sensitize your home safety you need to conduct safety measures.

How to prevent your home against natural disaster?

Preventing your family safety hazards due to natural disaster, let you be aware regarding the below essential preparations:

(a) Get informed

Local and national provides information on national or local hazards to quickly determine the degree of vulnerability to the specific calamity. They would deliver the most probable ways how to evacuate and secure safety.

(b) Get ready with own evacuation plan

Determine where you need to go and how to stay there during natural hazard that might save your family.

(c) Stay with tools and kits

According to the sister's criteria, get ready the tools and kits including first aid box, flashlights, batteries, lifebuoy ring, and essential info, food, and materials.

(d) Emphasize safe house as well 

Make sure the disaster is possible to protect for family safety while staying at home. If the level of danger is either life-threatening staying at home, needn't stay at home. Saving life is first.

(e) Make sure the safe zone in your home. 

If a flood, take a higher floor, if a tornado, secure staying at the basement of your home.

(f) Secure a home insurance

Make sure you have a homeowners insurance so that you have a scope to repair the home after a natural disaster.

(g) Make sure waterproof doors and windows

Before starting the rainy season, make sure your home doors and windows are strong and stout with a waterproof shield.

(h) Protecting volcano ash

The strong wind might bring volcano ashes into your door, make sure a moistended towel in front of closed doors which will save your home.

(i) Build flexible Gas and water line connections

The rigid lines during the earthquake could harm the building of spreading water or gas that could create huge life hazards. So, create the connections flexible for gas and water lines.

(j) Repair the home cracks 

If the home remains cracks and faults in the foundation, repair them before the disasters seasons.

(k) Keep up defensible zone

Make sure your home has more than 10-meter space around your home to fight the wildfires to save the home.

(l) Build roof enough strong

If anyhow roof is injurious and troubled with materials you used earlier, repair the roof for strong and protective for any natural disaster.

14. Burglary 

Burglary means the illegal entry of a house to commit a pre-planned crime, especially thefts valuables. Burglary is another major safety hazards and uncertain risk for the USA people.

Burglary hazards

According to the FBI crime clock statistics, 2017 on average a burglary occurs once every 23 seconds, 3 burglaries every minute, and 3,757 burglaries a day.

Most of the burglaries happen in rural areas rather than metropolitan hubs. Burglars pick out their best time to commit their job within 10 AM to 1 PM. A burglar takes time only 9-10 minutes to pick out the valuables such as Cash, Guns, Jewelry, Electronics, Gold, Silver and so on.

How to protect your home safety against burglary:

Here are some quick tips:
a. Know your neighbors
b. You keep a dog - they hate this
c. Take a note on familiar faces
d. Do not allow strangers to use bathroom
e. Do not show your yard - you are out of home
f. Strengthen doors and windows
g. Remember they follow your out-going time
h. Do not place glassdoor
i. Post carefully in the social media
j. Cut off your bushes and trees
k. Do not forget that they come with polite face
l. They might target a certain window ( keep it secure)
m. Keep ladders out of beyond
n. Keep in mind that they wouldn't look like a burglar
o. Keep up valuables away from windows
p. Setup automated interior lights q. They hate noisy neighbors
r. Burglars do not afraid to break a window
s. Install motion-activated exterior lights
t. Keep up fake security or dog signs
u. Never forget to lock doors and windows when going outdoor
v. Do not hide a key
w. Lock garage gates and doors
x. Secure your entrance ways
y. Set up a security system

Protecting your home from burglary, put your mind in an ideal burglar and use your instinct for safety.

15. 5G Radiation

5G is the 5th generation mobile broadband which is eventually going to replace 4G technology. This new generation technology constitutes an increase of 1000 times of intensity and power ranges. This faster mobile broadband technology 5G is still growing with debates of its safety hazards and in the arena of human health life.

5G Radiation Hazards

EMF which is called electromagnetic field or force converts other forms of energy from electrical power in devices. It can't penetrate only lead, but the human body, hard wall, and floor.

5G technology uses this EMF that covers wireless systems with wider channels and higher speeds that create area like a microwave oven in every space you live at home. The well-being researchers raise the challenges due to the usage of 5G are mental health issue, childhood development issue and even cancer.

How to mitigate shield the demerits of 5G Radiation?

If there is a problem there is a solution as well, and technologists working tirelessly to overcome all problems to make this expected 5G more human health-friendly day by day. Here some of the precautions might mitigate the risk:

(a) Get EMF Shields

Buy an EMF Shield for your mobile phone from a recognized source that provides the best value of protection. Let your other members use the shields for home EMF radiation safety.

(b) Optimize Usage

Use your mobile for a short time, and keep the device within a safe distance. Use the device with confidence that you feel safe and protective. Make your mind pleasure for optimized usage and location safety.

(c) EMF level measurement

Take care of EMF level measurement. It can be available by the service providers for your community while technology will be available as well. It will allow you to be relaxed with a safe level of EMF radiation within your home space.

(d) Educate You

5G radiation is not yet available around the USA and worldwide yet. It is still a relatively new design in the world of RF (radio frequencies). You have the chance to learn much new information still growing from the experts' research journals. For your satisfaction, very best to learn effective things that relate to your family health regarding 5G radiation.

(e) Take organic foods

Since the human body is an organic organ and it needs the superfoods that help to keep your body naturally as well. Keeping the health fit for thriving against further unnecessary 5G radiation levels, superfoods might help your home stay safe.

Take the the powerful organic foods in your diet, such as turmeric, lentils, vegetables, eggs, legumes, nuts, garlic, spinach, raspberries, green tea, ginger, alfalfa, walnuts, strawberries, sweet potatoes, blueberries, peanuts, mushrooms, seaweed and so on can protect keep your health automatedly healed against any radiation.

(f) Recharge immunity with nature

Sometimes once a week, embarrassing green environments such as forests, gardens, or green fields can help to recharge your physical energies with new stamina as well as natural EQ that helps to protect drawbacks from 5G radiations. As like a like Sunshine, green nature has the power to refuel your ability, immunize your productivity with positive energy.

(g) Select home in the safe zone

If you have the chance to choose your convenient place that doesn't include crowdy towers and keep your home free from a high level of EMF, you can follow this way. In terms of family health security, this is an option to secure your home from further EMF radiation.


Finally, at a glance top 15 home and family safety hazards for preventing attempts to make your living more careful and peaceful:

home safety hazards


Last Words

Your peaceful life deserves a complete home safety checklist, health and safety control measures and rules, and especially extra care to the children and aged members of your family. Nothing precious than the adequate knowledge-base regarding the safety sense against the most probable hazards of your beloved family.

Smart home technology or home automation could provide you many solutions, but overall safety is deeper and wider awareness than the physical security that comes from appropriate knowledgebase.

So, make sure you have an intuitive mind for your real-time attempt to the hazards which might appear anytime. It has gracious benefits based on the range of your ability to solve the safety hazards.

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