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8 Types of Firefighting Equipment You Need For Home Fire Safety

Have you made your home a cent percent fire safety using appropriate firefighting equipment? How do you monitor and maintain your home fire safety? The questions are may be looking silly ones whereas a lion share of mass people do not have a closer look at a single one extinguisher in the workplace systems.

Yes, I mean Mr red extinguisher, who is always ready for serving the fire extinguishing. It deserves your holistic look even while you live in peace. When really happen a panic fire, all you get hurry to quick it, come to know who is this guy carries out what a heavy duty!

However, although smart home technology is growing now rapidly. Among all sort of home safety security responsibilities , home fire safety is still being considered the most critical work of all. The big reasons are wired with the level of attention, knowledge base, and ability. Which is definitely having more importance than the installment of modern safety equipment.

Because, fire is a science, and a product of science. The fire appears while three specific elements that heat-fuel-oxygen come together to make a triangle. The absence of any single element in the triangle never happens fire ever. That is why prevention is the greatest effort rather than firefighting.

But all we know that smart things are not always smart. They themselves are not the self-defender in fire resistance. If a fire happens rather smart elements help to the flaming fire. That’s why this write up is to remind you the clear types of firefighting equipment, and what is their duty you can get leverages for saving your beloved home, family lives, and valuable properties.

The Types Of Fire Fighting Equipment

The major 8 types of firefighting equipment:

1. Fire doors

Fire protective doors are specially made by which ones can save precious lives. Living in a safety room, fire doors are very important part of the home fire safety system. A fire door as a firefighting equipment helps to fight against fire actively and save family lives passively.

firefighting equipment

The fire protective doors are used to made of solid forms, wood composite materials, or flax board with a special seal. They are well framed fitted with the doors do not pay scope to pass fire. Helps to withstand the fire, heat or smoke following any path.

Normal doors used to burn quickly, but fire doors take time. As usually, a fire door delay 30 minutes. Within this time every family member gets chance to escape themselves from burning spot. It saves lives, pays time to pick out the precious things from fire-free adjacent rooms.

You always expect safety at your home while you stay in any of your house rooms. Every door is an entrance to break out a fire while happening. Unfortunately whoever doesn’t care about this importance of fire doors used to pay unrecoverable life loss, and huge loss of property as well.

Fire Resistant Door:

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2. Fire Extinguishers

An Extinguisher is a peaceful smart red gentleman deserves your usages at every level of your home building. Many states even obligated to keep this firefighter as a law as well. Why?

Every year in the USA happen over 1 million fires – this is according to US Fire Department. Careless cooking is the top reason of fire.

According to a UK study conducted by FETA (Fire Extinguishing Trades Association) and IFEDA (Independent Fire Engineering and Distributors Association), in 80 percent of the fire cases, a portable fire fighting extinguisher successfully stopped the fire. They found in the 75 percent fire cases, didn’t require the fire department to attend.

The fire distinguishers have a profound role to save lives and property from fire. As usually most of the buildings keep up a different kind of portable firefighting equipment. This set of firefighters is built to protect early stage of fires before they break out in the larger scale.

Mini Firefighters are more comprehensive to deal the small fire extinguishing quickly, easily, confidently and safely. There are available sizes and fire class types of extinguishers for effective home safety firefighting equipment or tools. All you need to select the appropriate tools as per your household status.

You might need to learn and understand the right fire extinguisher classes to determine which tools are your requiring. As usually there are five extinguishing fire classes. They are:

(i) Fire Class A: Wood, Paper, Fabric, Cardboard, Plastic
(ii) Class B: Flammable Liquids, Oil, Gasoline, Gas, Diesel
(iii) Fire Class C: Electric source and Electrical factor
(iv) Class D: Flammable metals
(v) Fire Class K: Cooking Oil, Cooking Fat, and Any Grease

The portable fast and easy extinguishers can contain water, dry powder, foam, CO/CO2, or wet chemical. They can be stored in the kitchen or any other quick accessible place to cover a single floor area.

Normally most of the tools contain clear directions on how to operate. You might let it be kept on all of your family members mind. The mini extinguishers can be kept in the kitchen drawer, just can be used following ” shake & spray”.

But the bigger extinguisher has a popular “P-A-S-S” method. P for pull the pin, A for aim the fire, S for Squeeze the handle, and finally S for Sweep the nozzle from side to side aiming to the fire source.

Different Fire Extinguishers For Home Usage Available on Bonafide Sellers:

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3. Fire Sprinklers

Worldwide popular an automatic fire sprinkler system can save your family lives and property at a cost-effective expenditure. As an all-time ready firefighting equipment, sprinkler works direct fire protection uses the power of water supply speed connecting with a hydrant or water distribution pipeline.

firefighting equipment

A home fire sprinkler gets ready to extinguish fire round the clock

Automatic fire sprinkler system is 300 years old and bold fire protection popular method worldwide. More than 40 million sprinkler heads are being fitted with the installment for firefighting. This system is capable to control 96 percent of the fire.

Due to cost-effective firefighting system, automatic sprinkler systems are used in the small residential homes. You might take a look at the cost-benefit analysis of this system to find the utility of your usage at home.

Especially, while you reside in a municipality, importance strongly arises to you for using a firefighting sprinkler system for a home fire safety. Not only in terms of life-saving reasons, it uses less water, less money, and works while you’re in sleep as well.

Two different Fire Sprinkler Heads Available on Bonafide Sellers:

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4. Fire Hose

The fire is looking a long tube holds out a powerful water stream that throws and extinguishes large size fires. The standard length of the hose is 100 ft or 30.48 meters. The fire hose is kept in a reel makes it super easy to quickly roll the hose and opening fast to attempt for quick firefighting operation.

firefighting equipment

The well-trained firefighters can change or use multiple nozzles end of the hose in terms of adequate home firefighting. They quickly measure and figure out the needs how they will approach the fire extinguishing using the hose.

While fire becomes the largest size of its volume, the fire hose equipment is most appropriate to fight for the extinguishing fire. Firefighting using Fire Hose used to comprise the essential parts are:

a. Fire Hose Reel: Contain the Hose
b. Fire Hose Reel Drum: Contain the Fire Hose Reel
c. Fire Hose Reel Box: Contain the Fire Hose Reel. It is also called Fire Hose Cabinet.

There are several types of Fire Hose being used in the firefighting. Such as –

Attack Fire Hose:

Using an Attack Fire hose used to transport water from a certain pump to the nozzle during a panic fire situation. It is a high-pressure hose that carries water or other retardants to extinguish the fire. This hose made with 50 feet of standard length for firefighting. The hose used to fit with a specific fire engine or municipal fire hydrant for firefighting.

Relay Based Fire Hose:

This type of hose made with fabric covers have a significantly large diameter. It is capable to transport water from a distant hydrant to the targeted places inserting multiple pipes as well. The relay-based firefighting hose is fighting is max 100 feet in length.

Forestry Fire Hose:

This equipment used in forestry firefighting to suppress forest fire. It helps to extinguish a large-scale fire that happens from the electrical short circuit that is located in a forest or large garden.s. It is quick portable and easy to operate fighting emergency fire in the forest.

Booster Fire Hose

It is a lightweight, durable and easily portable hose that made of rubber. About 100 feet length of this Hose used in multi-purpose needs. It resists scrapes, scratches, and meet municipal needs. Also used for transferring water, washing and mopping up in the industrial system.

Hard Suction Fire Hose

This sort of hose works to lift water from a portable pool, tank or another water source. It’s called suction hose as well. This fire hose resist vacuum, rather than pressure, scratch, and heat. It is a standard equipment in the USA. It is as usually 3 meters in length and recommended for lifting water not more than 3 meters.

Fire Hose Equipments Available Available on Sales:

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5. Fire Hydrants

A fire hydrant used as a water pump install in a place which is highly convenient for connecting firefighters tapping into a water supply. It is an active component and best part of efficient firefighting for protecting the home estate. It has several alternative names such as fire pump, fireplug, or simply called ‘pump’.

According to the procedure, you’ll connect a hose with a fire hydrant. Then you’ll have to open a valve on the hydrant to generate powerful water speed up to 350 kPa. Attaching a significant hose to a fire engine powerful pump will boost the water speed and pressure that can help to more water in multiple directions.

Local authority used to approve the color-code on the hydrant bodies – white, yellow, red and violet. White is public, Yellow is private and Red is for special operation Hydrant. A red Hydrant requires special procedures for using. Violet hydrant works for non-potable pond or lake water supply purpose.

Available on Sales Stores:

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6. Flamezorb

Flame orb is a chemical that adequately suppresses fire flames. It helps to disappear the fire using a sand, but it is far superior to sand in firefighting. This element goes with a firefighting bucket. A bucket used to takes 10 liters of Flamezorb. It is best to use on flammable liquid overflows.

7. Fire Buckets

The Fire buckets are traditionally famous and remarkable for firefighting. You might fill it with Flamezorb, fire sand or simple water to fight the initial fire.

A smart-red bucket written “fire” is not only a firefighting equipment. Rather it reminds big message to the spectators – be aware of fire hazards. It recalls what to do while fire happens. So, symbolic fire buckets could give you a message always to stay safe with fire elements members deal every day.

Fire Buckets Available on Stores:

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8. Fire Blankets

The Fire blankets are another significant firefighting suppressor can eliminate the small fires in the early stage. It is very important equipment for the home fire safety.

It is so cost-effective approach to early fire. If you didn’t yet keep up ones, you might own a set of kitchen blankets. The comprehensive sizes of blankets are available to keep the uncertain fire occurrence out of concern.

Getting the blankets always ready, make sure that they have a special pull tab that helps you quick approach on the target.

Fire Blankets Are Available on Sale:

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Take a look on the 8 firefighting equipment in infographics at a glance:

firefighting equipment


Indeed, home fire safety becomes easier, faster, and smarter than ever before due to available firefighting equipment. All you need to be conscious, knowledgeable, and accountable to the right efforts using appropriate equipment for your significant home system. It deserves top urgency in terms of safety for your family lives as well as properties or valuables.

In terms of home fire safety security, deep awareness can remove any ignorance that stops huge loss. As the home fire safety effort is a continuous process – Just carrying a small cost for equipment and knowledgebase you might maintain a surefire home fire safety always. Not forgettable that prevention is better than cure.

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