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Top 18 Reasons Why You Need A Home Security System

Does a home security system matter in your family safety? How much costly the protection system that really deserves your YES decision? Why should you own this system today?

These common queries are might be crawling in your mind over and over for your overall home security configuration considering it’s pros and cons. Then, here is the article dedicated to making you’re better able to conclude a better decision.

In fact, the issue is a matter of risk management. Such as, if happen, how you could face intruders, fire or/and chemical hazards, and health emergencies? Then, you might think, every risk has its own cost as well. As your biggest concern lies in your family’s security first.

Then, security is all about your own package of knowledge base, experience, and ability. It helps to build a safety shield around your home and family determining the right elements in right order and time. You have alternatives too to protect the issues habitually, whether employing professionals, using smart instruments, or without anything.

Your personal ability and national security fact-data could help you to create an intuitive response within you to reshape things in an appropriate order for family safety. If your concern can’t be mitigated without a complete set of actionable replies, then, here are the top 18 reasons for your better determination.

The Reasons You Need A Home Security System

1. Protecting Family Safety First

The first thing that comes to your intuitive mind regarding personal family safety and security. Your home and family need surefire protection. Using a home security system means protecting your home and family from intruders – a hardcore state.

Now you are fine with your home and family might encourage you a needless mind. But, according to facts data, a home burglary happens every 13 seconds in the USA. FBI records regarding burglary rates in homes might message you quite a different alarming something.

Every year about 2 million burglaries are reported in the USA. About 66 percent of residential break-ins by burglaries are being happened in the USA. The burglary risk without the home security system is three times higher than the existing one. And 33% of the residential assaults are happening from burglaries.

Then what is the best determination to deter the burglary? A protection system is most probably the best reply. So, the first and foremost reason to use a home security system is you need to protect and secure your family and home from those intruders.

2. Remotely monitoring advantage

While you are on travel for a long holiday vacation, your peace of mind is very important regarding home safety and security. How can you build the best home security during your vacation? Obviously, you’ll look for a cost-effective smart way to protect your home.

Automation with live monitoring technology could remove all sorts of your worries wherever you stay in the world. The system could make you able to watch who is appearing in your defined home area and what is their activities. The home protection system provides you with an easy method to monitor home security remotely.

3. Minimizing homeowners insurance cost

As a homeowner, you are obligated to start an insurance policy. The reason to start smart home protection is associated with your insurance cost benefit as well. The insurance cost depends on the factors of home protection issues, coverage, payment plans, insurance company brand, home standard, and many other things.

The total design of an insurance policy covers the risks that come with devastating occurrences. If there is a security system already installed, it will sure make your insurance cost reduced up to 10 to 20 percent. Thus the system produces enough savings in insurance costs while they settle the premiums with the insurance company.

4. Saving the cost of energy consumption

A home utility system includes many things separately that consume power or energy for generating lighting, heating, cooling, thermostat, and some other activities. Some of the companies in the USA offer home automation or security system that reduces huge energy.

A total automated system allows controlling the lighting, cooling, heating, and some other activities. It makes the homeowner easy to control remotely and provides enough benefit in terms of saving energy costs. Home security automation system includes some features that enable the users to shut down any system unit while needless to use them further.

The unnecessary use of power delivery in the needless time might encourage the intruders to define their plan to commit their burglary. The home security system leverages the homeowners to regulate the energy delivery optimally. It simultaneously works for both sides – energy savings as well as deterring intruders.

That is why a home security automation system is required for your savings or unnecessary energy consumption in your home system.

5. Keeping an eye on young members of the family remotely

A home security automation includes now an upper technology to shape your security interest more convenient. A security system with a video WiFi camera keeps you connected round the clock. Wherever you stay far from your home, no matter, you could monitor and follow up with every one of your family within a defined area of a home using a Smartphone.

All you need to make sure that remotely monitoring with indoor and outdoor security cameras is installed. This system carries very importantly, when you have young family members, who are not enough mature, and require keeping a monitoring eye on their movement.

Then, you could able to find when the children going to school and come back! How safely they enter the home are! When are they going out for playing games? It is possible to watch or check in on your Smartphone if a mobile application is configured with passwords.

Then, you might feel a need for a security system. As you love your family, the system enables you to get a big advantage of constant monitoring of your family members anytime.

6. Protecting a home from fires

Fire detector

Most people know that only burglary is an emergent issue that a security system works for. Remarkable someone doesn’t have a note of an emergency fire issue that can be protected using the same integrated security system. A quick brainstorm might come from a set of fact data as below:

  • Every day seven people die in home fires on average in the USA
  • Source of home fire injuries are generated from cooking, followed by heating equipment.
  • Home fire deaths are being happened from smoking materials.
  • An absence of or no-working smoke alarms in the fire homes resulted in three out of five deaths in 2010-14.
  • Active smoke alarms could save half of the reported home fire deaths.
  • The smoke alarms are inactive because batteries are missing, disconnected, or dead
  • The kitchen is the 43% source of home fires happening every two out of five fires.
  • Heating equipment is the major reason for 56% of home fire deaths.

Monitored home security systems are integrated with a smoke-fire detector that provides early warning service. The system is not only a smoke detector and provides a warning to the homeowner only, but they’ll detect the source of heat and provide a quick alarm to the contact authority. That means an automated home protection system helps the fire authorities too to do the needful in every emergency.

7. Discouraging Burglary

Bulglary protection alarm

A burglary used to happen while intruders find a safe potential to commit burglary successfully. They figure out their ability considering some important factors such as:

  • How much easy the target is!
  • Whether they could able to cover the succeeded time!
  • Is there any security system installed with an indication?
  • Whether the neighborhood security system is live as well, and so on.

Literally, burglars are psychologically weak. Because their cognitive decision is based on the weakness of your home security system. According to Electronic Security Association, 90 percent of burglars avoid a home when they come to know the home is fortified with a home security system.

Most companies provide security signs to install at a remarkable place for noticing intruders. When burglars find a sign, then they calculate the potential of the target instantly. If they find the home is armed with an automated security system, they move back foot.

If they further forward through the break-in, gets the sound of alarms that deter them. Instantly, the police will be informed of the circumstances. That is the big obstacle to the intruders – they’ll abstain from, and never rethink committing the job. Thus a security system deters crime.

8) Deterring Burglary

A home alarm system works with a combined mechanism of some components. It works together to produce a result that secures your home deterring burglary. As usually home security alarms include a control panel, door sensor, window sensor, motion sensors, security video camera, and high-decibel alarm.

In the system, the control panel includes an operational touchpad whereas the passcode to arm and disarms the alarm system. It is connected with all other components to operate the system. If you keep armed, a door or window sensor communicates with the control panel while the door or window is opened or broken.

Then, motion sensor. It creates an alarm when someone passes through the defined zone. The Security Camera or CCTV helps to provide the records it created in the system of Smart devices that users enable to see on their smartphones.

CCTV for home security

In the system to deter Calgary, all you need to include is a security alarm system with the home security system. The high-decibel alarms generate sounds that are loud enough to notify you as well as your neighbors. It creates frightens the intruders and keeps them away while further approach within the sensor area.

9. Keeping peace in mind

While security is a top concern nowadays in the USA. Then, a home automation system definitely can create ultimate confidence that provides peace of mind.

You know the reality of security concerns that make you more alert than what to do for your family and entire home safety. Because all the assets and wealth are not generated overnight, a burglar or fire might snatch your precious things or lives within a few minutes.

For example, when you start using a Ring Video Doorbell Wireless Camera in your home security system, obvious you’ll be able to receive alerts on your smartphone when anyone of your beloved family members has come back home.

He/she may be your child or aged parents who are your ultimate concern that matters in your personal peace. Only a home security system enables you to watch the arrival tracking security apps on your smart device.

The peace in mind happens due to your cognitive thought of conscious and subconscious mind that your home is being existed within the latest technology of home protection system.

10. Protecting door against home invaders

Burglars are experts in their own job as they are self-trained and advanced with their evil techniques. They take an average time of less than one minute to break into a home. One-third of the break-ins happen due to unlocking the window or door which needn’t apply any force to open the entrance.

Then, habitual awareness comes first. But a secure door system such as Ring Video Doorbell including unbeatable Camelot Keypad Deadvolt door locks is a surefire barrier to intruders. A home security system emphasizes the entrance as it’s a sensitive part of the security system at home.

You need to provide adequate training to your beloved family members in that regard so that they keep the door locked and always get ready to hear out the alarm from security systems. Ring video doorbell is a powerful door security system against home intruders that home security systems preferred.

11. Finding evidence of the burglary

A home security system works as an authentic source of evidence. It records while the burglary happened. In spite of the presence of a home security system, if an invader conducts his evil Burglary, he couldn’t escape from his crime. Because the security system works as a source of his buggery evidence.

Even, if someone stranger came into the sensor zone who might be a potential intruder as well? The stored evidence could help you to detect the doubt for taking awareness and reporting to the local authority providing the suspicious intruders’ evidence.

12. Protecting Carbon Monoxide Spreading

The home prevention system includes a device CO Detector alarm that can protect your life including the entire family from the uncertain threat of carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a deadly gas – no color, no odor at all.

CO might be released from the sources such as heating systems, burning wood, stoves, and any other fire generation. This gas appears silently and can snatch any human life as our senses do not work to detect the gas. We are totally blind to this enemy.

Fortunately, home security systems combine this life-saving device, though you might buy this small detector separately as well. The systems help to know the presence of CO, and its nature spreading out. These emergency alarms let your urge to go out hurry up.

Most importantly, a home security system automated this CO detector that provides emergency service dispatch calling experts to reduce the CO spreading. And obviously, it helps to call paramedics to treat the victims of carbon monoxide poisoning.

13. Protecting Valuables

You’ll be using home surveillance systems not only for saving your family members but protecting home valuables as well. As a beloved nest of human life, you need many things casually, daily, or especially at home.

It has a high rich price in value as well as priceless in sense of our beloved collection. We can’t imagine an intruder or fire would snatch anything or everything within minutes and you could not use it ever.

About 2.5 million burglaries taking away the valuables cost about 3.1 billion each year in the USA alone.
Besides, fire is another sudden enemy. According to the NFPA report 2016, the USA lost $5.7 billion occurred in home structures damaged by fire. An estimated $4.9 billion of that loss happened in the homes where lives ‘one and two-family homes.

In that circumstance, automated home security tools work as a protecting shield on valuables. Only a home security alarm can save huge losses from both burglary and fire. Ring video doorbell WiFi Camera deters burglary. It leverages detecting crime by taking motion pictures of any intruders to do the needful by legal authority.

14. Getting Help in Medical Emergencies

Sudden health condition is another concern in the families like burglary and fire. Especially child health, elderly parents’ sickness, sudden falling, serious fire injury, or accidental emergencies deserve the quick help of medical assistance on the spot.

Fortunately, a medical alarm system helps to face the circumstances. Though very few companies offer this technology within automated home security systems, it is available to include with the system now.

The system includes a press button or pulling cord that if any individual presses on will send a quick alarm to the medical authority to dispatch their emergency service instantly. Whether the service has a fee or without charge depends on the device offer you buy from.

15. Getting a Taste of Smart Home Automation

Since security issue matters as the biggest concern in the world, technology is advancing with the solution in human life as well. As our life is going with the blessing of good technologies, why not you should take the advantage of this leverage? Promoting home automation with the system means you are securing your taste of real life on this planet.

A smart home security system goes with a set of ideas of the time to develop security with the latest technology. It provides real-time support, comfortable usage, and accurate assistance for a secure life in peaceful living. A peaceful mind works fine.

The home security risk has a big economy no one could deny. It includes burglary, sudden fire, medical emergencies, and so on taking part in the risk economy. That is why, at any estimation, the taste of smart home technology is very cost-effective doubtlessly.

16. Advancing A Standard of Living

Smart home technology offers you smart living with security perfection. Using the technology, you are taking advantage of always staying in touch with your family members, and taking part in every requirement they need.

‘You occupy one smart home system’ – it provides inference to the human society that who you are and what is your thought in terms of your beloved family & home safety. Social psychology (including an evil part as well) comes to know the status of living you deserve.

A standard of living lives in the psychological state of the human being. Advancing your living literally needs in terms of leaving the evil parts too far behind of your healthy move. You live with better security, which means you live with better productivity as well.

You keep your mind peaceful, meditated, and creative by dint of your clever decision regarding the usage of the safe home. It provides not only a standard of secure living but a feeling of new technology consumption inspiration as well.

17. Managing Safety of Electricity

Safe electricity management makes the home more secure from unwanted fire issues as well. Smart home helps to manage electricity in perfect order with a Home Surveillance System.

Wireless connectivity makes the devices easy to handle with safety. The advantage of a home security system goes in favor of safety because of wireless technology in your home’s electrical system. It is comparatively easy to move and manage quite in secured mode.

18. Removing Gap of Family-Office Busy Time

Technology makes a man busy and easy to stay connected as well. For example, Ring video door enables you to watch your home from other parts of the world. You come to know who is going out and coming into your home, and what to do when you find any issue that you need to attempt.

While you locate in another part of the planet, both you and your family feel concerned. The existing security system could easily remove the concern. It helps to cover any gap in busy time – makes you and your family smiley and creative.


Why should you install a home security system? All reasons locate in the zone of fact data you find from the authorities regarding the national home security issues in past. As you love your family and your home which you adorned collecting precious things for a long.

Then, your pretty responsibility will go to determine how you could protect your home from future threats of potential burglaries, uncertain fire, and health emergencies. Your sagacious forecast on the fact data might go through your security knowledge base, priceless experience, and conclusive ability to fix automated home security.

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