Top 30 Holiday Home Security Tips Make Peaceful Vacation

The main reason you need to follow a perfect checklist of holiday home security tips is for peace of your mind. While you’re far away from your home on long vacation, you’ll sure feel the home security safety in subconscious mind. You can’t harvest an intense of mind pleasure from a long tour without prefixing the home peace in mind.

Following and ensuring the below holiday home security tips you’ll get a surefire mental state of satisfaction. And, you could able to take your mind cent percent on your purpose of vacation anywhere in the world.

Holiday Home Security Safety Tips

About a complete checklist of top 30 home security safety tips during your holidays:

1) Arrange Scheduled checking by local police

Contact your local police department informing your long holiday plan. Arrange they check your security issues and make their plan to keep checking according to their schedule. They’ll assess the things how to set their effective duties on your holiday home security safety.

2) Never disclose your residence on social media

Make sure that your all social media profiles are not included your location information. It is clever decision to keep your residence out of your any social media posts as well. Because social media has A-to-Z various people including burglars as well.

3) Keep your neighbors informed

Yes, it is a wise order of your social life to keep up a profound neighborship with some families. On the eve of your vacation, you obviously should share your plan with the trusted neighbors, local friends, and local special watch group. They can provide you important help (as they can hope the same) on the holiday home security safety while you’re on long vacation.

4) Never say your holiday plans with strangers

Getting further inference from elsewhere, invaders might exploit your plan purposively. You should never share your vacation plan with the strangers anyhow. In any contact, whether it happens by phone or directly, you’ll sure avoid disclosing the plan. To make your vacation peaceful in mind, these silly things are important to conduct carefully either.

5) Do not share your holiday plan on social media

Keep the vacation is you quiet plan of a private tour, never share on social media. Social media is not a safe zone for sharing your holiday plan. There might have any scammer could follow their potential on your stuff to commit their job. So, in terms of holiday home security privacy, never ever share your further plan on social media.

6) Never forget to follow a home security checklist

Maintain a surefire holiday home security checklist for your home security safety. A local expert security company can assess and build an exclusive checklist inspecting your home. Sometimes a silly ignorance can be a big cause of unexpected happening. That is why you shouldn’t forget any of the points of potential issues during you leave for vacation.

7) Use smart lights at home

Smart light bulbs have infinite benefits as an amazing lighting element for home. It enhances better quality of leverage for the holiday home security purpose. There is various sort of smart lights you can use controlling from your Smartphone.

The setting process is simple to empower the smart light at your home. Downloading an app, you’ll just relax to have the new generation fascinating light at your fingertips.

You’ve easy chance to schedule your light to turn on or off at the specific time from anywhere. During vacation, the smart lights could keep your home 24 hours as usual as you stay home.

8) Use home security physical things are surefire unbeatable

Keep your every door and window secure with appropriate metal elements. It’s best to install solid core external doors, use heavy duty locks and set up the longer screws in the lock strike plates and door hinges. In addition, build up second layer metallic security device on every accessible sliding window.

9) Install a Ring Video Doorbell

There are many benefits of using a ring video doorbell wireless camera in terms of home security safety. Any sort of burglar will abstain from any attempt to commit further while they find this security device on the doorstep. Ring video doorbell is Auto-alarming motion-activated, wireless and Wi-Fi friendly device. It has night vision capability, two conversational system, and live video demand utility.

Another great feature that it can work with IFTTT, which provides alarming messages with major social media sites on your Smartphone. On the eve of holiday home security, this sort of technology could help you very much. Therefore, Ring doorbell can be your major device for your smart home features that secure your home in many dimensions. And you can control everything from your single Smartphone from any location on holiday vacation.

10) Set-up a smart burglar alarm at home

A smart wireless Burglar Alarm is a brilliant home security idea you might use for adding an extra layer on the security system. Especially, during the vacation time, this device will improve your holiday home security. It’s the sharp chirping alarm, works perfectly and generates a very annoying alarm. When the alarms are activated in the home anyone around the immediate area will hear the loud sound.

While you’ll stay on vacation far beyond of your home location, this device could be helpful enough. The reasons, due to the sharp loud sound, your neighbors within 230M away from home could able to hear out the alarm. And could attempt to help further. Especially, due to the sharp annoying alarm intruders must realize that home member already exist at home. As the burglars want to commit their job without hassle, they will deter the area either.

11) Secure doc and valuables in special store

You can keep the extra-valuable things in an unbeatable place of your home. Although, other security layers of your home will work out to protect the valuables. But, all are for your doubtless mental state of being. For your apex security, you might deposit the things in your bank as well. After all, there is no missing in your deep awareness anyhow.

12) Stop mail and newspaper delivery

You never let pile up the emails in your letter-box or newspapers. If happen, burglars could find the confirm message of your absence. Then, you can arrange a trustiest someone of neighbors to take care of this for holiday home security improvement. Get the help of a neighbor to keep checking and pick up any doc or mail or newspaper from your letterbox. The best solution is to stop the main from delivery post office and newspaper source for the day you absent.

13) Camouflage the things to misguide burglars mind

During your holiday vacation, not bad idea to keep the things as usual, such as some extra clothes hanging on the rope, about old boots at front doorsteps. You’ll keep up the less valuable some daily usable thing out of the house. This form of out looking camouflage will provide inference to the burglar not to step up further. They might think that house owners or renters are already at home.

14) Keep up the inside ladders secure state

Never pay any leverage inside the home so that intruders can’t easily navigate while they further break any window or ventilation. This is why, check the inside ladders, and make sure this sort of supports are not available. If there is something like this support inside, just remove them and make the interior difficult enough to move of an intruder.

15) Use special lock for first-floor windows

Window locks matter for home security. The intruders always look for the easily accessible way to enter the house. The window is the second prior option the burglars used to target the vulnerable paths. Make sure that first floor all windows are closed using the special lock. If possible include 2nd floor as well. Then, keep the keys safest place that intruders can’t imagine ever.

16) Do not keep up any hidden window

You might have a hidden window you use if you sometimes lost your key-set. Immediately close the way before you leave. Any amateur intruders even uncover this way for easiest access. This sort of paths could make the whole security system silly arrangement. This is why; ensure that there is no any vulnerability like any hidden window.

17) Install solid-core or metal sliding door

Why do you need solid core or metal sliding door? The reason, this sort of hardware in the door or window technology is more protective and secure for the home. In terms of better protective door-way, use this solid system. Furthermore, include heavy gauge metal strip to build the door-frame snugly fitting. While burglars find the doors and windows are installed far beyond of their tricky range, then they abstain from their further commitment.

18) Use every lock is surefire strong

holiday home security tips

Every lock is a big matter of security for your home. You shouldn’t take a risk with the ordinary thing on holiday vacation. This is why; ensure the sliding glass door locks are installed unbeatable strong.

Furthermore confidence, you might get the help of professional security houses. And pick out the appropriate locks as they recommend available from hardware shops. Never ignore this door security, keep it in first importance whereas door-lock is the best part of the home security system.

19) Do not leave special note on door side and never

Yes, anyhow avoid this sort of silly emotion like keeping any note for someone on the door side. This sort of message goes in favor of intruders and they get influence to commit their job without anxiety. The reason, they become reconfirmed that you are staying far beyond of their safe job. Any amateur burglar even can calculate their own safety from this sort of silly note.

20) Never use a hidden place of yard to keep your keys

The keys are the heartiest piece of peace point for your holiday home security safety. It deserves a best secure place to keep them up. You should never keep them in a hidden place of yard ever. Never forget that the burglars always research with the weak points of your security attempt. They know the potential places you might hide to be uncovered. This is why; you determine your best neighbor or a friend to keep the keys instead of a risky place in the yard. Keep up your holiday home security out of any wrong attempt.

21) Avoid posting your family name on mailbox

In terms of home security, writing your further name on the mailbox is not a fair home practice. Immediately erase if there’s like this posted on the mailbox. Never ignore any silly points should be careful as well. Fulfill every requisite of the check-list for your holiday home security before you leave for vacation.

22) Do not leave a vacation message in response to machine

Never configure a voice message in your voicemail answering machine. Invaders could calculate your status of location from this voice message. Any sort of digital security system including telephone should be kept free of such message further. You need to be tricky on your vacation leave showing that you’re already at home.

23) Fix the holiday home security physical things surefire existed

Recheck the hardware installation is on the right way to leave your home for vacation. Make sure you have installed solid core external doors and every point of door and windows are with heavy duty locks. The lock strike plates and door hinges are fixed with longer screws. And all the accessible sliding windows are protected with the second layer of security devices.

24) Keep the shipping delivery to a safe location

You can establish a follow-up from your Smartphone linking with Ring Video Doorbell Wireless Camera.
Whether you stay on vacation, while a deliveryman delivers goods, you’ll able to know accurate information. Using your Smartphone, you could see the clear place where the package is left. Then, you could able to transfer the goods or parcel contacting with a neighbor for quick safety.

25) Install a home security system for worry-free vacation

Your worry-free holiday home security safety can be made easily establishing a home security system to protect your whole home property including your family as well. It works with a set of options including video surveillance and home automation all are free of cost to install and customize by Seller Company.

holiday home security tips

More specifically, the home security system includes the smart home features are: cent percent wire free, weatherproof, HD video, double way audio, smart siren, wide-angle coverage, night vision, live streaming, local backup support, quick rechargeable, IFTTT friendly and smart things.

Their state-of-the-art product and professional support will reward you peace of mind every moment. If you do not have a home security system yet, you might attempt to install one checking with the company product and service today.

26) Contractual security arrangement

You have available local professional security houses that can provide guaranteed security safety. You might contract with a house conditioning your sensitive points of the home they should emphasize. This sort of service is costly, but you could feel more peace in your mind on vacation.

27) Split up your big fat boxes wrapping with ordinary bags

In terms of security reason, you shouldn’t carry a big fat single one carrier on travel. You might split up into two or three parts with ordinary out looking strong bags. A gorgeous single bag might catch extra attraction to the strangers and can doubt for the valuables. On the basis of carrying things, you might take your sagacious decision over instinct travel for better safety.

28) Test your security system before you leave

Double check your whole security system again including locks while you leave your home. For your whole satisfaction over the requisite things, never forget to follow a perfect check-list including these 30 holiday home security tips in this article. Your overall satisfaction is the ground of your peace in mind for a starting layer of the happy vacation.

29) Never post photos while you on holiday travel

While you’re on holiday travel, you might have harvested lots of fascinating photographs. You’ll have to be proactive to control your instinct mind in sense of your holiday home security reason. Burglars always look for their secure hunt. This sort of awareness could help to protect your home security safety from further unwanted burglary.

30) Never forget to monitor your home through your smart device

Whether you have a Ring Doorbell Wi-Fi video camera only; or, a whole smart home security system linked with your Smartphone. Then, your ground layer of peace is located at your finger tap. Sometimes, never forget to check the status of your holiday home security safety, and monitor for a while – though the system will provide you a special message if there is an issue. For your smart vacation, smart things are great friends to protect your all interest.


Before you leave your home, a strong and stout vacation mind is crucial to winning the long holiday. The ground of peaceful vacation mind starts from the holiday home security safety status. If you could able to make sure the above 30 holiday home security dedicating tips, you’ll able to embrace your worry-free long vacation with profound peace in mind.

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I like your idea to leave a spare key with a neighbor or friend instead of trying to hide one in our yard somewhere. Additionally, you should make sure you have security screens for your windows and doors so they can’t be easily broken down without a key. These tips together will go a long way in keeping your home safe from intruders!

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