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Welcome to the about page of Swapanly – a home security and safety blog!

You’re here because you love yourself, your family, and your pretty home. You’d like to stay safe, sound, and secure with your family in your own peace and paradise.

Fortunately, it’s possible but conditional.

Regarding Swapanly

Well, let’s meet your curiosity. Ain’t curious about the name? In fact, “Swapanly” is a new brand in the home security blogging arena around the web. It is an adverbial form of safety imagination grounded from the expectation of a secure home.

A powerful mind always works best when it comes to following a map of prolific imagination. This blog is a proactive mind map that intends to raise your present depth of safety and home security. All you need to take your safety measures, and real-time implementation.

Because an action in time might save you a huge loss. That’s why a silly real-time investment might protect your home from giant damage. It believes you can start building a surefire protection wall within yourself, your family, or your home.

Then, your best investment is to pay attention to storing your appropriate knowledge and capability. This blog would like to commit it aims to create safety and security content for you in terms of solving your security concern.

As a holistic mini platform, this blog would like to deliver you all about home safety and home security content specifically on a personal, residence, physical, life-saving, family travel, medical emergency, hazardous materials, home facility, women & children, food safety, health & safety, healthy lifestyle, emotional safety, mental safety, internet security, safety from AI, social media safety and so on many more.

How Swapanly

Home safety and home security requirements are unlimited in terms of protecting peace in your family members. The history of demographic nature provides core data that the perspective of safety and security become correlated with the emerging perspective of the X-Y-Z generation movement.

No doubt, the technology advancement can amplify our ability to fix security issues. Simultaneously, the big issues are being generated from technology as well. Unfortunately, the victimizers are becoming masters in their evil jobs whereas potential victims are not accordingly.

That’s why a big gap lies between victims and victimizers that can’t be recovered by using smart equipment only. It requires a smart mindset, a smart knowledge base, and smart ability as well. Swapanly would like to realize the true perspective of technology benefits and advocates keeping up a smart mindset as well.

What is the content rule

Swapanly would like to generate, regenerate and share the home safety and home security stuff following some norms and rules.

It’d go with understanding the security issues, researching the advanced solutions, following the nature of data science, targeting the key goals, suggesting the right paths, and advising the self-ability first. Usually, it follows the relevant institutions located in the western countries ethically.  In terms of health issues, it loves to follow the norms of CDC and WHO as well.

Regarding Author

Swapan Chandra Sutradhar ( aka, Swapan CS) is behind this holistic campaign, a security content generator and author. He’s a long experience in B2B and B2C equipment marketing globally since 2004. The author has been still engaged in several security-product marketing projects.

He’s a profound research mind on the innovation of security solutions delivering actionable content. He loves to deliver content that literally works in real practice for your beloved home and family safety and security. Other necessary rules are mentioned in the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

If you like Swapanly, as a way of it’s presenting peace data that really solve your problem, then your valued sign-up will be a big win-win. Feel free to contact us while you need anything relevant to the blog journey.

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