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sedentary lifestyle

13 Risks of Sedentary Lifestyle – How To Fix

The risks of sedentary lifestyle are silent signals of peril that appear on life slowly. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major risk factors for health problems such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

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treadmill at home

The 19 Reasons To Run On A Treadmill At Home

Ain't you habituated to running on a treadmill at home? If not, you might be missing the benefits. Whether you run on a treadmill at home, outdoor gym, or on the road, it matters and differs in benefits.Treadmills

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mindful lifestyle tips

51 Mindful Lifestyle Tips for Stronger Immune Health

Mindful lifestyle also impacts our immune health significantly, whereas immunity is the last defense of our life. I wrote six articles on immunity earlier including the last one on physical lifestyle nurturing.

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Physical Lifestyle

48 Physical Lifestyle Practices For Healthy Immune System

Comprehensive immune health fights not only infectious diseases (viruses, funguses, and bacteria). Also, it helps to kick out foreign invader harmful substances. On the other hand, the comprehensive lifestyle

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immunity boosting drinks

44 Immunity Boosting Drinks Can Protect Your Health

The immunity-enhancing drinks derive from fruit, herbs, seeds, barks, and flowers can promote your health to get stronger, energized, and secure. Because your immune system is always active that seeks

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medicinal foods

30 Medicinal Foods for Stronger Immune Health

Medicinal foods have an immense role in your healthy life besides good sleep in terms of immunity challenge solution. It has multi-times ability than usual foods that solve the physical and psychological

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healthy food habits

50 Healthy Food Habits for Your Strong Immune System

Why are healthy food habits so essential today? How it can contribute to boosting the immune system? Now the days, it's an increasingly growing widespread question in terms of healthy living with safety.

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Top 3 Pranayama: How Can Boost Your Immunity for Safe Life

Yoga is called a pure and healthy lifestyle making process, which has eight scientific ways including Pranayama that play very vital role in users life. Pranayama including every type of yoga have ability

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quality sleep habits

33 Sleep Habits Can Boost Your Immunity for Safe Health

Quality sleep habits play a striking role in human immune system development for healthy safeguards over a longer lifespan. Sleep habits determine a balance between mind and body whether sweet or bitter.

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Prevent COVID19

7 Steps How To Prevent COVID-19 Until You Get Vaccinated

The world has been observing a traumatic nightmare of increased death toll since first January due to the notorious outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic.World Health Organization (WHO) already

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Candia Auris Prevention

How To Prevent Candida Auris for Saving Your Family Health

Why is family awareness so important against super fungus Candida Auris? The reasons are located within the deadly nature of Candida Auris. It is a highly drug-resistant fungus, silent, colorless, and

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