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30 Medicinal Foods for Stronger Immune Health

Medicinal foods have an immense role in your healthy life besides good sleep in terms of immunity challenge solution. It has multi-times ability than usual foods that solve the physical and psychological health issues for fitness.

Since stronger immune health is today a very burning need for everyone amid pandemic time. I do feel to raise this topic so that you can find more organic options to fight the potential health issues with your good food habits.

What is Medicinal Food?

Medicinal foods are those natural foods who have rich medicinal value of foods in nutrition such as seeds, flesh, herbs, flowers, roots, barks, and so on,

The medicinal foods and ingredients are life-saving diets that have significant curative and preventive power to protect your health against various diseases or health issues. Its rich medicinal properties of health benefits in terms of the nutritional value of food.

However, in this article, let you know the top 30 medicinal foods so that you can choose how to use food as medicine to protect your immune health and overcome your immunity challenge.

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30 Medicinal Foods for Life Saving Immune Health

01. Drink Ginger Juice (Smoothie or tea)

In the role of immunity improvement in the body, ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Drinking ginger juice like a smoothie or ginger tea could keep you away from many diseases and stronger the immune system.

Besides fighting inflammation, it removes sickness, lowers cholesterol, improves brain health, reduces blood sugar level, and empowers stronger teeth condition.

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The habit of drinking ginger water in the morning on empty stomach may benefit better than any other form of intake.

02. Take Green Tea

Green tea has a medicinal core element that can increase the number of regulatory T cells that play a very vital role in immune function as well as autoimmune disease suppression.

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Natural green tea is enriched with polyphenols that fight cancer and reduce inflammation. It contains a natural antioxidant that stops growing cell damage in the human body. Average three cups of green tea per day might be optimal to get health benefits.

03. Eat Garlic

Garlic has a profound ability to improve the immune system due to its sulfur-rich compound Allicin. It has been used as an antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidants agent.

In fact, the extraordinary Allicin to be found in the fresh and crushed garlic can prevent infectious diseases, and even cancer too. Garlic is one of the medicinal foods that boost the immune system of cancer patients.

As a nutrient value pack, garlic contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, selenium, phosphorous, calcium, potassium, iron, and copper. Its medicinal properties provide numerous surprising benefits, such as it prevents cell damage, aging, heart disease, Alzheimer's, dementia, extra-cholesterol, blood pressure, Sickness, and so on.

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If you take 2-3 cloves every day, it'll help you fight cold and flu, purify the blood, keep your skin healthy, stop dropping hair, improve bone health, and detox heavy metals in the body.

04. Eat Red Bell Peppers

Red Bell Pepper is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, B6, E, and K. Also contains folate, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants. It boosts the immune system, prevents Cancer, leverages healthy eyes, lowers cholesterol, provides healthy pregnancy, relieves pain, stops anemia, and so on.

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It provides vitamin B6 that keeps a good mood and prevents hypertension. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that leverages to keep up healthy eyesight.

Also, the habit of consuming red bell peppers prevents stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, and keeps the metabolic rate normal that prevents constipation as well.

05. Eat Carrot

Carrot improves the immune system including hair, skin, nail, and eye health. Because it's a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin K1, fiber, potassium, and antioxidants.

In fact, it helps to develop vision, delays aging effects, fights cancer, controls blood sugar,
prevents cardiovascular diseases, prevents stroke, improves oral health, leverages digestive health, protects the liver, maintains healthy skin, and even improves male fertility.

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You can eat a carrot in various ways like salad or as an item in various foods. It can be used in smoothies, fried rice, and favorite recipe to take the numerous health benefits.

06. Drink Aloe Vera Smoothie

You drink aloe Vera smoothie regularly is a brilliant habit in terms of healthy living for long. Because it contains not only immune power, also many nutrient values such as various vitamins, minerals, beta-carotene, antioxidant, enzymes, organic sugars, saponins, lignin, amino acids, and salicylic acids.

Most particularly, aloe Vera is packed with vitamins A, B12, C, and E, folic acid, and choline. It helps eliminate free radicals, and reduces physical oxidative stress, lowers diabetes, reduces constipation, and prevents cancer as well. Also, it improves liver function, resolves bacterial infections due to its antibacterial properties.

Its profound nutrient value improves skin preventing further wrinkles. Also, aloe Vera helps to reduce blood sugar levels, prevents dehydration, stops heartburn, develops the digestive system, and provides tons of other benefits.

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07. Take More Potato Meals

Eating potatoes is a good habit since it's a gluten-free food, and it doesn't trigger diarrhea, bloating, constipation, stomach inflammation, and skin rashes.

Potatoes have the power to enrich immunity that also develops control of blood sugar, lowers the risk of heart disease, and provides many other health benefits.

So, building your strong immune system lets your daily diet with potato foods in various forms.

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08. Eat Turmeric

Turmeric contains powerful natural curcumin to boost immunity that provides a range of health benefits. Because of its bioactive compounds including impactful medicinal properties you can get profound support on your daily health at a cheap cost.

The medicinal curcumin is a lipophilic compound, considered as a chain-breaking antioxidant because it's an efficient scavenger of peroxyl radicals like vitamin E.

Curcumin dramatically boosts antioxidants in the body which have the natural anti-inflammatory compound and high potential to lower or deter heart disease, eye illness, Alzheimer's, arthritis, symptoms of depression, and further spread of cancer.

Turmeric food habits

Turmeric Food Habits help Immune Health. Image Credit:

Turmeric improves neurotrophic factors, brain functionality and reduces the risk of brain diseases. Fortunately, this natural curcumin might help delay your aging and works as a sword to fight age-connected further chronic illness or diseases.

You have an easy effort to pick a great branded turmeric or curcumin supplements on Amazon considering several thousands of authentic reviews. Remarkably, BioPerine having hundred times of extra absorption power to activate your health benefits. You might have a chance to multiply the benefits from Turmeric plus ginger combined dietary supplements here

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Fortunately, turmeric usually doesn't yield side effects either if you intake normal doses, such as 500 mg of turmeric extract two times daily for 3 months. Needn't you continue the does anymore if health gets well.

09. Take Onion Salad

Your healthy eating plan might includes onion with various cooking vegetables or recipes. Onion salad also can help our immune system development because it provides not only antioxidants but various food values as well.

This spicy vegetable food contains immune-improving nutrients such as selenium, zinc, sulfur compounds, and vitamin C as well.  It comprises histamine regulating factors and antiviral elements such as quercetin, antioxidant, and flavonoid.

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So, the habit of taking salad in your daily meal can help to stay safe and sound health against certain type of viral threats.

10. Keep Seafood in Meals

Seafood is also immunity-boosting food. It contains a rich protein that better than animal protein. It has low in cholesterol that is quite friendly for heart health. It has iodine, zinc, potassium, and vitamin B.

If you have a habit to take sea fish in your daily meal is an important habit for keeping your health rich with omega-3 fatty acids. It keeps your brain healthy, safe, and sound for improved living.

Two omega-3 fatty acids are being sourced from fish are EPA and DHA. These EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), both are outsourced from seafood we eat, plays important role in many aspects of cardiovascular function comprises inflammation, major coronary events, peripheral artery disease, and even mental health as well.

The major benefits of seafood are: it's packed with nutrients that can improve not only immunity, also improve your brain and heart health, reduces depression, removes joint pain, develops eyesight, and can give you better skin health.

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 But need to be aware that too much seafood intake can harm you because of mercury poisoning or the presence of methylmercury. A small amount of mercury is commonly present in our daily food, but here the matter is the quantity that happens due to excessive intake.

11. Drink Tea Regularly

Tea is one of the great drinks to boost the immune system. Various research got proof that a variety of teas ( green, black, white, red, yellow, herbal, fermented, Oolong, mint tea) have a significant ability to boost the immune system which can fight inflammation, heart disease, and even cancer.

How much tea is optimal for you? It typically depends on your own experience with quantities which ones can result best without bad effects. But you shouldn't drink more than 3 cups of tea per day in terms of optimal caffeine intake that can be allowed naturally in the body for the top benefits.

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If you fail to intake moderate quantity, you might face negative benefits, such as sleeping disorder, digestive issues, headaches, and anxiety. 

12. Eat Sweet Potato

Eating sweet potatoes is a great habit for caring for your gut health with empowering the overall immune system. Purple sweet potatoes contain rich vitamin C and B6 that are beneficial for brain health as well as nervous system development.

Sweet potatoes have high-quality minerals such as iron, calcium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium which improve your heart health, can regulate blood pressure, and so on.

Amazingly, sweet potatoes have beta carotene that provides benefits for the skin, eyes, liver, heart, lungs, and kidneys. It develops a good number of healthy gut bacteria that help to keep up a strong and healthy stomach.

13. Take More Mushrooms

Your habit of eating mushrooms can preserve enough immunity in your body (such as antioxidant selenium, vitamin B, and D) that protect you from the various risk of diseases.

This medicinal mushrooms include powerful polysaccharides which are called beta-glucans that boost immune systems strengthening immune cells.

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The hidden natural power of mushrooms helps to grow improved gut microbiota, better immune cell functionality, stronger immune response, reduces cancer risk, weight control, improved brain health, and so on.

As for example, the immunity-boosting Mushrooms are Maitake Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom, and so on.

There is the various way you can process mushrooms to eat deliciously such as roasting for flavor, grilling, and broiling, steaming in the microwave, mushroom chips, mushroom sandwich, and more other ways.

14. Eat Spinach

Spinach is well-packed with rich medicinal properties such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E - a precious compound of some antioxidants plus beta carotene. It prevents your good health as a security shield against infections.

You can eat fresh spinach adding with some other medicinal foods deliciously such as vegetable soup with various herbal ingredients, red lentil soup plus spinach, spinach mix with eggs, fresh spinach smoothie, spinach including cheese, etc.

 Notable that, you should avoid this delicious dish while you're sensitive to allergens, and you're suffering from a cold.

15. Take Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a delicious dietary spice generated from Cinnamomum Verum or a true Cinnamon tree. It has powerful medicinal properties that can kill infectious pathogens and save lives.

As a medicinal food ingredient, Cinnamon is packed with antioxidants that work as an immune stimulator to fight off colds and leverages blood platelet to work against inflammatory substances. 

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Taking optimal doses of cinnamon in the diet is one of the best healthy food habits, no doubt. Because it has numerous benefits including the ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, HIV, and Neurodegenerative Diseases.

While you are new to this natural medicine, never eat too much - eat the optimal amount is safe. Better to take the help of an ayurvedic expert who could determine based on your age and health condition. You might collect from Amazon brands who shows the doses on the level accordingly.

16. Eat Neem

Neem is another natural ayurvedic herbal product made from the neem tree. The Neem extract usually comes from the seeds and leaves of the tree is being used traditionally hundreds of centuries long in various parts of the world.

It is organically packed with ayurvedic medicinal properties that boost the immune system. The preventive and curative roles of Neem's immunity play with the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.


Eating or using Neem leaf properly, you could find numerous benefits of improvement in the risk of diseases. It improves the problems such as stomach upset, intestinal worms problem, eye illness, nose bleeding, liver diseases, skin diseases, lack of appetite, fever condition, insulin control in diabetes, and cardiovascular illness.

There are many ways you can use this natural medicine internally or externally. You can drink Neem water, eat mixing with various foods, or can drink a cup of Neem tea daily to take the benefits.

17. Drink Giloy Juice

The Giloy, in English Tinospora Cordifolia, also known as Guduchi, is an amazing healing herb. This wonderful gift of nature contains adaptogen which helps to balance stress and hormones in our body.


Eating Giloy juice is a rich habit that helps to remove the blood-brain barrier and made easy to connect and enhance cognitive function and boost memory.

It has extraordinary beneficial properties that can save our life-improving immunity, removing toxins, and healing dangerous diseases. Giloy can purify the blood and prevents bad bacteria stay inside. It keeps the healthy liver and stronger heart health.

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The active natural antipyretic agent that lowers fever condition from malaria, dengue and swine flu. It also helps controlling blood sugar levels while at least frequently take its juice.

Amid pandemic in Ayurvedic Covid-19 treatment, Giloy is one of the great dominating ingredients often being suggested by Swami Ramdev.

You can take it by chewing Guduchi stem or fresh leaves daily for benefits. Although you can drink Giloy in juice form, chewing is the best method for asthma disease sufferers for great benefits.

18. Take Arjuna Extract Drink

Arjuna Extract is generated from the Arjuna bark of its tree, is being used for thousands of years prescribed by the traditional ayurvedic experts in the Indian subcontinent. Now it's a popular source of ayurvedic medicine worldwide.

It keeps your liver and kidney health and stronger helps to improve heart health, reduce chest pain, and lower high blood pressure. It's also highly beneficial in the treatment of various diseases such as Diarrhea, Urinary tract infections (UTIs), and lung troubles such as cough, infection, asthma, and bronchitis.

Eating habits of Arjuna extract can boost your immune health because it has a variety of flavonoids and polyphenols. That's why it leverages to reduce inflammation, lower hypertension, and prevent plaque formation in arteries. It also helps to create a healthy lipid profile for your strong health.

19. Drink Chirata (Extract)

Chirata is a powerful herb as ayurvedic healing medicine. If you are habituated with Chirata drink in your empty stomach daily you could feel the difference. It has proven immunosuppressive effect that helps improve overall immune health including intestinal health condition.

The entire part of the Chirata plant in a dry condition is beneficial provides medicinal extract for physical healing. You can intake its extract at least twice or thrice a week frequently for minimal benefits.

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 You may also take a fresh dry part into your mouth for chewing and taking paste of the plant on the skin for benefits.

Tons of benefits being with this amazing extract, such as it reduces the risk of fever, chronic constipation, liver inflammation, stomach inflammation, intestinal bad worms, skin diseases, cancer, trouble in the stomach, and loss of normal appetite.

20. Eat Aegle Marmelos (Bael)

Aegle Marmelos is popularly known as Bael, available in the south and southeast Asian countries. It has some other names such as Bhel, Bili, Bengal Quince, Japanese Bitter Orange, Golden Apple, Wood Apple, or Stone Apple.

medicinal foods

Wonder tonic for gut health! Image credit:

It has an immunomodulatory effect because it contains some active agents such as flavonoids, tannins, and coumarins. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to treat heal asthma, diarrhea, swelling, constipation, gut health troubles, blood sugar, kidney trouble, and liver problems.

As usual, the amazing healing power of bael comes from its fruit and leaves. The extracts or juice of bael with raw honey can reduce fever. Also, being used in tuberculosis treatment as well.

21. Eat Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is one of the powerful medicinal foods also known as white-flowered gourd, long melon, Lauki Doodhi, and Tasmania bean. It used to pick while reach at its best vegetative growth for cooking.

Due to its exceptional medicinal properties, fresh raw juice from bottle gourd is a popular drink for better gut health. It has some delicious diet plans with vegetables or spices for healthy intake.

Vitamin C in bottle gourd helps to develop white blood cells including protects healthy cells against further oxidative damage. And, it helps to keep the digestive system safe and sound, fat-less, better urinary tract, diarrhea-free, and stronger heart health.

22. Take Hibiscus Flower Drinks

Antioxidant-rich Hibiscus flower is packed with vitamin C that boosts immunity organically. It helps to reduce blood pressure, detox intestinal toxic bacteria, keeps the gut healthy with stronger immunity.

ayurvedic flower

Ayurvedic Flower for Life! Image credit: Pixabay-com

Most of the people in available countries used to plant Hibiscus for ornamental purposes, rather than taking the benefits from medicinal properties. This mindset is being changed due to the importance of organic safety life that comes from culinary and medicinal applications of Hibiscus.

You can make your delicious drink with Hibiscus, such as hibiscus tea, jam, salad, and sauces. Also, you can eat the fresh flower directly from the plant, though better to insert raw honey with it.

23. Peppermint Tea

Pure peppermint tea is caffeine-free that provides numerous health benefits. Such as helps to ease digestive upsets, happens fresher breath, relieves headaches or migraines, reduces clogged sinuses, boosts energy, improves sleep quality, most importantly helps to fight bacterial infections.

Peppermint tea

 While you face suffering from IBS or nausea, daily a cup of peppermint tea may provide you with recovery. It reduces nausea because of having a mildly anesthetic property that impacts the stomach lining. 

24. Drink Beetroot Juice

Beetroot stores naturally rich essential nutrients, vitamin B9, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, iron, and so on. It provides huge health benefits enriching blood quality and boost exercise tolerance in the body.

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Its role in health benefits comprises profound well-being such as blood pressure improvement, quality heart health, keeping up a healthy weight, prevention of cancer, and so on.

25. Eat Basil

Why Basil is a medicinal herb in nature? Because Basil has an excellent set of health properties that can keep your health fit and fabulous against some recognized diseases.

Medicinal herb

A great medicinal herb! Image credit: Pixabay-com

It has vitamin A, C, and K including manganese, iron, calcium, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. basil also may help to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

 Besides as a food, Basil oil is also used in external skin care, skin safety, treating cuts, skin injuries, relaxation, and various skin infections.

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26. Take Oregano

Organic oregano is a great medicinal herb that works as an antibacterial agent. It contains thymol and carvacrol that both fight certain type of infections such as staph.

herbal foods

Fresh Oregano is also packed with antioxidants that work to protect the cell. It has enough fiber, vitamin E & K, manganese, calcium, and iron.

It's medicinal power to develop various sort of skin conditions such as acne, oily skin, canker sores, dandruff, ringworm, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Oregano oil has anti-bacterial and anti-viral medicinal properties that recover the cause of cough, gum disease, muscle pain, varicose veins, and toothaches as well.

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You can eat fresh oregano or cooked form up to green outlook as a medicinal food. It might be a great ingredient with other food recipes beans and sauces.

27. Eat Coriander

Fresh Coriander is another medicinal food or food ingredient that helps to improve immune health and others. It may help reduce blood sugar, improve heart health, boost antioxidants, improve brain health and increase the taste of the food you intake.

herbal foods

A great ingredient for medicinal foods! Image credit:

Coriander is a popular ingredient for daily foods or drinks as well, that contains vitamin A, C & K. If you take Coriander water drink in the morning, that can improve your overall digestion system that boosts metabolism.

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28. Take Marjoram

Marjoram is a popular medicinal food ingredient in North American food culture. The popular dishes made by adding this ingredient are vegetables, stuffings, tomato-based recipes, forcemeats, preserved meats, sausages, poultry, pulses, and fishes.

Marjoram medicinal herb

Marjoram, a powerful medicinal herb!

It is packed numerous nutrient values including magnesium, potassium, and rich minerals such as electrolytes, and a good source of folate too.

Marjoram is known as a great nerve tonic being used for relieving nervous headaches, nerve pain, and paralysis. Another major medicinal power goes through as a heart tonic that helps improve heart health-promoting better blood circulation. 

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Most importantly, Marjoram oil might improve health for gall bladder complaints, dizziness, stomach cramps, coughs, and digestive disorders, depression, migraines, coughs, and runny nose.

While you'll use this as an ingredient with a delicious dish, only add the fresh chopped and green leaves at the end of the cooking time so that it looks green yet.

29. Eat Rosemary

Rosemary is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that boost immunity improves brain and hearth-health including overall health conditions.

Rosemary herbal food

Rosemary herb has amazing medicinal properties!

You can eat fresh rosemary raw is safe. But popularly being used as a great ingredient adding to the various dishes such as vegetable soups, salads, casseroles, and stews.

Also used with fish, chicken, game, pork, lamb, steaks, and so on. The foods such as grains, onions, mushrooms, garlic rice
pies, peas, beans, and potatoes.

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But remember you eat the amount that matters. You must avoid drinking rosemary oil because of its toxic form of intake orally that may harm you. You should consult a doctor if you intend to take an excessive amount of rosemary.

30. Other Medicinal Foods

Last but not least. The rest of the options that remain here might be strongly considered for your immunity-boosting food habits.

The rest of them are namely: Astragalus, Elderberry, Cloves, Frankincense, Ashwagandha, Camu Camu, Olive Leaf, Chuchuhuasi, Noni, Rosehip, Cordyceps, Boneset, Goji Berries, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Soursop, Myrhh, Cats Claw, Meadowsweet, Barberry, Siberian Ginseng, and so on.

In terms of building your intuitive immune system that goes enough fit for fighting against enemies of your body, let your intake being habituated with these immunity-booster botanical and herbal foods too.

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It is not difficult to bring a significant change in your daily diet plan while you have clear knowledge about medicinal foods.

Using a personalized diet plan that includes specific immunity booster medicinal food recipes you can mitigate any sort of chronic health issues.

 Since diseases or health issues are the ultimate disorder that originated from state of preventive power or condition of immune health which is merely located in the genome. Then, the nutrigenetics thoughts about the 30 medicinal foods may help you design your powerful diet plan or food recipes for better safety in health.

If you find this article useful, let your friends and family members be shared as a small health gift. Keep your eyes on this tiny platform for next to other articles regarding your immunity challenge. Stay safe and sound.

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