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33 Sleep Habits Can Boost Your Immunity for Safe Health

Quality sleep habits play a striking role in human immune system development for healthy safeguards over a longer lifespan. Sleep habits determine a balance between mind and body whether sweet or bitter. Good sleep enables you to earn great discovery of your physical immunity with greater emotional intelligence for better creativity, productivity, and safety overall.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 45 percent of the USA people usually do not take enough sleep which affects their daily normal lives. This percentage is more than 50 percent now during the pandemic time in the UK, and other western countries following the same trouble as well.

That's why sleep management for better immunity deserves a great deal from you since everyone spends one-third of her lifetime merely sleeping.

During this pandemic time, quality sleep development might be a crucial effort to prevent COVID-19 in terms of immunity empowerment. And  you must need to be optimized with the influential habits for better sleep which could produce significant health-guard for you.

But How?

How can you organize an ideal sleep schedule that might maximize your immunity for fighting health obstacles as well?

Here are the tips to raise the top habits for your pursuing to-dos and determining a consistent sleep schedule following your circadian rhythm or body clock.

It is not challenging either, all your mindset that based on scientific understanding can help you assemble the best practice perfect sleep habits.

Healthy Sleep Habits Can Improve Your Immunity

1. Be Organized To Quality Sleep 

You are well planned for your sleep management is a foremost quality habit for your accumulating the good forces for good sleep. Make a hybrid list that comprises the To-Dos as well as Not-To-Dos. And make sure each of the forces makes values that effect on your quality sleep.

Al least, you must understand your daily responses to your sleep - how it works for, what to give up, and what you need to continue with better emphasis. You mustn't compromise with your sleep deprivation is a great virtue to get quality sleep.

2. Understand Your Circadian Rhythms 

Understanding your circadian rhythm is an essentially profound step to attempt your good sleep. Circadian rhythm is an internal body clock that regulates sleep-wake natural cycle round the clock or 24-hour period.

This natural design of your body-clock in the brain responds to the changes of darkness and lightness events as an alert to your feelings while sunset or sun-rise happens.

While you mind-set to follow this clock for benefits you could find internal inferences or alerts from this complex timekeeper which is controlled by a single area of your brain.

Your bedtime, wake-time, and even the rest of other events around the period could be alerted by this circadian rhythm. 

circadian rhythm

Infographics source: Nature.com

The above infographics show that circadian rhythm comprises various hormones that your body gets secreted in various times that changes the hours around the clock. It is a great virtue of your good sleep intention to understand, follow, realize, and evaluate the circadian rhythm regularly until you could fix a consistent quality sleep schedule.

3. Maintain A Sleep Schedule 

Make sure you've determined a sleeping schedule you follow strictly that includes specific bedtime and leave time. To get the best benefits of circadian rhythm, keep up your sleep schedule repeating the same time every day for going to bed and get up early in the morning.

Never break this time whether you have a holiday, vacations, or office time. Very best to set up seven-hour sleep ahead of rising time early in the morning for your scheduled jogging, yoga, workout, or intake vitamin D at the first hour of sunshine.

How much sleep is appropriate for you? According to sleep foundation, here's the revised set of sleeping amounts you can follow for you as well as your family members:

How much sleep

Source: sleepfoundation.org

Let you go to bed only while you get sleepy according to your body clock. And you shouldn't stay more than 15 minutes in the bed if you do not fall asleep. Just get up and take a calm move for a while for meditating your mind and focus in the present.

4. Stop to be Night Owl

Night-owl habit refers to you deprive your-self of appropriate sleep at the right time. Sleep deprivation habits can result in sleep apnea, depression, obesity, and various complex trouble in daily life.

The habit of being a night owl means you're preparing to fall yourself into the poor immune system that unable to win the germ attacks as well. Because poor sleep reduces the power of immune function in your body.

Enough delay to bedtime used to deprive the immune system producing enough cytokines, T cell responses with integrins as well. 

best sleeping habits

Cytokines act as a chemical messenger that helps to the body bringing the perfection in your quality sleep for creating enough T cell responses to the pathogens. T cell works with integrin like the military forces that respond to protecting your health from deadly pathogens and cancer cell as well.

That is why quality sleep that comes from quality habits can play a profound role in life safety and longevity.

5. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Unfortunately, both alcohol and smoking increase the symptoms of apnea and disrupt the quality of sleep habits from uniform circadian rhythm. Recently published report says smokers are 14 times more likely to die from COVID-19.

That's why let these two habits omitted from your habit-box and keep your natural sleep and hormones safe from these negatively affecting intakes.

6. Drink Enough Water 

Make sure you drink enough fresh water, at least three liters, or a dozen glass of water. It can keep your circadian rhythm fresh and natural. It helps the whole body to keep up healthy and sound for all sides including the digestive system as well as the nervous system for quality sleep.

But drink water 2 hours before your bedtime. If you drink just before bedtime, it might disrupt the normalcy of your body-clock due to urinating in the deep-sleep period. Make sure you having this great habit accordingly in your daily schedule for developing quality sleep that boosts your immune system.

7. Take An Warm Bath

There various reasons you might fall asleep asap while after taking bedtime. This sort of sleep disorder deserves this warm bathing habit that can improve your response to keep up the circadian rhythm in order.

Medical research suggests that taking a warm shower bath 1 -2 hours before going to bed can improve quality sleep. Because body temperature nurtures to fall after the warm bath that helps to get profound sleep.

8. Limit Coffee And Tea 

Excessive coffee or tea both are harmful to quality sleep. That's why, following the circadian rhythm, experts recommend mid to late morning is the best interval of time to drink a single cup of coffee.

But for tea, low-caffeinated green tea is highly suggested that might be up to 3 times daily. You need to take a safe amount of caffeine in a safe time. Because it roles better in sleep quality if it doesn't go out of limit in daily habits.

9. Intake Vitamin D from Sun

Vitamin D is crucially so important for the immune system to fight against any pathogenic disease. If you are habituated taking just at least 20 minutes of sunshine in the first hours is a great habit for your good sleep as well. Taking vitamin D is the cheapest therapy against COVID-19 and that is free from Sun.

Vitamin D for life

Dr. Eric Berg shows how vitamin D can role in immunity that saves lives

In a recent video Dr. Eric Berg showed the truth referring to an Indonesian study based on Vitamin D levels. Dr. Eric showed that (image) 49.7 percent of the surveyed patient was with a normal level of Vitamin D that costs only 4% mortality, 27.7 percent patient was insufficient who costs 88% death rate, and rest of the 23% patients who occupied the level of vitamin D deficiency got fatality 99 percent.

Quality sleep helps to produce significant cytokines that get leverage from vitamin D to happen normal immune system functions without cytokine storm. So, taking Vitamin D from Sun can help to develop quality sleep as well as the safety of your health.

10. Listen to Meditative Songs 

The relaxing sleep music can help you to meditate your mind with soothing relaxation for better sleep. It grows amazing relief unifying mind body and soul and develop brain wave for organic attention to a particular focus.

Before going to sleep, this kind of relaxation could help you fall to sleep soon. You could find amazing meditating music clips in the app stores or YouTube.

11. Take A Time for Prayer 

If you have a habit to go regular prayer, that is a great habit for your sleep preparation. At least before bedtime, a significant prayer can help to organize your mind for quality sleep preparation.

Because prayer has the power to direct your brain wave towards the better condition that works as a level player for daily quality sleep in time.

12. Go Yoga And Meditation 

Yoga is a powerful tool that helps to unify the human body mind and soul for healthy well-being. It comprises eight branches including Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation - who work amazingly for quality sleep.

They can control cortisol levels and eliminate tension. The people who suffer from anxiety or depression too can pick the benefits from these sorts of yogas for better sleep for better immunity.

Asana: Corpse Pose, Plow Pose, Legs Up The Wall Pose, Child's Pose
Pranayama: Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Ujjayi, Vastrika
Meditation: Relaxation

Meditation is one of the best habit for taking your best sleep. Meditation before bedtime will help you to calm down your brain wave up to alpha level for falling asleep soon.

quality sleep habits

There are five steps of our brain wave to get the significant range of quality sleep that may be started with your right meditation. You can buy a sleeping meditation from a guru is best for taking advantage.

Practicing before bedtime yoga encourages your parasympathetic nervous system that results in a relaxed near to alpha level in your brain wave for inviting better sleep asap.

13. Avoid Exercise Before Bedtime

It is a smart habit that you do not work out in a gym within 3 hours of your bedtime. Why not exercise, if yoga can?

Exercise and yoga are not the same practice. Yoga conserves energy because it is anabolic, but exercise breaks down the energy because it is catabolic. And yoga practices go through slow dynamic movements whereas exercise goes through the rapid and forceful way of movements.

If your fitness routine includes this practice, you need to avoid either, it might disrupt your circadian rhythm that harms the lifestyle as well. The top reason you'll avoid this practice because it can break your constant heart rate which might play a harmful impact on your organic sleep.

14. Cut Your TV Time

Excessive TV screen time has a notorious role in a healthy lifestyle. It disrupts the proper maintenance of natural circadian rhythm for better sleeping benefits. While you including your family members go through an optimized schedule of watching TV, Video games and other screen devices can help you to develop a healthy sleep habit.

At least you need to build a practice of watching TV framing the significant time-gap before your bedtime. So that it can assure you falling asleep in time and which doesn't harm to complete amount of quality sleep daily. And your family health can run based on an organic body clock for avoiding further health hazards.

15. Read a book that relaxes 

Why reading a book before bedtime is a good habit? That is all about the attempt to divert your mind engagement from whole day junky into a relaxable topic for inviting better sleep. 

You might split your adjacent hour into some parts. A major part can be scheduled for reading a powerful story. So that it can lead you to fall into a top dream of earning money as well as inviting towards a good sleep.

16. Avoid Smartphone Before Bedtime 

Smartphones are designed to take advantage of gathering livelihood information and entertainment. You use your smartphone two hours before bedtime is acceptable in terms of necessity.

bedtime smartphone

But using just before bedtime is not a good habit for quality sleep arrangement and life safety. Because facing the blue screen of the smartphone during that sensitive time has various painful returns in life.

Such as blue ray from the device screen deters to produce significant sleeping hormone melatonin in the body. That's why sleep got an unexpected experience to fall in sleep in time. This habit eventually leads you in a painful situation causing sleep deprivation for long.

Also, it holds your mind psychologically engaged with the screen can generate Rapidly Eye Movement (REM) sleep as well as a REM behavior disorder.

Screentime habits before bedtime can cause an unhappy rise with a groggy morning. That is why Smartphone doesn't deserve the time just before bedtime. Your conscious avoid might reward you quality sleep in your lifestyle is enough worthy for long life.

17. Drink Nutritious Fruit Juice

It's a great habit that you drinking nutritious fruit juices at the right time before going to bed. It has a significant role in quality sleep. While you get it habituated you just need to check once the values and role of each fruit why you need to take it and which ones are the nutrition friendly to your health.

You might frequently take the natural juices whether it is papaya, guava, lemon, apple, aloe vera, blueberries, carrot, banana, watermelon, pomegranate, or orange juice.

Alternatively, a probiotics drink also could help you prompt your sleeping quality and health. Let your sleep gets a perfect recharge of enough energy for worthy thoughts starting a fresh good morning every day.

18. Take Meal 3 Hours Before Bedtime

It is one of the best sleep habits to keep your stomach in the rest of the 2 - 3 hours gap between taking your last meal and bedtime. This habit plays so important role to maintain not only quality sleep, preventing heartburn and insomnia as well.

Because, while your last stuff stays in the big intestine, previous content needs time too to reach into the small intestine for a healthy gut. That is why eating a few hours before can enables a good night's sleep with a healthy digestion process.

19. Avoid Heavy Meals after Evening

It is a great habit if you do not eat after late evening. Although you eat in case, you avoid high-calorie foods at night in terms of diving into a safe and sound sleep daily. No benefits either eating late at night which can increase cholesterol in the blood that increases the risk of heart disease.

Even taking any sort of carbohydrate late at night can increase glycogen stock that causes fat burn in sleep. Also, it can raise glucose and insulin levels which are big reasons for diabetes type-2.

So, if you're keen to harvest the best of your health benefits from good night's sleep, all you need to fix the eating habits with risk-free light foods (such as low-calorie snacks) within early evening time.

20. Create Sleep Environment

A highly organic sleeping environment around your bedroom requires a bit of optimization. Make your room quite friendly to your mind with quietness.

Keep your room clutter-free, free from various electronics devices, cool in summer, dark, and quiet. And make your bed mattress and pillow comfortable, posture-friendly and mind-blowing simple.

21. Limit Light Brightness before Bedtime

During your whole sleeping session obviously, you'll keep your bedroom dark and preferably cool. But before bedtime from the evening, you might keep your bedroom dim light. It will psychologically help you build your image in mind for a happy sleep.

While darkness started after sunset, our retinas that included light-sensitive cells start signaling to our brain that now it's time to prepare for your sleep. Research says in the circadian rhythm, our body used to start secretion melatonin at 9 PM and it continues until the sun rises.

Melatonin is an invaluable sleep hormone from the pineal gland that regulates our circadian rhythm or sleep-wake cycle. While darkness goes apex at 9 PM, pineal gland switches "on" that start creating melatonin, once asap it starts slowing the metabolic function as well as lowering the body temperature as well.

That's why let your light management according to your circadian lighting just for acquiring the best health benefit from good night's sleep.

22. Use Comfortable Mattress and Pillows

Mattress and pillow have a direct impact on the quality of sleep. A quality mattress is determined based on neutral spine alignment, comfort, user's type, foam quality, construction, hygiene, design, mobility, size, value, and so on.

If you could find the best match with your need can result in the best practice sleep. If you're not yet with the best one, you can check with the ideal mattress for:

(1) Back Sleepers Mattress
(2) Side Sleepers Mattress
(3) Best for Kids Mattress
(4) Best Hybrid Mattress

There's no specific research on the issue of whether sleeping without a pillow has great benefits. Pillows are used just to keep your head aligned with your posture of the whole body.

That's why using a right pillow according to your body position is far better than not using a pillow either. How you're habituated in sleeping with a posture that matters in choosing the right pillow.

Side Sleeper
  Everpillow on Amazon

One-size-fits-all Approach
Everpillow on Amazon

Here are the four alternatives of posture for your appropriate pillow accordingly:

(a) Back Sleepers Pillow
(b) Side Sleepers Pillow
(c) Stomach Sleepers Pillow
(d) Hybrid Sleepers Pillow

You use a pillow that goes with neutral spine alignment is the best habit of your good night's sleep. 

You might try Everpillow by InfiniteMoon because of their unique pillow technology inputting all natural materials specifically for side and back sleepers with outstanding adorable style. It fascinates users with cuddling affect provides extra comfort that no other pillow can provide they claim.

23. Habituated To a Right Posture

Although, which posture is the best one for someone that used to depends on his habit. But it can change according to his physical need for a particular pose that bears more benefits. The topmost recommendations go to the posture that people sleep on the back.

sleep postures

Because, the back sleeper people get the best benefits from a natural spine alignment with her back, head, and neck. The second best pose of sleep may be considered to the left-hand side sleepers who do not put pressure on their digestive system including heart and liver.

Although the right-hand side sleepers position is considered to be so so, stomach sleepers position is considered to be the worst one than all other poses. Because stomach sleeping creates unexpected stress on the back as well as spine position which may be the cause of back pain and troubles on other structures.

24. Keep Smiley in Conjugal Bedtime

In terms of taking a better return on your sleeping habits, let your bedtime to be pleased with your life partner. Your pleasure and intimate bedtime is a sign of a strong relationship in a couple.

It can be monetized with a divine blessing into a more sustainable longer life. Because this habit improves sleeping quality as well as immunity too.

25. Warm-up your feet Before Sleep

Research found that warmed feet or hands can accelerate the falling asleep. It is likely hot baths and melatonin effects. Heating cold feet dilates blood vessels through vasodilation-dilation. It messages the brain that it's time to start sleeping in the bed.

The heat rather gets redistributed throughout the whole body after blood vessels opening up in the feet as well as hands. It makes the body relaxed and falls in rest for sleep sooner. The things are that purpose:

a. Foot Warmer Pad,
b. Foot warmer socks,
c. HotHands Insoles,
d. TT Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer,
e. Electric Vibration Massage Heated Foot Warmer,
f. Foot warmer hot water bottle and so on.

26. Meditate Your Natural Body Clock

Going at 10 pm is the perfect bedtime - experts suggest around it. Going to sleep at 10 pm might enable you to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sufficient sleep for the common adults. It will make the rise early from 5 am to 6 am for taking the best benefit of your day started.

While you meditate a particular time to rise, you'll wake up at that time ultimately. Your determined mind-image would help you get an alert at that time. You'll be habituated the perfect time through your practice will be continued.

Let this habit run with your best practice program that embarrasses your circadian natural rhythm for quality sleep.

27. Use Melatonin Supplement Wisely 

Your sleep habit allows usage of melatonin supplements in case of jet lag or special schedule change in the workplace or any other special reasons. That's great leverage.

Because anyhow you need to keep up your circadian rhythm in order so your sleep habit can continue taking health benefits with significant safety.

Here're some popular melatonin supplements:
Search product by kw from Amazon: melatonin supplement for sleep

(a)  For Adults:

(b)  For Kids & Children:

A wise and safety note by Hopekins Medicine that you do not use melatonin supplement if you're pregnant, breastfeed, seizure, and have a disorder from autoimmunity. In case of you having diabetes and heart pressure, all you need to get advice from your health care provider.

Webmed advises that Melatonin supplement is safe up to 2 years while it is taken by mouth properly. It's most perhaps a few side effects such as for a while depression, sleepiness in the day time, headache, irritability, and stomach cramps.

What's why the melatonin supplement is very useful for the short term to repair temporary sleep disorders.

28. Use Other Supplements 

Taking other supplements that boost your sleep quality is a Good habit. There are plenty of supplements out that really can add natural value to develop quality sleep as well as other health benefits. Here're some of the recognized natural supplements:

(a) Magnesium: It has hundreds of health benefits. This will help your body to regulate GABA levels which develop a level of relaxation and boost sleep quality. If your daily meal doesn't include enough magnesium, you might fulfill with a dietary supplement from here.

(b) Ginkgo biloba:
Provides dozens of health benefits including sleep quality. Because it contains enough antioxidants, helps fight inflammation, improves heart health, reduces symptoms of psychiatric disorders, develop brain function, decrease anxiety, treats depression, and helps sleep quality. Here you might choose your best offer.

(c) L-theanine: As a powerful amino acid, which increases mental focus, immune system, weight loss, and cognitive performance. Also, it reduces blood pressure, develops relaxation, and sleeps quality. Here you can check your best offer.

(d) Lavender: As a powerful herbal supplementary Lavendary helps improve sleep including others such as a natural remedy for pain, lessens menopausal hot flashes, reduces blood pressure, heartbeat rate, and so on. Here you can check a product.

(e) Glycine: The amino acid glycine is a powerful antioxidant that helps improve sleep quality. It also saves the liver from alcohol-induced damage, saves health from Type 2 Diabetes, and prevent heart disease. Here's a best sample you might try out.

(f) Valerian root: A popular supplement for falling asleep asap as well as develops quality sleep. Also, it has the power to improve health conditions from anxiety, insomnia, headaches, menopause symptoms, digestive problems, muscle pain, and fatigue. You can try ones here.

(g) Probiotics Drink: Probiotic supplement has a recognised role to boost immunity. It helps in the large intestine to improve digestion as well as leverages in overall nutrition quality.

If you have a habit to drink this amazing supplement just before before bedtime or 20 minutes later of your last meal is a great habit for improving your quality sleep too. Here is an appropriate probiotics drink you might try out.

Although any of those supplements may not impact directly, they have a significant role in overall sleep quality development. You can take advice from your healthcare partner regarding specific doses on the above supplements.

So, you might try ones to make your sleep habits much more sustainable or pleasurable with safe and sound health.

29. Sleep Like A Baby (or Dog) 

This is not in posture, but a mindset. Your mind-set before bedtime matters in quality sleep. While a baby or a dog goes to sleep used to bear in mind for asleep - it forgets the rest of the world. Like this, you can make your one-third of your life living in sleep with much more pleasure and happiness.


Your attitude to allow your body to fall in a deep rest will be automatically being met with the circadian rhythm. This is the best intelligence to get your best awaking for the rest of the valued living on earth.

30. Get Plenty of Sleep At Night

Seven hours of sleep is enough for an adult. Let it be plenty of depth that means giving profound penetration in deep sleep that recharges enough power into your effective immune system as well as in the physical ability.

If you're habituated with this goodnight's sleep practice, be sure you are going through a safe and sound strong immune system for fighting any pathogenic or physical obstacles.

31. You Try to Avoid Nap

Although nap is also recommended by some health care providers, very best to avoid this napping as well. Because it could give your sleep more deepness for satisfied Goodnight's sleep.

In case, if you find that your sleep deficiency permits you to take a nap for preventing your sleep deprivation as well as day work performance, that you might go. But if so, take a short nap after your launch - not afternoon at all. Day by day, try to reduce irregular or long daytime naps for developing your quality sleep.

32. Avoid Excessive Sleep

Your definitive sleeping range is 7-9 as an adult sleeper. If your sleep exceeds this boundary because of drug, cigarette or alcohol or obesity, physical inactivity, and any other sleepiness reasons, all you need to fix it.

If you concentrate on your adequate night sleep only, that can fix your day sleepiness and excessive sleeping syndrome.

Oversleeping might push you in the risk of depression, chronic headaches, high blood pressure, and diabetes type2 as well. If you avoid this sort of habit, you must grow your physical immunity with good sleep.

33. Evaluate Your Sleep Habits 

Last but not least, the quality sleep model deserves continuous improvement in your sleeping habits list. Because a good immune system deserves a good sleep that comes through your continuous evaluation based on your own experience.

The study revealed that quality sleep can fasten the apex of immunity for your life safety. So, make sure you go through this process to sustain your target with sleeping betterment for healthy living.


Organizing a comprehensive set of quality sleep habits is to be first priority to fight against enemies of your health. You Manage your sleep habits according to your circadian rhythm means you acquire adequate hormones that regulate your quality sleep for better immunity.

If you're not yet on the race of harvesting better immunity from adequate sleep, now it is the time to start your well-being. The aforesaid hybrid sleep habits might help you to be scheduled for monetizing your better life. Your quality sleep habits might save your huge cost in invaluable life as well. 

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