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7 Steps How To Prevent COVID-19 Until You Get Vaccinated

The world has been observing a traumatic nightmare of increased death toll since first January due to the notorious outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19 pandemic.

World Health Organization (WHO) already declared the situation as the global emergency that refers you to take enough self-guard for protecting you from this deadly hazard. Still, there's no remarkable evidence that mass people could able to get the surefire shield by vaccination that might prevent our global lives.

I wrote regarding Candida Auris, a deadly yeast,  in my earlier write-up was about same features in terms of incubation time and hidden presence. But COVID-19 is seriously contagious than any sort of pathogen appeared in past.  

As currently, there's no vaccine to prevent the so-called disease. It doesn't mean you've no hope for freedom of life or we are detained under the deadly virus attack. Not at all, it's topmost global emergence for a solution now - need enough patience.

Uncertainty for the solution might generate fear, but adequate knowledge-base might help you controlling further concern and make your better safeguard during the pandemic earth time.

The world focus is now on the best solution as early as possible. World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) including various Universities and health research institutions are on various efforts.

They're providing significant tips, advice, safety data, and life-saving information to the victim countries for preventing Coronavirus disease COVID-19. They strongly encourage you to follow safety rules to be habituated for safe and secure living.

At present, all our safety challenge is taking some emergency attempt to around our behavior, commitment and lifestyle. They are quite a few diehard to-dos that can save our lives against the unknown threat from new Coronavirus disease COVID-19.

How To Protect From COVID-19 Until You Have A Vaccine

Whether you might on lock-down period by your local authority or special safety hours during the Coronavirus Pandemic, you need to carry out some dedicated rules for personal safety including your beloved family as well.

Here're 7 Steps for Surefire Safety From Coronavirus Disease COVID-19:

 Step 1: Secure Your Perfect Knowledge-base First

Your perfect knowledge might help you stay safe or secure from the so-called coronavirus hazard. Here's some top most reliable resource centers that could help you create your defensive knowledge-base for overall safety. 

Most importantly, it is a continuous effort to keep gathering new information from these sources until you find a reliable vaccine. Because the feature of this deadly contagious virus is still unknown and uncovered to the scientists.

(a) Keep Learning from WHO

World Health Organization (WHO) is a responsible body which is monitoring and providing leadership around the trending information worldwide including an important overview of COVID-19 situation and updates reports. Visit the WHO website for the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic:

(b) Educate You from CDC & ECDC

CDC: US Centre for Disease Control is playing a very important role in preventing the Coronavirus pandemic. Keep visiting the site and make your significant attempt for safety:

ECDC: European Centre for Disease Control:

(c) Keep Learning from JHU

Learn live data and research information Johns Hopkins University for making your safety stronger and secure:  

(d) Stat & Research from University Of Oxford 

Keep in touch visiting this site for Coronavirus data and information in order to make you perfect preventing COVID-19:  

  Step 2: Know The Science of Transmission 

Here's WHO explains what is Coronavirus and how it transmits that all you need to take an attempt for saving yourself and your family:

Here's what you need to know and should do on the highly contagious virus and disease for protecting you and your family using own smart talent:

  Step 3: Take Safety Challenge 

Seven efforts to keep in mind for making your surefire safety shield:

(i) Avoid Close Contact: 

Stay home is very best for safety. If outdoor in the emergency deal, just keep you 2 meters or 6 feet away from an unwell someone.

(ii) Maintain Hand Hygiene: 

Use soap or sanitizer CDC advice to keep hand safety.

(iii) Secure Hand Controlling:

Never touch face area with unhygienic hands.

(iv) Maintain Respiratory Hygiene:

Keep up respiratory channels clean and hygiene using safe water.

(v) Use Adequate PPE: 

Let your top sensitive physical areas are safe covering adequate PPE.

(vi) Secure Equipment Safety: 

Never forget to keep your Protective Equipment (PPE) safety as well.

(vii) Maintain Environment Safety: 

Keep clean and hygiene all your sensitive physical places including high-touch area at home.

 The CDC Guidelines 

You can protect yourself and others from Coronavirus outbreak if you follow:

1. Disinfect
Clean and disinfect surfaces that many people come in contact with. These include tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks. Avoid touching high-contact surfaces in public.

2. Wash Your Hand Regularly
Wash your hands immediately for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub when you return home from a public place such as the bank or grocery store. 

3. Cover Nose and Mouth 
Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze

4. Make Sure of Self-distancing
When in a public space, put a distance of six feet ( 2 meters) between yourself and others.Social distancing refers to practice public health hygiene that targets to prevent sick people from coming in virus transmittable contact with healthy someones.

It is all about reducing chances for the outbreak. It can comprise stopping group events, closing public meetings or conferences, and avoiding crowds individually.

5. Stay Home
Most importantly, stay home and self-isolate from others in the household if you are sick and contact your doctor.

6. Stop doing
Do not touch your face (mouth, eyes or nose) with unhygienic hands.

World Health Organization (WHO) Advice in Infographics here:

prevent covid-19

  Step 4: Stay Home - Do or Die 

It works directly to reduce spread - a diehard strategy to stop the outbreak of Coronavirus. It works like extinguishing fire.

As we know fireworks while three agents come together are oxygen, heat, and fuel. If you could disrupt a single one, then fire can't exist either. Like this, COVID-19 happens while three things like human host, coronavirus, and contacts come together.

If you make sure that you stay surefire away, at least two-meter distance, then COVID-19 never can happen on you. Take a look at this infographic and determine your safety accordingly.

how to prevent Coronavirus

Step 5: Take Healthy Food & Sunlight for Immunity

Staying safe, healthy and strong are very essential at this moment for getting ready to make a physical shield with significant immunity. That's why need to take rich food obviously. 

Healthy food including nutritious smoothies can help you to keep your physical fitness up. Furthermore, in order to take better immunity, you might in-take vitamin D from the first hours of sunlight at home. And never forget drinking enough water. 

Furthermore, stop practicing the negative habits such: smoking,  excessive sugar intake, excessive alcohol, drinking too much coffee, eating junk or processed food, excessive exercise, missing physical activity, and so on. 

Remember, it is very best to keep your physical pH value in the middle of the sky that help you regulate your safe health during the COVID19 pandemic. All of the to-dos above might help you keeping your health fit and fabulous with significant immunity. 

 Step 6: Feed Your Mind for Peace & Immunity

Most importantly, take adequate sleep and rest at home. If you go yoga is best of all for respiratory fitness. You might find available YouTube clips on various Pranayama, a special branch of yoga for respiratory fitness, such as Kapal Bhati, Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika, and Ujjayi Pranayama. It can boost your not only respiratory system development but enough peace in mind as well.

In addition, other practices as below also might give you enough value for peace in mind that help you keeping up better immunity and mental fitness:

-> Engage in drawing and painting

-> Start a new blog or write a topic 

-> Write a book or eBook you love

-> Watch laughter movie, or music

-> Plan an online business at home

-> Start an online training

-> Arrange a family laughing gossip

-> Sing your favourite songs

-> Read a pleasant book

-> Get social media engagement

-> Start a conversation on the phone

-> Start an online work from home
-> Play your favorite instrument
-> Engage in indoor games
-> Engage in home disinfecting
-> Plan your discovery new startup
-> Learn a new skill online
-> Run with your indoor treadmill
-> Entertain to aged and children
-> Fun with your dog or safe pets
-> Teach your child DIY crafting
-> Cook a rich recipe, and so on

And take adequate sleep following your natural body clock.

  Step 7: Handle Outdoor Essential Move Carefully

In order to shop essential products outdoor, or anything you need for emergency support to your relatives, all you need to take safety measures. According to the circumstance, put on a safety gown, goggle, face mask, gloves or safety boats if need.

After returning home, put off all equipment into a hot water bucket, and disinfect the things properly using CDC recommended disinfectants.While you are on outdoor special work, never forget to keep you 2 meter away from potential someones who might have illness. Just keep following the WHO & CDC rules in every step of your movement daily. 


In this difficult pandemic time, staying at home is the best strategy for personal safeguard including family safety. During this tough period, make sure you've built your integrated control over the physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and social connection for overall well-being. The dark time must be ended by the dint of collective efforts around the globe. Hope you stay home - stay safe, healthy and strong.

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Safety Materials

HERE'S several types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including other safety materials need for making your safeguard against Coronavirus. 

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