Candia Auris Prevention

How To Prevent Candida Auris for Saving Your Family Health

Why is family awareness so important against super fungus Candida Auris? The reasons are located within the deadly nature of Candida Auris. It is a highly drug-resistant fungus, silent, colorless, and deadly new killer super fungus.

According to a source Candida Auris have been identified in the USA health care facilities eleven states from more than 1100 infected patients.

It is a very hard-to-treat this fungal superbug infection that can plug the very lousy. It can mostly pay ninety days life-time only whether you could live up to the time or get rid of it's deadly attack for more life-spans.

On that above context, let's dive down into the matters to explore the fact for overcoming further fear and gusty appearance. This write-up has a limitation that it wouldn't go through the medical treatment methods.

Here's the top priority to show you the ways how to prevent your family members including personal safety from making aware of the Candida Auris, since prevention is better than cure.

How To Prevent Candida Auris for Saving Family Health

01. Educate Your Family First Regarding C Auris

Let your family members know what is C Auris, It's symptoms, and why this infectious disease prevention is so important. Here's that in brief.

1.1: What is Candida Auris

Candida Auris (aka C. Auris) is a name of a deadly super fungus or yeast infection. Also known as a fungal superbug that can cause multidrug-resistant deadly infections in human bodies. Up to now got it has a more than 60% mortality rate.

C Auris is such a fungal pathogen or deadly emerging yeast that can cause invasive disease, specifically in troublesome patients who are suffering from multi-illness.

1.2: Symptoms Of Candida Auris

Symptoms are perhaps not noticeable either. The reason, patients already got sick in the health center with another severe illness.

The infection depends on the specific parts of the body that affected. It can appear with several types of infection, such as infections in the ear, blood, and already wounded areas in the body.

As usually healthcare experts say the particular symptoms might be high fever, respiratory distress, pneumonia, brain disorder, and even serious shock as well.

As it stays with other troublesome physical conditions, so it's difficult to identify. That's why the symptoms can differ profoundly, a significant laboratory test is essential to determine perfectly whether the patient C. Auris infection.

1.3: Why is Candida Auris Prevention So Important?

As it is highly drug-resistant, colorless, not easy-to-diagnose, having an emerging mode of it's spread, and a silent killer super fungus. The condition deserves a medical expert's investigative efforts as well as proper treatment in time.

The importance appears either since there's no specific treatment yet discovered for curing the trouble with a guarantee. That's why the fungus notoriously deserves a highly preventive measure and accurate control over the spread.

02. Get Awareness Health Experts Say

Since fungal superbug belongs to emerging aggression and spreads person to person or healthcare system to person. All your awareness can make a plan on how to defend your family. Let you know the updates over the spread and control news including experts' remarks on the issue.

Healthcare scientists are tirelessly working upon the issue to uncover the specific reason and solution. Your real-time information might help your family to keep up safe and secure against this silent hazard.

03. Let You Know Who are At Risk 

Take a look at your family members' health. Very aged and sick children are potentially silent targets who can be infected with C. Auris. It's not sure, but not unsure as well. In case of very illness, either they can be infected - that is all about awareness to take care only.

04. Protect You First from Healthcare Facility

Before visiting a healthcare center, let you know the history of the hospital regarding Candida Auris patient's treatment. Also, know the preventive systems and safety level of facilities against the deadly infectious disease.

It will help you to decide on how to visit a patient there, how to arrange taking health services from the hospital with safety security. Remember that your neat and clean shoe-back can also carry a seed of fungus from the hospital that you need to be sterilized.

05. Help Stopping outbreak by hospitals 

According to Cornelius Clancy, M.D., from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Candida Auris behaves like a sort of bacteria which is called nosocomial bacteria and hooks to the surfaces for getting spreading patient to patient or healthcare system to a patient.

C Auris

Most importantly, Clancy remarks that it is hard to get rid of this such critical fungus, even in the hospitals though it belongs to superior infection control methods. This might make you a sense of how you can help the hospital to stay there safe and move around without risk by using their specific precautions and guidelines.

06. Have A Doubt - Arrange Candida Auris Test

If you find the symptoms within any member of the family, you might contact your local authoritative healthcare facilities immediately. Nothing could produce well-being by preserving the condition at your end delaying the issue.

There are two forms of C. Auris presence that might be uncovered by testing are infected patient and colonized someone or residents. Colonization refers to someone who has C Auris but not yet appeared symptoms including sickness in the physical condition.

Healthcare might test its facilities including patients, ward mates, staffs and involved someones to investigate the case. They might use special technology named MALDI-TOF stands Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption and Ionization time-of-flight to diagnose the C Auris presence. It will help to determine the possible source and risk of transmission within the facility or residence.

07. While Test Positive - Arrange Treatment ASAP

While testing by MALDI-TOF could be found positive, all you need to arrange immediate treatment. According to the CDC, antifungals called echinocandins are highly effective to fight against C Auris in the patient's body. They might apply higher doses of a set of effective antifungal drugs as well.

Doctors and healthcare workers would followup the condition whether treatment with proper protective efforts so C Auris doesn't spread the facilities. They'd sure use gowns, gloves, and disinfectants for keeping the patient zone safe against this deadly pathogen.

08. Build Accurate Hand Washing Habit Daily 

Fungul infection protection

Whether you have a patient in a physical rehabilitation center, nursing home or hospital, before and after visiting the patient in the facilities, all you need to wash your hands properly. You and your entire family members should be habituated to keep your hands' germs free and well hygiene for a healthy life.

09. Avoid Shaking Hands Outdoor

In daily outdoor life, you might have to meet various peoples around your career or business. Shaking hands is a business norm used to behave after finishing a deal or meetup in the office. At that point, you might have no chance to avoid the customs either.

Then you needn't forget to wash your hands later asap before touching the necessary things that might spread the germs. But in case of other outdoor instinct, very best to avoid further hand-shaking for preventing unexpected infectious pathogens like C Auris.

10. Let Your Family Members Get Better Immunity

Candida Auris has an easy target for the aged people and children because of their weak immunity in the physical strength-level. Their weak resistant could make the germs easy to infect without colonization either. 

Rich foods that boost physical immunity are essential for aged persons in the family. It would keep them fit and fabulous against further pathogenic infections as well.

11. Keep Your Environment Hygienic 

Home floors hygiene

Photo by Deborah Cortelazzi

Although C. Auris epidemiology and control greatly depend on the healthcare center, and it doesn't bear doubt either whether there is any pathogenic presence or not. But it is obvious to keep the residence safe and sound using proper cleaning and disinfection to twice daily as a part of normal hygienic environment practice.

12. Disinfect Medical Tools At Home If Any

While a member of your family got discharged from a hospital after getting cured other infectious diseases and resides at home. But yet being used some essential common medical tools. Then, follow the medical precautions as given by the healthcare center and keep disinfected all pieces of equipment properly.

13. Before Disinfecting, Use Protective Tools

Deadly yeast Candida Auris prevention refers to you "protect yourself first". That's why while you go for disinfecting the germs, all you need to furnish you with appropriate personal protective equipment that is quite safe and sound. So you're highly recommended for using:

   (a) Medical Gowns
   (b)  Aprons
   (c) Breathing Masks ( Face shield or Facemasks)
   (d) Medical Gloves
   (e) Goggles
   (f) Rubber Boots

Visitors, healthcare workers, and even doctors need to wear the equipment as much as possible in protective mode.

14. Use the Disinfectants That Works

Make sure you use the powerful disinfectants that are hospital grade and environment-friendly as well. Although there's no research-level evidence published yet which disinfectants work on C Auris best without fail.

But conscious users feedback shows that they are getting benefits from the usage. So far some of the the top powerful hospital-grade disinfectants are mentioned here below can be used for your appropriate hygienic environment around your home or healthcare center:  

  (a) Candida Cleanse (Non-GMO)
  (b) Candida Complex (Non-GMO)
  (c) Lysol Laundry Sanitizer Additive
  (d) Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
  (e) Clorox Clean-Up with Bleach
  (f) Essential Oxygen Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, Natural Cleaner
  (g) Candida Rapid Cleanse

You might learn the reviews over specific disinfectants of how users might got benefits from their usage.

15. Define The Places to Disinfect 

Most using and highly touching surfaces are includable to disinfect daily. The things located hospitals including special home facilities need to be counted such as Nursing Stations & Carts, Phones, Doorknobs, Railings, Keyboards, Chairs, Monitors, and Remotes.

Also keep the disinfecting targets such as repeatedly using equipment Machines, Trays for Food, Medicine and material Carts, Floors, Window Sills, Surfaces, Patient beds, bedside tables, soft places and so on.

Fungal infection prevention

16. Make Sure You Disinfect Regularly

Emphasize the cleaning and disinfection process to be conducted frequently by daily twice. Create a schedule for the action against pathogens like C Auris. It might not only help to keep safe, rather an extra confidence over safety health hidden issues that might be staying away from the safe zone.

17. Take Special Care to the Aged and Children

The ill persons with weak immunity whoever have more than one health issue deserve extra attention from the sound members of the family. It's all about getting an prompt attempt to take medical care and get cured ASAP.

Generally, aged persons or children have poor immunity that potentially bears the risk to have an infection from Candida Auris. If someone in case get wounded and serious injury, attempt to provide first aid instantly. 

18. Take Preventive Attempts with Communities 

You belong to a community that there everyone is not enough awareness about this invasive disease. It is not enough that you are aware of the protective efforts around you. Rather you might enhance the area safety around your community as well.

A single effort such as "Properly Hand-washing Movement" in your community could bring benefits against not only C Auris, other pathogens as well.

Community awareness is essential at the point of rising global warming that relates to the fungal invasion in human health. Specific efforts against C Auris prevention could help the community stay healthy.

Last Words

Some serious words might reveal from the researches on the Candida Auris phenomenon that are prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.

Among them, prevention is a top priority to be considered for stopping the C Auris spread. Since experts remark infectious disease might overtake the Cancer's state by 2050, then awareness is the key to live with better breath in the changing world.

Never be panic over the situation while Candida Auris literally appears wherever in your state, approach your role intuitively. Remember, early detection is the key to cure the infection promptly.

According to CDC, most of the infections are treatable using proper antifungal medications that are called echinocandins. And rest of them may be needed to treat using high doses of main effective classes of antifungal medications.

But anyhow continuing the preventive practices and maintaining disinfection processes around the facilities could reward better safety and security against Candida Auris. 

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