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100 Personal Safety Tips How to Increase Your Protection

The world is not an easy place you want to live in personal safety with full of peace. A property crime happens every 3.9 seconds, a robbery every 1.6 seconds, and a burglary every 20 seconds in the USA alone. Anytime you might be an easy target of the criminals if you give them the chance you do not know.

Here the 100 personal safety tips on your protection indoor, outdoor, workplace, and vacation abroad locations. Most perhaps you could make your best awareness from these points. And be able to increase your protection by getting intuitive alerts from any hidden attack anytime.

Personal Safety Tips to Increase Protection

The personal safety tips are categorized by four major essential parts of the places people stay or live:

  Personal Safety Tips at Home

1. Build your safety mindset first

Be confidently believers in your own pattern of strong living. Make your attention to the way of your daily living. Practice your conscious lifestyle with a better IQ. Keeping up an alertness aptitude is the best form of personal safety in terms of well-being.

2. Be alert to surroundings

Your powerful tool for your personal safety is your alertness with intuition. Whether you find a single one or a group of people within your range of the steps, you might take a quick look at their movement and faces.

If you find the inference that indicates you as their target or you get there to follow up – take your safe direction quickly towards single isolation or a crowd to increase your protection.

3. Build your bold and clear voice

Make your voice bold with better verbal skills. Your first tool is intuition and the last one is fighting against the criminal for your personal safety. In the middle of any situation, you’ll have to use your clear voice against any odd voice you find from any evil part.

So, get ready and make you fit and alert from any unsafely using your right words with a perfect voice.

4. Quickly pick the message from eye contact

The face is the index of the mind. Sometimes, you might have to face eye-contact with the victimizer. You can get the contact up to find the perfect message you made for the authority.

Then, send a message – get the action for personal safety and increase your protection.

5. Personal safety in sharing a house

While you are looking for a safe sharing of your house, mention some conditions in the paper advertisement. Mention the area you live in, and telephone number only.

But, never include your personal information, like your own name or address. Make sure the applicant is fit on the basis of your personal intuition over his telephonic behavior. While someone is potential, ask them for some reference you could match.

6. Make sure your home door is locked well

While you leave your home, make sure you already checked out all the doors in the home. And your home doors are quite locked and secure. It’ll obviously pay you personal safety and security.

7. Make sure you do not have any accessible part in the house

Whether your house doors or windows or any other parts are unsafe, you should make them secure and safe before you leave the house.

8. When you leave your home keep the light on

For your property and personal safety, it is the best idea to keep the light on while you leave your home. The reason is that criminals love the dark to get their success from their committed job. You might use smart light bulbs that can be controlled from your Smartphone wherever you stay away.

9. Call to police while you doubt someone at your home

When you back home and find something wrong call the police from a safe location. When you get the inference of doubt, instantly come to a neighborhood place.

10. Keeping up a burglar alarm is best

In terms of protecting your property, it is best to use a house alarm system. In fact, a cost might be more effective than a huge loss from any unwanted occurrence. The smart burglar alarm creates a sharp annoying chirping alarm that helps to keep the burglars away from home.

11. Cut out the lower branches from any large tree

If there is a large tree near to your house, keep it clearly out of burglars’ usage. Cut out all the branches within 1st and 2nd-floor rages, and keep the tree is safe.

12. Remove further bushes near to your home

Bushes are helpful for the burglars to hide there while they fall in search. Never pay any chance to get rid of after committing any evil job.

13. Never keep up any sort of climbable tree

Yes, you should remove like this; never keep up any sort of climbable tree that helps burglars to march on. In many cases, revealed that burglars used this system to enter the house. They, the unskilled burglars also could enlist this house as their target to commit their evil jobs.

14. Keep up thorny bushes below windows

Yes, you might plant thorny bushes below first-floor windows enclosed in your house. This type of plant is available in nursery shops can use for discouraging intruders.

15. Remove bushes in front of the door

Never keep any tree or bushes in front of your exterior door. This reason is that the intruders can easily hide in the bushes while you look for an answer to their further knock.

16. Keep secure all inside ladders

To increase your protection at home, check the ladders inside the house. And make sure that they are not kept easily usable by the intruders. They can try to enter breaking further windows or ventilation.

If they find this sort of any support inside the house could help them in easy navigation.

17. Use a special lock in all of your 1st-floor windows

Arrange special window locks on the 1st floor including any accessible 2nd-floor windows as well. And keep the keys in a very uncommon location at your home that is out of a burglar’s calculation.

18. Never use hidden window

If you lost or forget your key, never pass in the house through a hidden window. Any raw burglar even knows the easiest access paths and they are the expert on their job to commit. So, make sure there is no hidden pass way using any window.

19. Use solid-core or metal sliding door

Increase your protection using solid-core metal sliding doors or windows. Use a heavy gauge metal strip to keep the door fit with the frame snugly. Intruders used to get discouragement while they find the doors and windows are quite out of their tricky range.

20. Use Locks are strong enough

Build the sliding glass door locks that are strong and unbeatable. It will obviously increase your protection at home. Get the help of an expert, pick out the best quality locks available from hardware shops.

However, emphasis on your door security first while this device is an important part of the security system at home.

21. Confirm door rollers are adjusted well

In the case of a sliding door system, check and keep smooth in usage that the doors are quite adjusted well the and there is no way to derail. That why never ignore using the best hardware in the system.

22. Never forget to close your garage door

While you leave home, never forget to close your garage door and lock it properly. In most cases and most areas, forgetting this needful action happens ultimate property loss. So, always confirm your garage safety in terms of your personal safety as well.

23. Never leave any notes on the door

You anyhow shouldn’t leave any notes on your door or door side. It is a clear inference to the intruders that you are not at home. Any raw burglar also gets the hint that encourages them to commit burglary.

24. Never keep your keys in any hidden place in your yard

There is a habit of some residents like this – they keep the keys at a hidden place in the yard side. But skilled burglars could assess the common points where the keys are potentially placed.

So, avoid keeping keys on the yard side, and making sure of your personal safety that increases your protection as well.

25. Use reliable internet security

Use the brands or companies you know for internet security. It is obviously an important part of digital life to use internet security software. Avoid using unworthy cheap security. Use brand software like Kaspersky or and always browse in a secure mode.

26. Use an encrypted browser while you purchase

The branded companies provide internet security software that helps you get a safe browsing environment. Otherwise, now normally, Google or Microsoft outlook provides an encrypted browsing environment while you use Gmail or outlook.

27. Never provide your personal info to others

Be aware of the privacy of your personal information. In any case, to increase your protection and safety, never provide others your bank account number, social security number, birth date, private address, and other information.

28. Never ever provide internet password to others

It is a very sensitive part of your digital life to maintain the strong privacy of online account details. Whether it’s email or social media account, never hand over any password to any friend or others.

29. Never post anything that shows your personal identity

In the online posts, take care of your personal privacy, in terms of social networking safety. It will save you from any losses or occurrences you may be done not know. From the viewpoint of social media professionalism, you might use a personal brand, otherwise, you should keep your privacy up.

30. Keep your headlights on while you leave home

The headlights are the best part of your security elements, you should keep them on. This environment will help you to unlock the garage or front door safely while you back from an outdoor visit.

31. Request your driver wait up to your safe entry

While you arrive home by private auto, you can request your driver to take a look at you until you reach the house safely.

32. Change the locks and keys while you move to a new residence

Never do a silly job maintaining the same tools of security including locks and keys as used earlier resident. Change them as early as possible and make sure that the security control is wholly in your hand.

33. Keep up a wide-angle door viewer or doorbell

Maintain an angle door viewer that is 180-190 degrees of watching area. Always get confirm who is at the door has come to you. This will help your personal safety from unwanted occurrences. If you think of the best security, you might use a motion-activated doorbell camera.

34. Never afraid to confirm identity first

But before entering the stranger into your house, let anyone at the door asking for a clear identity. These stronghold efforts might save you from any intensive occurrence into the house.

35. Avoid chain locks, rely on complex security locks

Never trust chain locks. Use complicated door locks that ensure your highest security at home. Chain looks are just toy things the criminals can destroy easily.

36. Never allow any strangers to use your home phone

Any stranger who might come to your door can request you to let them use your telephone in an emergency. It might be a part of the evil plan to commit any occurrence. Never allow them if they are not identically secure to you.

37. Always avoid the wrong number to respond

Calling from the wrong number is quite a common phenomenon. But it goes into harming personal safety while you provide any information in response to an unknown number. Wrong is always wrong.

So, be careful, on this issue, never approach furthermore while you instantly guess that the call is from a wrong number.

38. In any violent phone call, inform the police

In any indecent phone call, hang up and inform the police to increase your protection. While you get to confirm that the voice is a little bit abnormal, and forcing you something, just hang up.

And, call the police to take action. It is quite your intuition to diagnose the dense of indecency that helps you making your decision instantly to call the police.

39. Ensure safe location and community

Ensure your family’s security is to choose a home in a safe neighborhood in a safe community. Take decision researching crime data from local law enforcement agencies or state govt websites. Put your family’s safety ahead of your own career when finding a good home.

40. Use dog in-home safety

If you research the expert’s opinion on law enforcement personnel, they’ll sure advise you to keep up a dog for your personal safety at home. Security Alarm in the right place is also the best idea to prevent home invasion and burglary. Diversion signs can be used to make your personal safety as well.

41. While you’re on vacation

When you are on vacation, take the help of your neighbors to maintain your home security. Using email or social media you might keep up communication with your neighbors and check once the lights, garage, and other points of the home.

42. Use activated flood light

Get motion-activated floodlights in your yard. This will not only illuminate potential predators but will also light up the yard for out-looking development. Floodlights are useful to increase your protection from any burglary or robbery.

43. Use remote control software for car security

In terms of securing your car safety, use remote car control software. Purchase an emergency glass hammer and keep it in your vehicle as an emergency exit tool. Keep your car remote in your pocket at all times.

Importantly, the panic button makes for an easy and loud personal alarm when needed. Keep an emergency road kit and first aid kit in the trunk of your car at all times along with basic tools.

44. Take firearm at home for family safety

Take firearm safety tips and take proper education. It would be significant for your family to purchase a handgun to increase your protection as well as keep your family safe.

Seriously, let you get expertise on all sorts of points in the usage of this licensed gun through your continuous training from local firearm courses.

  Outdoor Personal Safety Tips

45. Make sure where you’re going.

Before starting your journey or moving, you should define your destination with a clear direction. This is your intelligence so that you do not have to ask any stranger on the way.

46. Show smart confidence over your presence

How to increase your protection? Sometimes it is quiet at your end of appearance. Show confidence over your high alertness. The criminals figure out their decision over your face you show them an attitude whether it goes in their favor or not.

So, let it goes with your sky kissing confidence over your alertness so that they change their decision.

47. Keep up your bag firmly with body

Nothing needs to keep your valuables things in the bag always – try to avoid. Keep up your bag very closely with your body so that the grip doesn’t provide a chance to snatch the thing easily. 

personal safety life

Personal safety life practice with secure bags or purses!

In case, if your bag is being claimed on the threat point of your life safety, it is better to secure your personal safety from a silly purse or a bag.

After the phenomenon, you might have a chance to report to the police quickly informing all possible points they can recognize the criminal.

48. Do not walk with a group of people

You could easily get the inference from the pack whether they are separately stranger to each one or really a group of disturbing or harmful people. In this case, while you could uncover that they are group or pack, change your direction as quickly as possible.

49. Be careful against scammers

Scammers are well-trained and experts on their own evil plan. Sometimes it is difficult to identify their black hat functions. But all you need to apply your own intuition to the issue. They try to make you trustworthy exposing fake compassion first.

They might change your direction to their safe area to make you victimized. So, in that case, never pay a chance to come on your contact to ask you further. Let them stay a safe distance.

50. Avoid lonely and dark areas

Busy areas are safer than any lonely areas. Avoid the dark (night) and lonely areas while you are on the way to somewhere. Criminals never love the populated areas to be victimized by somehow due to their doubtful movement.

So, love the lit areas as well as at least slightly busy areas.

Safety First!

Get safety, security, and life saving equipment, tools, and plans for personal & family well-being!

51. Yell while you find somebody pursues

This strategy works well to get rid of any possible victimization and to increase your protection. You might yell “Help” “Help”. Though it can make you a little embarrassed with the environment, you’ll surely get rid of a possible danger you assessed from the pre-phenomenon.

52. Avoid listening to music using on the way

It is not a safe place to listening music while you travel. You might journey with your friend, but never ignore the environment to check out.

If you used to listen to music, avoid it, anytime you can face trouble on your headphones as the stranger can surprise you from your backside. If you get this bitter attack, shout out loudly.

53. Keep up the emergency numbers

Keep up the emergency numbers such as police and firefighters. If possible program the numbers on your smartphone with a speed dial system. This will help you reach your call quickly in an obstacle situation.

54. Check your surrounding before using an ATM

While you get ready to enter an ATM booth, a quick look at the surroundings and confirm your personal safety first. Always use some specific booths that are safe and protected by security.

55. Never let others know your large cash

Use your personal intelligence in terms of your personal safety and security. Keep your large cash quite personal and keep them quite safe and sound at your secure end of the enclosure.

personal safety with large cash

Keep it private!

56. Make sure your car is in driving condition

Check out all the sensitive parts of the car that are workable and quite fit for smooth moving anytime. It will help you to move a place in real-time for personal safety, even while somebody follows you.

57. Keep up the keys in hand

Make sure you are carrying the keys to your car and residence while you leave the house. Keep them up in the safest part of the pocket you can use quickly.

58. Hold any sort of bags in front of you

You might carry valuables in your bag or purse. Take the bag in front of you holding firmly with you and never absent mind at any moment. Do emphasis on this awareness to increase your protection.

59. Stay in well-populated areas while you waiting for trains

Avoid lonely and dark places anyhow in the station, stay only in populated areas while you’re on waiting for the trains. If you’re female, then obviously take this as one of the best precautions for your personal safety.

60. Keep your car parking in a safe place

Take your car in a common and as usual standard place. Never park it lonely in a dark place. It is best to park your car at the nearest place to your work station.

61. Never allow to pick up hitchhikers

Hitchhikers are a hidden source of any danger you might face from. So, never allow them on the way you drive your car and stay safe and secure.

62. Make sure your car door is locked

It is obvious to be aware of the event of your car leaving and make sure your car door is locked. There are lots of occurrences being happened due to this absence leaving the car without a locked door. So, keep your personal property in a safe and secure form.

63. Use Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is the most effective indoor or outdoor risk for female personal safety. Pepper Spray discharges a spray into the face of the attacker. This sort of personal safety tool is concise and easy to handle. It can be camouflaged as a handle of a key chain or lipstick.

64. Never respond to strangers request to ride their car

Sometimes, you might find any car that can ask you to ride on at any unwanted place. Never respond to them and take your own move carefully to avoid any unexpected potential obstacle to personal safety.

65. Obey the road directions while you are cycling

Pay extra awareness to the road directions and surroundings. Avoid short-cut moves while driving a bicycle. Always keep your bike in smoothly working condition and never forget to wear a safety helmet.

66. In case of any first date choose a public place

Yes, you should keep in your mind that you trust your new friend, but verify. So, exchange only phone number.

Then let your family knows the event that you’re going to meet a new friend. This will help your family members to take a look at your meet-up in terms of your personal safety.

67. Use own transportation to any night club

The best idea is not to go to a nightclub lonely. If you’re obviously crazy to go there, better to use your own car so that you can make sure of your personal safety on travel and can increase your protection.

68. Avoid taking alcohol or drug in the night club

It is best not to use the drug in the club in terms of your personal safety and maintaining a conscious mind always to avoid any evil occurrence.

69. Limit your carrying valuables

Limit your losses by carrying a small amount of money or valuables with you. Most of the cases used to happen in the greed of money by the evil parties. So, avoid carrying a lot of valuables.

70. Never take the risk to resist against a firearm

Life is much more precious than the things you belong to at risk. While you find the robber with a firearm, never go for resistance. Just give up the things and make attempt to inform the police as soon as possible.

71. Use personal safety alarms

Personal safety alarms are the best idea for personal safety. Safety alarms generate loud sounds for your personal safety from an attacker. Due to such sound, the attacker would be shocked enough to get out of the place. The tool is very easy to bear, lightweight, and very easy to activate.

  Workplace Personal Safety Tips

72. Try to avoid getting into an empty elevator with a stranger

Better to avoid entering an empty elevator with a single person to increase your protection. If happen, stay at the control panel side in the lift.

If you get further attack press the several buttons in the lift control panel. In some elevators, you could find a specific button for alarming to the security team.

73. Identify the most probable personal safety issues

Identify the issues at your workplace. Make a list and discuss the risky points with your respective authority. Let them find the probable solution so that you can mitigate further trouble you face in the future.

In terms of increasing your protection, you’ll have to take any safety measures in real-time.

74. Inform your authority of the specific experience

If you already got an experience and suffered an abusive or violent incident at work, you should anyhow talk to your authority.

And, let your authority be known that security isn’t taken seriously at that specific point of personal safety.

75. Use Personal protection alarm at workplace

Use panic buttons, personal protection alarm, and safety training experience in any future occurrence you face. The employer should arrange for every issue to be solved previously using adequate techniques thru training.

76. Should carry an only credit card and cheque

In terms of your personal safety awareness, bear the credit card and cheque only instead of cash money. To increase your protection, you should avoid carrying cash money. Keep a record of the account number at your home.

77. Lock the door in lonely work station

Keep the office door locked while you work lonely to increase your protection from any unwanted attack. In the extra time or any unsafe situation, you should take care this way while you’re lonely there. Secure your personal safety first.

78. Use security software

Install security software on your Smartphone that makes tracking down easy thru GPS. Let it be built-in GPRS frequencies. This will help your family to know where you are and how are you on the move whether kidnapped or lost.

The due software you used in any sort of device, but your family should be familiar this how to operate.

79. Keep informed your trusted residential neighbors

Let your trusted neighbors know where you live and work. They can help you with any further trouble you feel inside of your home or outside. So, let them know your home and office address for your personal safety information from your workstation.

  On Travel Abroad Personal Safety Tips

If your tour is a holiday family vacation abroad, make sure that your home security safety is satisfactory enough for your own peace in mind.

personal safety on travel increases your protection

80. Research the country you plan to tour

Emphasizing on tour personal safety first, research the country you plan to visit. Make a precaution list identifying the issues that might harm you and get protective measures during your travel.

81. Make sure your passport is valid enough

Never do wrong with an invalid passport that has already been cross the valid time. Keep your personal safety first against invalid passports then create many unknown hassles overseas.

82. Become familiar with exchange rate

Every central bank of the country site or the sites of prominent banks used to deliver and show the exchange rate. Never ask any stranger in this regard. So, keep up your personal safety and increase your protection following privacy.

83. Hotel Location near a highway road

Decide on a hotel located near a highway and smoothly travel-able area of the city. Never look for a cheap rate that produces risk in personal safety and security.

84. Never decide the first floor in Hotel

While you are on travel, never select a hotel room on the first floor. In terms of your personal safety from burglars, you might increase your protection by avoiding this silly choice.

85. Keep the necessary info tools

Keep up the direction map, hotel contact number, and further your embassy contact in the traveling country for personal safety. And any requirement, you might ask on the said numbers or ask the reliable public zone regarding further direction as shown in the map.

86. Use recognized transportation on travel

When you are needed to hire a reliable taxi or car, you should look for a specialized place near to your port or airport whereas the legitimate taxi or cars are being awaited. Select a taxi driver who is clearly sure where is your destination you show him following the map.

87. Confirm a valid vehicle

Never select someone who doesn’t have a valid vehicle license. It could create you further personal safety problem as he does not have obligation to show-cause the local authority.

If you find the driver does not apparently agree to reach the end of your destination, avoid it. In every case, get the help of your own intuitive mind whether it permits you to go with it or not.

88. Never share your travel plan with all

For your personal safety and to increase your protection, you can share your travel plan with only authoritative organizations in the traveling country.

And you can drop an email to your embassy mentioning your contact number and passport copy. But never share all plans publicly on social media.

89. Leave all valuables at home when you travel

You should carry the things such as a valuable wristwatch, Jewelry, or laptop with your traveling bag. Let them live at home and make your personal safety. Instead of the laptop, you can use tabs or phones or any short devices that are best for your traveling.

90. Passport safety is first

Keep your passport at the very deepest area of the bag, but bear a copy of the passport within the short time range of showing the copy to the respective authority only. You can keep a copy in your own embassy in the traveling country as well.

91. Always use your own credit card

Use your credit card carefully as said for your personal safety, and never leave the booth until you find back the card. Make sure before your journey that the card is your own and no trouble in picking the cash.

92. Check terrorism and political unrest

Some of the countries are fascinating but you might find the major trouble of that countries are unrest. They might suffer from terrorism and political unrest.

In terms of your personal safety and protection, you can check the present status checking the daily newspapers of those countries as well as checking with your own embassy in those countries.

93. Learn the common issues before your traveling

There are some common issues worldwide you’ll have to learn them before your starting the journey. The issues are, organized crime targeting tourists, theft, pick-pocketing, stolen passport, violence, burglary, and so on.

There are lots of kinds of stuff online you could learn regarding the issues just now on your tab or desktop.

94. Learn the surroundings first after arriving

Wherever you finally decide to halt, you’ll have to know the ins and outs of the surroundings from the hotel’s authority desk. Rather you can know this info from your own embassy in the traveling country best.

95. Abide by travel advisories

Always follow the travel advisories and takedown them in a special note to follow while you are in the country. The advisories always include the major security points on the traveling country every tourist should care.

96. Learn the local laws, customs, and culture

Local customs and cultural practices are major points to value in terms of your personal safety and security. Some of the locals are dominated by tribal laws or religious norms they bear, and some are quite liberal in any context.

So, pick out the points that matter to personal safety.

97. Forget to show you as a tourist

You’re frequently checking the traveling map in the public area might provide the signal that you are a tourist. And you do not know the destination to move to. This sort of weakness can encourage the evil part to commit harm to you with their planned attack on the valuables.

So, never ignore, obey this point with importance while you’re on your tour.

98. Weather risk on traveling

Weather risk is a big uncertainty you might face from. Before starting your journey pick out the measurable data from prominent newspapers of the respective country. Natural calamities, like hurricanes, typhoons, floods, and so on, can make your journey disrupted to reach the destination.

Then, you might face and suffer from a lack of food, shelter, or freshwater. So, never take this issue easily before your starting journey.

99. Personal safety from sexual assault

You’re a female, and lonely, or in a group tour. Make sure that you have an adequate personal safety plan you made using the online sources. It works, especially before your starting travel, for your successful expedition.

But, never drink an overdose of alcohol that leverages you to lose your responsive control. And obviously, get verified with your experience or own intuition that the team partners are safe.

Make sure they are committed to providing you personal safety and security. Before planning the tour, you can check the crime data of visiting country whether your existing preparation will pay you enough personal safety or not.

Since, prevention is better than cure – so, take your measurable steps and decide on the issue before starting your safe journey.

100. Get the help of a personal safety expert

Get the help of a professional expert on safety and security issues. They might provide you core formulas for your personal safety that increase your protection.

In some cases, they’ll provide you proper training in some issues that could make your personal protection stronger and safer. And this helps you to save your normal living, properties, or belongings away from evils.


Thereby the above recommendations are contemplated to moderate the risk of your victimization. The information might provide you to make a better plan for personal safety, family security, safe office work, and traveling abroad.

In search of your better security, crime prevention, and various personal safeties, these points could help you. Make sure you’ll really use them inadequate ensuring your living area remains a safe and pleasant place in the world.

Do you think any point of the safety issues is being missed in the above tips? Let me enrich and share from your valued comment of personal experience. 

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