Products Help Fight Coronavirus

Protective Equipments

Don't panic! Let's fight it together. Protect you and your family. All peace in mind that comes from your knowledge-base first. That is being provided by CDC & WHO. Whether the virus is highly or moderately contagious, but it's possible deter. It is easy to disinfect outside of our body. The easy disinfecting or triggering point is located in it's weak envelope while stay outside of our human body or elsewhere. Because disinfectant is penetrable in to the lipid envelope for easily disinfecting. Sanitizer or disinfectant can inactivate the spike protein as well as can ruin the RNA function.

That's why, the pathogen stay very dumb outside of human body until it find the host. Human body is it's ultimate target to get host for reproducing continuously. But not easy to get entry into human body by this pathogen if you do not help unconsciously. Here is the science that we can deter or destroy it using mask, soap water, disinfectant or other sanitizer.

 So, take the protective measures and use the safety things and disinfectants adequately that can prevent the virus for your personal and family safety. 

Here's the list of 7 types of protective equipment for safety that essential more than infectious diseases.

     1. Home Disinfectants

     2. Hand Sanitizer

     3. Face Mask & Mask n95

     4. Goggles & Eye Protectors

     5. Suit and Gown

     6. Protective Gloves

     7. Ventilator & Other Equipment 

Stay home, stay in peace using the protective equipment you deserve. Never forget to stay with CDC and WHO regarding COVID19 info that makes you strong with practical knowledge for protecting you and your family. Wish you a peaceful living.