Top 3 Pranayama: How Can Boost Your Immunity for Safe Life

Yoga is called a pure and healthy lifestyle making process, which has eight scientific ways including Pranayama that play very vital role in users life. Pranayama including every type of yoga have ability to boost quality immune health as well as a wealthy lifestyle. Because health and pure mind are foundation of wealth as well.

As usually, conscious people around the world practice almost three major effective yoga in their daily routine. They are Pranayama, Asanas, and Meditation. But, pranayama has been considered as one of the best parts of yoga. Pranayama not only boosts up your immune system but also gives you a strong shield against chronic and deadly diseases.

Hopefully, an extreme level of benefits can be ensured of your immune system improvement by practicing pranayama regularly. It's clinically been proved by famous yoga guru Swami Ramdev along with his life experience.

That's why you might keep practicing pranayama every morning and evening with an empty stomach. Here, I'll show you some of the remarkable ways of practicing Pranayama that can reward you with better immune health if you could monetize your effort properly.

This post on Yoga is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Expert opinion to educate with natural general information for the people who have normal health and want to live healthy for long. Here the methods are not substituted for the medical advice of your doctor or any other healthcare professional.

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How Pranayama Can Help Improve Your Immune System

Here're 10 points including the top three  pranayama get appeared here for your better understanding the efforts for better benefits:

Focus on Pranayama

Why do you need to focus on pranayama? You got this that Pranayama is the best part of yoga. It can give an extraordinary power to regenerate your body function by absorbing fresh oxygen.

Because the root of pranayama is breathing exercise. And, breathing means our life. These systematic inhale-exhale breathing practices help the body gets rid of the bad blockages and make your organs healthy.

The Best Way to Start Pranayama

What is the best way to start pranayama? All you need to build a workable routine with a good mindset that boosts up your will-power to start pranayama.

For that, you need to wake up early in the morning with the chirping of birds. This is the best way to forward a yogic step to grab yourself from the dark hole of diseases. Then, you should not forget to go to bed early at night. 

Get ready to do Pranayama

How can you get ready to do pranayama? You should keep a very important aspect in your mind that you'll seat on the pranayama yoga mat with an empty stomach.

You might keep using pranayama pillow as well. So first of all, you'll choose a good and fresh ambiance to practice pranayama with a cool meditate mind. 

Base of Pranayama

What is the base of pranayama? The invisible inner healing power for any kind of disease of anybody can be erased slowly by performing pranayama regularly.

But, before performing pranayama, all you need to cement your pranayama baseline from a yoga expert for perfect guidance.

Because any wrong might produce a negative result. That's why you'll need to explore an authentic process for your healthy lifestyle with Pranayama so that your mind and body get made a connection with a better purpose.

Pranayama increases immunity, does it

Like  good food or  adequate sleep, high valuable lifestyle has a profound role in immunity development or maintenance. Pranayama, which is a great part of yoga, also be a part of a superior lifestyle, has an acute role in immunity improvement.

Pranayama includes a set of some organized breathing techniques that leverage improve respiratory health including gut to brain health as well. It makes a smooth and flexible respiratory system that improves a better immune response to any diseases.

Because research found that scientific causes are being fulfilled for sound health while performing pranayama. Pranayama keeps our all organs healthy to lead an evergreen disease-free healthy lifestyle.

Top 3 Immunity Booster Pranayama

What types of pranayama should you do regularly that can boost your immunity? Well, you might go through 3 major types that are enough to take the benefits from Pranayama in terms of immunity development.

In our daily routine, according to your necessity, you can choose some Pranayama to perform. For the basics, we can keep those 3 most important Pranayama are:
      (1) Bhastrika,
      (2) Kapalbhati, and
      (3) Anulom Vilom.
Generally, these 3 types of pranayama can be performed with any other pranayama like Ujjayi and Bhramri.

1. Bhastrika Pranayama

What is the role of Bhastrika to boost up your immune system? Well. Bhastrika makes your respiratory system strong enough to keep your lungs healthy. It plays a vital role to get a scientific way to generate oxygen into our body cells.

In this way, your immunity will be strengthened enough to fight against any kind of disease of the respiratory system. you can begin your yoga session by performing Bhastrika pranayama.

Bhastrika pranayama purifies lungs, and makes them strong, helps to get a good balance in our DNA, Chromosome, Cells, Tissues, and other organs as well as energize our full body.

Generally, we know it very well, there are two most basic important aspects of our life, which are named - food and oxygen.

And, through practicing Bhastrika pranayama, the full system of your body will be connected with the respiratory system to absorb oxygen from cell to cell. Because deep breathing makes an environment to detox your body fully.

Quick Steps To Do Bhastrika:

Step 1: Take your comfort Asana, and stay in a normal breath.
Step 2: Deep inhale within a second.
Step 3: Deep exhale within a second, ( i.e., take the same time you inhale).
Step 4: Continue the cycle of inhale-exhale within a pair of seconds.

And continue cycles rhythmically for at least 5 minutes. Sometimes can take a break for a while for several sets of time.

Three types of Bhastrika are used to practice: slow, mid, and quick speedy Bhastrika. The speed range goes up while you become older in practice.

Here's the proper method of Bhatrika Pranayama (breath of fire) by Dr. Varunveer :

2. Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kapalbhati is one of the best pranayamas. It has an immense power to strengthen your body through producing a biological regenerate process for the degenerated cells.

Magically but scientifically, Kapalbhati can reduce physical complexity and remove initially hidden diseases, such as heart, kidney, liver, uterus, prostate, and fulfill iron, vitamin D, and B-12 deficiency and the most important thing is - for increasing the level of hemoglobin

Hemoglobin plays a bonafide and vital role in your body. Kapalbhati pranayama works like a sanjivani buti ( i,e. A kind of plant, which is used to make medicine) for us.

According to Swami Ramdev, if someone would be habituated to Kapal Bhati pranayama practice from childhood, she would never have to face any physical errors in her life.

But, while practicing the Kapalbhati pranayama, you should keep a sound deep concentration by maintaining all the set of rules. It's proven that if you do so, you never come to know which physical problems have been resolved and when.

But after some time you'll able to feel that your physic is responding with a good gesture with the completion of the physical problems. So, easily you can boost up your immunity through Kapal Bhati pranayama.

Quick Steps To Do Kapalbhati Pranayama:

Step 1: Take your comfort Asana or Padmasana.
Step 2: Close your eyes and stay relax.
Step 3: Inhale deeply through both nostrils, expand the chest.
Step 4: Exhale or breath out with forceful tightening abdominal muscles.

Then, continue 3 & 4 repeatedly - active breath out and passive breath in. Beginners might take each stock in 1 second. The whole process would be relaxed and rhythmically, but without strain.

Here's the right method of Kapalbhati Pranayama by Yogi Swami Ramdev:

3. Anulom Vilom Pranayama 

Another immunity booster crucial way is Anulom Vilom. Here Anulom breath means short breath, Vilom breath stands for longer breath. It's such an exercise for healthy people that could keep your nervous system healthy, cardiac, and neurological issues resolved for a lifetime.

This pranayama is performed to keep the blood vessels smooth for good blood circulation by absorbing fresh enough oxygen cell to cell in your body.

Anulom Vilom can make a soulful appearance and meditative feelings to build up connectivity between your body and mind. Because a meditative approach helps you to find out an authentic reason in any research.

This breathing technique improves concentration and boosts memory. Also, it reduces sleep apnea and helps to make a match with the circadian rhythm.

 And, that's why Anulom Vilom pranayama is called cool effective pranayama to boost up your immune system.

Quick Steps To Do Anulom Vilom Pranayama:

Step 1: Using your right hand, form your fingers for Vishnu mudra following the video as shown below.  First, put your thumb on the right breathing path to keep it stop.
Step 2: Then, slowly and deeply inhale through your left breathing path for filling whole lung. Normally take time up to count 2.
Step 3: Then, stop the left path, and hold on both nostrils stopped counting time up to 2. 
[ In another way,  you can delay time up to 4 times longer than inhale ( means counting time up to 8), which is called vilom or delay. But in this video Nadi Shhodhana allows taking normal delay for next step.] 

Step 4: Then, slowly exhale through the right breathing path removing thumb, and take counting time up to 2.

Step 5: Then,  inhale through the same (right) nostril as like as step 2 of the left nostril. And hold on both nostrils stopped counting time same as step 3.

Thus, repeat the 2, 3, 4, 5, over and over. 2 to 4 is called single cycle. And  up to10 cycles are enough to take the benefits from Anulom Vilom.

Here's the method shown how  to do Anulom Vilom Pranayama:

Practice Pranayama regularly

Benefits don't come in a short term method. So, Pranayama have to be brought out to someone with a regular basis priority.

Then automatically, the benefits of health issues will be continued throughout the lifetime of anyone. Whenever, wherever we can start this yoga journey to boost up our immune system without any issue.

More other Pranayama

Along with Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, and Anulom Vilom, some other pranayamas also can be ensured to practice, such as as- Ujjayi, Vramri, Udgeeth, Sitkari, Vahe pranayama, and Agnisar kriya.

The Alert Again

While performing any of the Pranayama, make sure that you're going through the right way. In order to take benefits, it's important, because wrong process might result reversely. That's why, you might  practice  by help of someone who is familiar with the yoga. 

Pranayama-friendly Food And Sleep

A bonus point, but not out of the box. A pre-condition remains here that Pranayama itself alone can't reward you better immune health until you associate it with your good food habit as well as good sleeping practice that your circadian rhythm deserves.

In terms of harvesting better immunity and health, your food consciousness is the gift of your brain. While practicing yoga, you have to avoid junk, fast food, and processed food for health benefits from yoga.

For maintaining food quality, you should take all kinds of  organic food to boost up your immunity fast.


Question is how improved immunity comes through the Pranayama, right?
Improved immunity means the better response of your body's resistance power against any diseases, illness, or sickness. 
Following the right practices of the major three pranayama can get provided you pure lungs health, strength in the respiratory system, improved blood circulation, better-oxygenated body, quality digestive system, safe  and sound gut health.

 Also,  get improved neuro-health, controlled weight, quality sleep, better circadian rhythm, mind concentration, improved memory, pure brain health and so on - tons of benefits.

In addition, Pranayama can remove headaches, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, asthma, chronic pain or panic disorder, IBS, and disabilities. 

Also, Pranayama practice can reward an excellent physical balance, brainpower, and self-esteem through your overall mental health.

Last words 

Yoga could boost not only the immune system but the entire lifestyle as well. You might get an amazing result more than you imagine. Your immune health development might help you get a healthy lifestyle throughout your lifetime by continuing your practice.

The ways of practice might save your huge health cost while being habituated through those ways. Your strong intention to practice may need you to give up your initial comfort zone for a while. But it's result could reward your life for longer living with more pleasure and peace.

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