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51 Mindful Lifestyle Tips for Stronger Immune Health

Mindful lifestyle also impacts our immune health significantly, whereas immunity is the last defense of our life. I wrote six articles on immunity earlier including the last one on physical lifestyle nurturing. In this article, I'm going to show you that mental lifestyle is also an important impact player on immune health.

Let's focus on the points that are considered to redefine organic living with better immune health.

Mindful Lifestyle Habits for Healthy Immune System

Before going to the improvement ways, let me explain why a strong immune system is essential for you.

Why Is A Strong Immune System Essential For You?

A strong immune system refers to a strong organic balance and compatibility in the human body to work harmoniously to fight off foreign invaders or infectious diseases.

Whether flu, colds, Coronavirus, autoimmune diseases or any disease-causing microorganisms, the immune system in the body fights against them. It keeps your body protected against germs or pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, funguses, and toxins.

The immune system of your body relies on your bloodstream as well as the lymphatic system
to provide nutrients all over the body's organic system to neutralize the harmful pathogens or toxins and keep your health in the right order.

So, keeping up strong immune health has even life-saving benefits in cases. Because the immune system works according to the strength that you maintain in your body through the daily lifestyle of the living pattern. There are many ways you have a chance to stronger your immune health by improving your lifestyle.

51 Mindful Lifestyle Tips for Stronger Immune System

However, return to the main points of how mindful lifestyle practices can help you maintain stronger immune health.

01. Stay Optimistic

Staying optimistic means having bigger immune responses. And the pessimistic state of mind rushes to the sluggish immune response. That's why optimism in certain missions may promote your significant immunity against some infectious diseases.

Optimistic mind

An optimistic mind refers to living in a healthy mood that enables to connect the mind-body-soul for better well-being.

According to Dr. Scott Lear, a leading researcher in the prevention and management of heart disease, optimism can keep you from an early grave.

But often the mental side of things gets ignored. Maybe this is because Dr. Scott says, we don’t quite understand how the brain functions like we do other parts of our human body. So, he suggested training yourself to be optimistic for harvesting better immune health.

02. Be Quiet and Proactive

Everyone has an extreme amount of stress once in life may drastically change the state of immune health. In that regard, dealing the stress carefully with proactivity is highly suggested by the experts.

Constantly suffering from passive stress can reduce your immune system by causing your body to produce the stress hormone cortisol. Excessive cortisol may produce increased inflammation which is believed to be the core reason for so many diseases.

Your quietness plus proactivity is a great virtue that comes through pre-programmed habitual practice. It is not easy to bring your mind-body-soul under your mindset overnight unless you are habituated with best practice meditation (learn point 21).

03. Stop Sleep Deprivation at Night

Sleep Deprivation is another bad habit that harms the natural immune health. Here are the 33 solutions over sleeping issues for safe and sound living with appropriate immunity.

In terms of stopping any issues from sleep deprivation, it is certainly the best time to take adequate steps for a solution in time. According to sleep health dot org, in the USA, 70% of adults once a night per month, and 11% every night suffer from insufficient sleep.

They estimated that 50-70 million people in the USA of all age groups or socioeconomic classes are affected by sleep-related issues in daily life.

04. Regulate Your Heart Rate

According to Science Org, a surprising new study suggests the Immune cells are essential for the heart to beat normally including unexpectedly help the heart keep its beat.

So, in terms of immunity keeping checked up, using <heart beat regular> could provide useful data to protect the heart as well as immune health.

Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis is widely used to analyze the variation in the time interval between one heartbeat and the next one and is an excellent estimator of your overall immune system health.

05. Get Married in Time


Harvard University Medical School found that people in happy relationships in their marriage life have stronger immune function than those who are single. And, cortisol tends to be released in light amounts in married couples than in single people. So, getting married asap can bring better benefits to reducing risk in immunity.

06. Lough for Life

Laughter is known as the best medicine for immune health development. It strengthens your immune system, lifts your mood, removes your pain, and helps to protect your cells from the damaging effects of further stress.

So, it's an amazing habit to stay in touch with such laughter channels or videos that make you laugh again and again for a while.

07. Follow Your Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythms have an excellent effect like a human body watch that works around the day-night for expected changes in the environment. It regulates your sleep-wake period naturally when to go eat, go sleep and get awaken when daylight appears.

It's so beneficial natural body clock to maintain your health for taking the benefits from timely regulating for greater well-being. Make sure, you are enough punctual to follow the circadian rhythm for strong immune health in your life.

08. Engage in Social Relations

The social relationship is a recognized way of living stress free that helps to maintain good immune health. Positive Social ties influence to shape a recognized behavior with the audience and get positive feedback that helps to boost both immunities as well as social behavior as well.

So, creating safe and like-minded people in the social arena might bring many benefits including immune health development.

09. Regulate Your Gut Health

Regulating your gut health is a silent target to maintain stronger immune health. Because over 70% of body-wide immunity that generates from gut health bears vital importance to pay extra attention.

In this regard, here are some ways to improve your gut health:

(1) Eating Habit

Try to eat colorful foods, vegetables, beans, legumes, and various fruits.

(2) Eat Healthy Probiotics

Probiotics helps to improve bacteria in the gut. Try to eat kefir, yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, and so on.

(3) Eat Whole Grains and a plant-based diet

The whole grains have enough fibers that prolong to digest in the small intestine. Then, it gets moved to the large intestine which helps to grow more beneficial bacteria in the gut health.

Besides, a plant-based diet creates a more beneficial gut microbiome, rather than an animal-based diet. There is numerous way to improve gut health all you need to do is pay attention to habits on your food choice.

10. Get Adequate Sleep in Time

Good immune health refers to maintaining an exact time when you go to bed and rise early in the morning. To take enough benefits from your circadian rhythm, no way to change your bed-time & rise time.

sleep for immunity

Make sure the duration of your adequate sleeping time contains a significant range that enables you to get your body recharged for starting a good morning.

11. Teach Your Mind for Better SQ

SQ stands for Spiritual Quotient which derives from spiritual intelligence. It is a measure that looks at a person's spiritual sense; it is as important as IQ. While IQ looks at cognitive intelligence, SQ looks at the spiritual power of yourself.

It helps the body in three ways: reduces stress, lowers the risk of depression, and develops a healthy ecosystem in your gut that boosts immunity.

12. Listen to Inspiring Songs

Listening to inspiring songs or music lowers stress, improves health, helps you in quality better sleep, removes depression, boosts your learning capabilities, and makes you happier.

That's why listening to music is a great habit since music is a great piece of the meditational power pack. So, the songs or music that influences our body organ system must improve the overall immunity system as well.

13. Watch Laughter Movies

Like listening to music, laughter, or laughter movies are also able to generate inspiration chemical ENDORPHIN in the organ system- which is called a pain killer.

So, watching a worthy movie or laughter might help your body maintain a greater immune system for well-being.

14. Build Your Social Network

A research review of 81 studies reveals that social support was profoundly related to beneficial effects on aspects of the immune system including heart and endocrine systems.

Immune cells might get organic support from effective communication and helping others in a social network. Then cells can exert their complete functionality for OXYTOCIN - a great love hormone for greater health benefits.

15. Sing A Favorite Song 

The research found its beneficial role in multi-level human health development, such as lowering stress, boosting memory, improving lung functionality, lift your mental and physical health removing emotional pain.

sing for immunity

Image credit: Unsplash

Singing a song has numerous benefits including immunity development. Whether you sing in the shower or join a choir, helps you be connected with beneficial well-being and grows upon you a sense of belonging.

16. Pay Time with the Children or Pets

Paying quality time with children may allow keep you for a while in childhood of your life. A state of kindness engaging in their activities can live with their dream for a while as well.

You love petting! Besides your kids-time, paying time to the pets is also a useful way to fasten your body-mind-soul in a meditated state of wellbeing. It can keep you away from further stress with routine work that helps your ultimate immunity get refreshed.

17. Train Your Brain for Better EQ

Immunity might be more than eating something, but is an ultimate awareness. While you come to know how EQ (emotional quotient) development is equivalent to your positive memory development, you might find a way for immunity as well.

EQ allows how for self-development, how fastens the true relationship with society, and how to manage an overall balance that earns the best benefits. It also allows how you can achieve plasticity, proper use of your potential memory, and lift your knowledge for better wellbeing. So, EQ management is rather an Immunity friendly.

18. Accept Your Aging

Yes, I mean you welcome your every age with every new experience. Each stage is far more valuable than the previous one. The accepting mindset might give you a sense of living in present. Living in the moment is far more valuable than the past or future in terms of immune health fitness.

So, age is a journey - let it go with more upper value. This attitude might help you care for yourself maintain immune health avoiding unnecessary thought processes.

19. Cut Your TV Time

According to Statista, in 2022 U.S. adult people will spend an average of around three hours watching TV each day. And the Kaiser Family Foundation stat says 70% of USA children have a TV in their room. It happens to be a health problem, especially overweight trouble.

Cutting partially screen time into green time is perhaps more beneficial for both adults and kids as well. Green time means paying time outdoor for gardening might boost immunity, no doubt.

20. Get Smiley During Bedtime

Bedtime is a great time to take your good-night sleep. To fall asleep asap just at the bed-time, feel smiley and happy for the end of the day.

marriage for health

Even, a smiley time might refer to having a great conjugal pleasure for a night of deep sleep and complete satisfaction to start a new day of a great morning!

21. Practice Meditation

Meditation is a powerful but sophisticated way to improve overall physical, spiritual, and emotional development including immunity. It helps to concentrate the mind from Gama frequency to Alpha or that level that impacts mind-controlling powers.

The benefits are countless, here are some of the prominent are:

  (a) You get the ability to manage stressful situations.
  (b) Could create own plan on how to succeed in risky efforts.
  (c) Improves enough self-awareness
  (d) Helps to focus on the moment rather than the past or future.
  (e) Removes worthless negative emotions.
  (f) Lift your imagination power and creative self.
  (g) It improves passion and patience for specific jobs.
  (h) Grows tolerance and compassion for others.
  (i) Absorbs new memories to gather new experiences in a better way.

And so on. So, practicing meditation properly could reward you profound value in mind-body-soul for overall immune system improvement.

22. Stay 30 min in Morning Sun

Since immunity is the fuel of your life, sunshine is the source of all human power that comes. Vitamin D comes from the sunshine that regulates our physiobiological various functionality for better immune health. It is directly associated with circadian rhythm and melatonin which helps our healthy sleep and rise in the right order.

Growing your habit with at least 30-minute morning sunshine can keep our health fit enough against diseases. It includes some benefits, such as improved eye power, helping to get a quality goodnight's sleep, lower stress, preserving strong bone health, saving health against weight gain, providing strength to fight depression, and building an immune system for longer life.

23. While Single Stay Social

Somehow, you are single in life. This lonely state of living could once peril your daily mental health. So, staying connected with like-minded friends can help you maintain safe and sound immune health for staying healthy and pleasant.

24. Habituate To Learning

Learning habit is an anti-gaining practice that keeps your brain evergreen for living with a good memory, neuroplasticity, new experience, and good immune health. That's why aged people who are not habituated to learning used to live with decreased memory.

25. Choose A Pollution Free City

It is all about air quality issues, which can reduce the ability of immune health.
Air Quality Index (AQI) runs from zero to 500 - whereas more than 300 represents hazardous air quality. If your city remains in this danger zone, perhaps you need to change your city immediately.

Particulate materials (PM10) are more dangerous than PM2.5 - easily can penetrate the lung and can create health issues like coughing, asthma, bronchitis, blood pressure, heart attack, strokes, cancer, and early death. Immune health can't tackle the finest particles in response while attacking the human body. So, a pollution-free city is the last option to solve the problem.

26. Fix Your Posture of Sleeping

Following a right sleeping, posture is perhaps safe for your immune health. In that context, sleeping on your back is the best for your health. Because it protects your spine, and helps reduces further hip or knee pain. It allows body-back uses gravity to align it with your balanced spine reducing further pressure on your joints.

Alternatively, the left side is considered to have benefits to your overall health. Although single side-sleeping for the entire night is not the right choice- some experts think it. So, let your body sleep on your back or your left side and find the experiment's outcome which is what your body feels.

27. Regulate Your Indoor Pollution

In recent years researchers remarked that in most industrialized cities indoor air quality is polluted five times to ten times than outdoor pollution. This situation might be more worst while research shows that people spend 90% of their time indoors.

In terms of keeping up, a healthy immune system might fall in peril with various unexpected diseases due to such polluted air at home. To overcome this situation, all you need to regulate your air quality and so far treat the indoor air with so far using basic equipment, such as Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Clean Air Window Screen, Window Cleaner Robot, Dust Cleaner/Blocker/filter, Smart Air Purifier, Indoor Carbon Filter (VIVOSUN 6 Inch Indoor Air Carbon Filter), and so on.

28. Look on the bright side

The dark side is dead or past, but the bright side is life. Having a best practice immune health, and building your positive look could play important role in life. Looking on your bright side refers to living with delight, joy, and goodness.

Whatever we do every day in further adversaries, the outcome must have a happy thing that can be imagined. Thinking about the ending result can give you enough emotional intelligence. This intelligence could lead you towards a brighter zone as well.

29. Maintain a healthy weight

A habit that allows maintaining a healthy weight is perhaps a great practice for wellbeing. Daily work out, running, jogging, swimming, or working habit in the morning can offer you great fitness for health benefits.


If you have an overweight tendency, daily checking up weight with caring your diet, fat, carb, or digestive system management might give you a balanced living.

30. Try to minimize stress

The modern world is full of elements someone has to live in stress, but be cunning to identify the things for regulating them with your intelligence.

If you find the reasons for your stress, you have a chance to reduce or remove stress forever by changing the working pattern or checking for control. In this regard, using stress control equipment might give you a relief for wellbeing.

31. Think Own Mortality

Human is not immortal, life span gets very limited - within hundred years maximum. Only immunity that can prolong the age length up to a hundred with pleasure. So, it's sagacious to set up a significant mindset that can give you enough peace of mind for a worthy living with better immunity.

32. Follow Auto-Suggestions

The suggestions that are automatically workable in mind-body-soul for a goal is called auto-suggestion. The auto-suggestions are based on inspiration and universal truth that work in better realization.

Suppose, you aim to utilize every new day with the highest inspiration and execution is your ultimate goal. So, you can say - "every new morning is a great new chance to create the greatest thing in the day". This might help you keep inspired and happy with the day's journey.

33. Build Your Healthy Food habits

Building a healthy food habit you needn't have a rich budget either. Your worthy sense of food or nutritional value might help you create a diversified food plan for weekly or monthly. A great food habit allows you to create a plan according to family members' average food requirements.

Here are the 50 healthy food habits in can consider in your new food habit plan.

34. Follow Clear Purpose Of Life

It is the best habit to follow a clear purpose of life for living with clarity and pure joy. Until you find your true purpose, you might keep searching and learning from the resourceful world to set it out for starting every day with a good morning and happiness.

While your purpose goes with an "evolving" lifetime, that might be an evolutionary purpose. Although all life has an equal form of purpose "survival", adding more dimensions such as compassion, selflessness, and generosity - might give you a more efficient, focused, and confident journey of a healthy mindful life.

35. Go With Upper Values

Creating a significant mindful state of immunity, there are some core values in life you might consider. They are core elements of upper values, such as - humility, integrity, generosity, honesty, compassion, kindness, selflessness, determination, and so on.

These proven things work best when you reach an age that looks for the value of life. Even the state of mindfulness with the values could help you regulate better immune life as well.

36. Nap Optimally (But)

In terms of increased productivity with mindfulness, napping works. You can nap daily at early noon for 30 minutes maximum duration. Very best if you could avoid this nap for taking the benefits of deep sleep daily.

While you experience inadequate sleep, taking nap could work to prevent sleep deprivation troubles. During the day work upon sedentary brainwork, the human brain consumes 20% of the power from the body. So, taking a 30 min rest could boost human productivity and mindfulness in office work too.

37. Be An Early Bird

You can follow the "early to bed, and early to rise" principle to meet your daily sleeping budget. Early rising habit allows you to be an early bird. This can enable you to take the great health benefits from the everyday brand new morning for immune health.

While you start a day with a fresh morning can reward you better earning from the amazing day! Every good morning golden sunshine can give you enough natural energy with vitamin D and mindful influence as well. So, a habit that makes you an early bird is a great setup for your life journey with safe health.

38. Go For Prayer

Whether you have a faith in a religion or not, there are many unique ways to form your prayer according to your purpose in life. Prayer is a great way for self-healing in mind-body-soul that helps to create great mindfulness for well-being.

prayer for health

39. Marry on Deeper Companionship

A single head is not better than twice. Two heads can create and recreate better something while you can keep up your best harmony and compassion for each other. In terms of killing the loneliness gap, you shouldn't wait to get married, rather can follow a deeper sense of compassion which might give you both a greater something in your life.

So, in terms of a great immune life, research found that conjugal life can enhance your life-span while you can lead your life with love and deeper compassions.

40. Avoid Too Much Sleep

You take adequate sleep at night is a great habit. But, it can be toxic either for your health while you take excessive sleep every day. Make sure you take the max of 8 hours of sleep as an adult starting at an early to bed good-night sleep.

41. Set Your First Hour of The Day

First-hour lifestyle indicates many directions in life and how much longer you could live healthy and wealthy. When you woke up, how much friendly is your dos-drinks-eats and mindfully readiness for the circadian rhythms?

All of these happen in the first hour of the day which matters in habitual life and behavior as well. So, adopting an organic lifestyle that deserves your significant set up including all your first-hour to-dos for a successful day.

42. Enjoy the Birthday of Every Member

A birthday is a great refreshment event of the chronological age for the family members. This appreciating and influencing event can help make your living more meaningful with health awareness. The wellness gifting around this event can make it so influential and happier for the life journey.

43. Avoid Toxic Company

The toxic company can't produce wellness or well-being either. Whether mentally or psychologically, toxic people affect fresh minds and deter us to think greatness for goodness within a holistic echo system of mindfulness.

Determine using your instinct, who is toxic, and no ways to change his mind by your efforts. Such personalities who even create more toxic minds, but can't come out of their thinking box of hell either. Just avoid them for well-being.

44. Practicing Habits of Cleanliness

The habit of cleanliness is a great virtue that allows someone to leave with an organic echo-system of immunity and happiness.

Firstly, it's a choice of leading life. And secondly, it's a continuous practice. So, by following these two steps of cleanliness someone can build a great habit of living with greater well-being.

45. Be Aware Of Safety

A long and healthy life allows you to stay safe first. Safety against recognized diseases, most probable mental health issues, drugs, and further hazardous risks or accidents can give you a significant life shield.

safety first

It is all about a safety awareness program. Building a family culture and norms that follow rich awareness could make it a big sense of living with care and compassion.

46. Live A Smoke-Free Life

You live with smoke allows you love to destroy yourself with a cancerous habit. CDC encourages you to quit smoking because cigarette smoke comprises over seven thousand chemicals that create blocks in the body, slowly stops the immune health against normal life.

At a stage of your age, you couldn't move against the blockage that makes your body hell. Then, immune cells become helpless to conduct their normal behavior against various diseases and rush the situation out of control. So, it's a great opportunity just now to stop smoking for personal and family wellbeing.

47. Avoid High-Stress Job

Research found that workplace job stress kills more deaths each year than Alzheimer's, Diabetes, or Influenza. So, it's time to change your job from higher stress to a lower stress job.

It makes sense that high-stress jobs are completely your option, not your obligation either. There are more numerous choices in the job market today than at any time in the past ever.

Even you have cent percent freedom to choose a freelance Gig-job from the open market today. If there's something skill-gap, you have a chance to build your skillset at a no-cost price to silly investment.

48. Make Friends Based On Compassion

The simple equation to choose a friend based on compassions. No compassion, no friendliness either. Make sure whether your friends allow your sense of equality or not before approaching your exposure.

Suppose, a smoking partner or drunker can't be a healthy friend either. While friends matter in life and you can't live without friends, then a toxic friend is enough to make your immune life slowly shorter day by day.

49. Improve Breathing Health

Proper breathing can enhance life with significantly immune health. It's just a process to practice oxidization throughout the body. What's its importance?

Just take a minute to keep your inhale & exhale closed. You couldn't live without breathing - most of us forget this sense of need. Ok, you might ask why extra breaths are required while we can take it naturally? Obviously.

Because our breathing lengths and strengths are not always run significantly because our thought process controls the feature of breathing strengths passively.

That's why a special time is better to be set for breathing practice regularly. Pranayama as your Yoga process or incase using equipment for the aged adults can practice better breathing for better sleep and fitness. 

50. Practice to Live in the Moment

It's a mindful practice to live in the moment, rather than past or future. It helps to focus your sense of action on a specific work with greater creativity. Why is it so important to practice? In a short, because of procrastination.

Procrastination does not allow you to stay at a point of work, rather makes your mind move on point to another issue. Make this stopped for focusing on particular work, practicing to live in the moment could result in a great.

Only committing to the due job to be done perfectly can help you grow your progress and success. Let this commitment for greater wellbeing.

51. Enjoy Life with Love

Without love, life is pointless, meaningless, or empty! So, you can expect love is life-blood that circulates throughout mind-body-soul at an optimized rate and can produce significant happiness.

enjoy life

Since a healthy body is the ultimate factory of all happiness chemicals, such as dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin, and serotonin - all you need to know is how they happen in your health by dint of adequate input usage. The inputs are vital players to get the love hormone, mood stabilizers, sustainable painkillers, and happiness reward chemicals.

For love, it's a simple formula to eat rich, get socialized, go yoga, finish the task that started, achieve your goal, go mindfulness, help others, listen to music, meditate your mind, live in touch with dearest one, pet your lovely animals, never miss a laughter event and so on.


Here are the last words, in search of building a better mindful lifestyle that strengthens stronger immune health. Protecting your amazing health is no alternative to a deep awareness of the crucial factors that play important role in a healthy immune system.

Make sure, you are aware of the aforesaid practices including healthy lifestyle habits, proper nutrition intake, practices that enhance immune health, healthy habits that you practice daily, and so on. That is all for living longer and stronger with compassion and happiness.

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