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How Useful is SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System

A Quick Review On The SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System - Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring - No Contract - Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, White. 

The SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System is a great way to keep your home safe. I was looking for a security system that would be easy to install and use, and this one fit the bill perfectly.

It's also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, which was an important factor in my decision-making process. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend this product to anyone looking for a home security system.

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

About The Product


Ready to Protect - Just Plug In

No muss, no fuss - with this home security system all you need to do is just plug it in and voila, it's ready to protect your home. It couldn't be more straightforward and that's the way we like it.

Optional Professional Monitoring

When it comes to security, you can never be too safe. That's why we love the optional professional monitoring feature on this home security system. 

For an extra layer of protection, you can sign up for professional monitoring services which will alert the authorities in case of an emergency.

Panic Button for Instant Dispatches

We all know that feeling of dread when we hear a strange noise in the middle of the night. With the SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System, you can rest easy knowing that there's a panic button right at your fingertips for instant dispatches. 

So if you ever find yourself in a scary situation, just hit the button and help will be on its way.

Backups for Your Backups

It's always good to have a backup plan, and with the SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System, you'll have backups for your backups. With this system, you'll be able to rest assured that your home is protected even if your primary security system fails. 

And if something does happen, the 24/7 professional monitoring will ensure that help is on the way.

Customizable Sensors for Whole Home Protection up to 100

You can never be too safe, and with this home security system, you can customize the sensors to protect your whole home. Up to 100 sensor devices can be added to this base station unit for comprehensive protection. 

So whether you want to protect your valuables, or just have some peace of mind knowing your family is safe while you're away, this system has got you covered.

Pair with Smart Home Integration Platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant

Home security is important, but it can be a hassle to keep track of everything yourself. That's where SimpliSafe comes in. 

With its integration with smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can easily keep an eye on your home security system without having to constantly check in on things yourself.

This way, you can relax and enjoy your life knowing that your home is being protected even when you're not there.

Review and Score

Our Score: 92/100

The diverse set of features this home security system offers is really impressive. You can monitor activity yourself using the SimpliSafe app or have a professional do it for you 24/7. 

And if there's an emergency, the built-in siren will sound and alert the monitoring center so they can dispatch help.

I found that most people who bought this system were very happy with it. The average rating on Amazon is 4.6 stars out of 5, I'm also going to give the same 92 out of 100, based on my assessment on all reviews on the various media that comes from average. Take a look the average starts on my infographics at a glance:

Average Stars Based On All Media - Infographics

On the basis of reviews by recognized media on the web, the average rating is generated showed in the infographics with reference:

SimpliSafe review infographics

So, I think it offers great value for the price.

Product Offer By Amazon:

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Home Security System

Key Feature:  Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring, No Contract , Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant , White Color. 
Brand: SimpliSafe
Model/Size/Part Number: ‎8 piece
Style: 8 Piece Kit
Warranty Description: 1 year warranty
Included Components:1 Base Station, 1 Keypad, 4 Entry Sensors, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Panic Button.
Price: $183.99 & Free Returns


Enough reasons, you need a home security system in the place. Since study shows home security concern in the USA on the rise, you feel to have a security system  that is reliable and affordable as well.

Overall, the SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System is a great option for anyone in the market for a security system. It's easy to set up and use and is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. There are no contracts required, so you can cancel at any time.

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