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Child Protection Online: How To Secure Internet Safety For Kids

Are you getting a serious hustle on internet safety for kids? Do you feel an urgent solution for child protection in terms of keeping your child safe on the internet? Then there is the write-up you could learn all the quick points of 'how to protect your child on the internet'. Let's meet the big concern how to mitigate with specific solutions.

Why is Child Protection Online So Important?

According to fact data, 71% of female teen and 67% of male teen sent or post unexpected pornographic content for their boyfriend or girlfriend. And, 7 to 18 years old 70% of children have accidentally encountered internet pornography, often using web search while they doing homework. Take a look for more information in the infographics:

internet safety for kids

As internet is full of A-to-Z soft to hard content websites carry various info content that doesn't worth all for all ages. In sense of healthy mind for the children, inappropriate sites are harmful to the natural brain growth as well as organized mindfulness generation.

Besides, the activities of hackers, spammers, and bulling web-intruders are being increased day by day with their new techniques therein the increased data ocean on the web. And, children are the soft target by the evil part of the web intruders. This is why all you need to take safety attempts for child protection online.

In this growing iGen era in the widening data kingdom, child protection is crucially important for securing child and family privacy against the evil someone who might come and harm through the easy targets.

How To Make Internet Safety For Kids?

Parents used to look for online solutions using search tools to learn the ways how to secure Internet safety for their kids. Here some of the common concerns they used to put down as the key questions to search for the solutions through search engines:

   Q1: How do I keep my child safe on the Internet?
   Q2: What are the basic rules for being safe on the Internet?
   Q3: How do I protect my child from social media?
   Q4: What to do keeping my child safe at home? and so on.

Every child deserves adequate parental control with learning personal awareness due increased involvement of passive lifestyle in the internet. Definitely, you can't keep your child stop browsing on the internet as they are Gen Z, and they need to build their future or fortune based on the internet as well. Then what do you need to do for them? How to help them?

All you need to let them get step by step wiring their creative brain, mind, and behavior with appropriate knowledgebase including ethical operability. It's rather the best policy to make a surefire safety against any evil attempt intruders play online.

However, for detailed all, let's walk along with the point to point.

How To Secure Internet Safety For Kids

You might see how you can make sure a hyper-secure safety for your children online so that you can stay free from the anxiety they browse internet. 

Technical Protection: Stop Cyberbullying

1. Make Sure the Safety Settings in All Devices

Before allowing your child to use internet in any device, whether it laptop desktop or tab, make sure the settings are in right place for them. Windows defender firewall, level or stuff filtering, anything - read every element of each device as a very initial part of the attempt for fixing the right settings carefully.

2. Confirm the Privacy Settings in Each Social Media Sites

While you allow the browsable social media such as Facebook, Twitter or anyone for kids, make sure each of the privacy and security points is defined properly. Keep the followers and friends circles are safe for sharing things on your wall that are not against child-friendly.

3. Use 2-Step Verification Process in the device

This is a popular way to configure the 2-step verification process - email and cell phone. This might give you enough relax to keep up the account safe from hackers. But, better to keep this process sometimes changing the password at least once in three months.

4. Enable Family Safety Features in Windows 10

If you use Windows 10 you might fix the family features upgrading after windows 8. Also, you can take advantage of using Family Group in Microsoft
creating an account for the members in order to secure your kids. It'll enable you to keep children safer online, including friendly fun together, plus stay connected from anywhere you stay.

5. Use A Reliable Antivirus for Kids

There are some powerful Antivirus services you can use for overall protection that are specifically offered for internet safety for kids. You might use Kaspersky Safe Kids, WebRoot or at least free OpenDNS to protect internet security or filtering the unwanted stuff or cyber attack from online.

6. Arrange to Use Parental Controlling ISP

Get starting your main security assurance with the internet service provider (ISP). Whether it's America Online, or EarthLink or others, every ISP has free parental controls for limiting the access to websites and other communication features, such as messaging, chat, email and so on.

7. Use Mac OS with Parental Controls

As like as Windows, Apple also has own parental control system for creating eco-system for protecting children online. All you need to download the application from the Apple App Store. In the system, you have chance to specify the contacts who could communicate with your child mailing, messaging and gaming apps.

8. Keep Locking iOS Devices

In the case of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPads or iPods, you can use the same parental control system like a Mac computer. Configure the right setting that goes kids friendly. You can stop further aggressive access to the device blocking the unexpected apps and content.

9. Create App protection on Android

Android devices allow using external apps for different definitive protection to save children from unwanted stuff or cyber attacks. All you need to understand the genuine apps following their creator brand or rating score for choosing appropriate security. Using the apps you can define the stuff you'll allow for the children are safe enough.

10. Hacking Solution

No guarantee how careful you are! You can still get hacked! If happen, resolve hacking trouble systematically step by step. Check up all system and clean your hard drive. Change your password. Make it unpredictable. But never follow putting password like 123456 or XYZ.

Make sure you did the right settings for Social media Sites. Check the system and fix your 2-step verification method. Check your email box and see mail notification - whether your account sent a fishing link. However, get your device refreshed for worthy child protection. You might do it yourself or can hire an expert to clean the device for reverting best.

Online Safety Awareness: Use Carefully

11. Anyhow keep up the password quite private

This is so important because access key is all to get an entry into the system, emails or sites. Keep your password up in a secret place which is known only your parents. Although you might keep it memorized, better to keep in an encrypted MS Word doc. Then, go to "prepare" and pick out the option "encrypt document". And save the doc with your easy to remember the password.

12. Never keep personal information anywhere online 

Being awarded to follow rules regarding personal info sharing. You shouldn't keep your personal information in any profile of the sites. Even you needn't go share an image of the children on social media sites in terms of safety reasons.

13. Train your family

Family awareness is important to keep the members free from cyber attacks either. So, attempt to train your every member regarding most probable risk factors from online. Follow the step by step process to learn the potential issues for mitigating any risk.

14. Make them easy to share

Make your child be prompt to let you know received a message from a stranger. (source: And any further stuff online that is out of kids' safety zone. The children deserve to know the fact story of probable danger. Let them know the ultimate result of how unwanted phishing stuff can happen danger might count huge loss in your family.

15. Being Partner naturally

Parents are a great shelter for child growth, not only as a physical environment, mentally as well. Make you their best friend, and get a natural mind sharing between you and your child. This mode of family eco-system might give you huge peace and confidence over children that they approach online.

16. Make sure they'll not provide personal information

Sharing is great, but let your kids know who is a receiver. make them sure that they know what are the personal information, such as residential address, school name, phone number. And define the contact list that includes specific kin and kith can get a share - strangers are quite forbidden either.

17. Keep them stop sending the image to any stranger

Strangers are stranger - some of them might good or bad. Let your kids know this in terms of safety from bad ones. Cyber or social hackers take advantage of getting an easy share from child to take their next step. So, it's obvious to stay away from a further approach to share any image to the starters on social sites.

18. Never download something without permission

Every download is not safe - needs to approach various scan before download. Otherwise, It might carry virus to your computer. Let your kids be obedient to check the authentication and safety through you. This habit of the child for permission is essential virtue to keep them safe up from the online hazard.

19. Talk to your Kids Regularly

You as the best part of their friends, let your family-time with them regularly. By the by, know the activities today they gathered whether got any trouble from online. As much you talk regarding their daily online approach, as they will become master and mature on internet journey gathering your precious tips.

20. Let them use Private browsing

Apple introduced this approach online. About every browser today avails private browsing feature. It just ignores cookies to allow history in the browser. This is why if any other friends want to use the same device they couldn't find what was your earlier sites you visited. About 20% netizen is using this private browsing around the web.

21. Allow Kids-friendly Specific Sites

There are tons of sites around the web - needn't all of them to browse for kids engagement. In purpose of defining good sites, you might select the recognized branded sites based on a property of learning good education and safe entertainment.

internet safety for kids

Internet safety for kids comes through right parental control

22. Use Software for Internet Safety

The Internet is very important area to get an education, but without parental control tools, it might become very dangerous to gather knowledge. While kids browse online might enter into unsafe sites could result in huge trouble or losses. Getting kids browsing quite safe and secure, all you need to use any of the below software:

(a) Qustodio
Qustodio has a free version powerful diversified parental control apps. It enables to block pornography and other harmful sites.

(b) OpenDNS
OpenDNS has two types of free parental control service package named "OpenDNS Family Shield" and "OpenDNS Home". It'll automatically block the unexpected domains based on fagged stuff conducted by OpenDNS. This software works about all sort o devices including the desktop.

(c) Spyrix Free Keylogger
Spyrix Keylogger is a free parental control program records the users' activities. It is one of the best free tools to monitor the information that kids browse online.

(d) Kiddle
Kiddle is a kid-friendly powerful search tool made by Google. It helps the young children to search their desired sites with the highest safety. This search tool leverage young students to do home works, gather relevant knowledge, enjoying safe witty games and so on.

(e) KidsEmail
Kids-Email is a free to use available in the Amazon. It is a trusted kids-safe email service that helps incoming and outgoing emails to the parent. All it need to be allowed a parent to receive or reject any message sent to your children. It allow to filter out the aggressive words got in the incoming email queue. Remarkable that it needs to be added a child email account in the settings after subscribing on KidsEmail website.

(f) McAfee Total Protection
McAfee is a award-winning powerful security software works tirelessly to protect your while system online from threats. In the system they provides whole security including password manager, multi-device security, parental controls, malware, spyware, phishing, spam, and after all parental controls.

(g) WebRoot
WebRoot is also works for complete Internet Security. It can be used in multi-devices keeps the internet free from any sort of threats wherever you go with the devices. This system might help you to keep your child under single umbrella of security system.

(h) Parental Control Software

Protect your children using special parental control software like SentryPC or Norton Parental Control.  They are being used by parents worldwide for monitoring, filtering, and controlling the computer & mobile activity of their children.

(i) Use A Password Manager

Human error may account for as much as 95% of security breaches. To prevent hackers, make sure your password is robust.

password manager

So, you may easily create and remember strong passwords with the use of a password manager. You just need to remember one master password if you use a password manager. Through two-factor authentication and security alerts, this software often also offers additional protection.

Keep learning the Changing world: Helping kids grow with safety.

23. The new games kids prefer

Since kids are the very sensitive receiver for taking knowledge and experience from external source through entertainment, some games might play negative role for them. That's why you might check the latest games released for kids to enjoy their time with learning new things that are creative.

24. Parental new roles

In this iGen era, there is something to learn for kids care, such as new technology, a new approach to digital benefits and new idea for taking care for the kids. Due to the changing world parental roles are being depended on parents aware of how you wish to make kids-time more useful.

The books can help build secure mind-set as their new normal and protective safety for the children and teens through their adequate education against any impactful things online:  

Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today's Young Kids

On the Internet: Our First Talk About Online Safety (The World Around Us (3))

Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!): The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls

25. Parental Control Efficiently

This is important to learn from the growing world while you could feel that kids are very fast growing for the future. It brainstorms that kids get neuron storage in their brain very fast up to eight years old. If you could give the best experience to the child during the age could result in the best creative future.

There is available resourceful content around the web as well as in the real life. All you need to know and allow them the safety things for appropriate skill so kids get betterment.

26. Technology for handling kids

Technology is the biggest leverage blesses the generation to grow with better outcome day by day. While safety issues are being arises from technology, solution is located in the same zone as well. Then you need to learn the appropriate skill for handling kids safety and development. The parental software or tools are an example in this purpose.

27. Taking Training

This is not ignorable, but a bit serious as well while you see kids handling is complex of uncertain management either. If you're new parents, and both of you are busy enough, taking a training might help you how to mitigate the kids-care journey intuitively. 

Regularly Checking The Safety Factors: Keep protected

28. Cyber Harassment

Cyber harassment might appear on the device through wrong settings of social media sites, or due to the usage of free security software, or phishing links in the email. However, it is a point of the most probable issues that deserves to keep checking regularly in terms of kids safety.

29. Credit Report of Your Child

Uncover the signals of identity theft checking the credit card report. It is important in terms of solving the issue before applying for a student loan and credit card.

30. Online activity

Using the free parental control software keep checking the records online to secure any sort of trouble from cyber intruders. You might gather info discussing with your young children whether they travel online more than the given outlines you provided.

31. Up to Date Antivirus

A backdated Antivirus might happen cyber attack. Make sure of keeping the Antivirus quite up-to-date in order to the maintenance of safety net browsing.

32. Content from Sexual Predators

This is another worry to keep the net free from pornography or unethical stuff offered by sexual predators. It deserves to get regular checking that makes the kids internet journey safe and sound.

33. Check the kid's mind

Checking kids mind is first to get the internet learning pleasant and safe. Talk to the kid's daily basis pointing out the things you have to follow in the daily rules.

34. Password Sharing

Anyhow, password privacy is first, as it goes the main key to getting access into the account. Get reconfirmed regularly whether kids response is quite OK or not - they do not use in the public PCs.

internet safety for kids

Keep Guiding Your Kids: They Get Matured 

35. Teach Computer Security

Let your kids learn the total computer security as early as possible. You might teach them or can hire a local teacher to make the kids perfect on their cyber browsing. And you can help them make a checklist to follow the things for best security. Let them aware to inform you while happening further potential issue on their privacy.

36. Let them know privacy maintenance

While they could maintain the privacy on their DIY, might give you stay worried free. So, point out the privacy first for easy fighting against cyber intruders.

37. Guide File Sharing

Make sure the kids who will be the right receiver of the stuff they wanna share online. And teach them how to secure the sharing that really goes to the right person properly. I that regard, you might shield the particular receivers such as classmates or relatives.

38. Let them learn how to prevent cyberbullying

As usually, cyberbullying happens in social media. In this circumstance let them know to block the follower or friends. In this regard get more help here to protect your normal journey online.

39. Teach how to happen phishing to protect

As phishing happens through kidding innocent curiosity on a masking URL given in the email content. Make sure your kids know how a phishing link might appear in the email content, and how to identify nature. In this regard, they should report you before clicking on the doubtful link.

40. Guide how to recognize safe Apps

Apps are useful, and in case, essential as well. But how your kids could learn which app is safe and secure for the device net? Although store authentication is important as well, there are two major ways are most considerable to select a right app from apps store: rating and level of branding. Let your kids check these two points before downloading an app for safe usage.

41. Teach how to keep the mobile phone safe

Mobile phone safety teaching is important in two folds - technical software safety and caretaking safety. Let them know the safety steps showing the layers how many times you did to fix the total safety.

In case of your absence with kids, let them know how to be careful bearing mobile phone with them. It depends on location. While outside of own home, it's important to take extra awareness for keeping secure the device.

42. Guide for safe social networking

This is an intuitive habitual attempt to follow the awareness in the social media approaches for own safety. Indicate the most potential issues as a to-do list which ones are major to abide by kids carefully. Such as kids needn't change the privacy setting without your direction.

Never allow strangers to share any stuff. Never should go to share content with strangers, and so on. Make sure that kids friends circle is safe and all are well-known by the kids as well.

43. Make Familiar with the virtual world

The ignorance regarding virtual world might generate fear in a kids mind. At first, make them able to operate the internet without wrong way. Then, let them know what is the digital world, and what is difference between real life and parallel virtual presence. It will make them sensitive to measure the danger in sizes and shapes might happen they need to avoid habitually.

44. Teach Texting vs Sexting

Kids and children are innocent. They might face various abusage conducted by another party. Make them aware what is the sense of texting they exchange through a messenger, and when it might be sexting can turn him on the wrong way.

Texting is social, simple and way to communicate healthily. But Sexting (which means sex-texting) usage text as well as unethical images, such as nude or semi-nude images. This awareness and mindset in kids could help them to avoid hidden risk.

45. Give Specific Rules to Follow

A cyber safety quick checklist in a single page can help the kids to get in mind the awareness at a glance. While kids will be habituated to follow the rules in practice, then needn't keep the list out of their mind.

Make the rules that include A-to-Z focus points, such as login, log out, privacy, unwanted stuff, own behavior, approach from others, the boundary of a deal, messaging, and so on all about as the safeguard. 


There are tons of reasons to go child protection online and that is the set of steps as above how to secure internet safety for kids. You'll sure use the internet security software and online parental control tools to preserve the safety of your dearest children.

But no guarantee - all the tools are not enough to guard to secure your kids safety. According to Henry Ford, “If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.”

So, you'll also need to stay in touch with adequate security-knowledge-base in terms of internet safety for kids.

You might keep learning the resourceful books for guiding with best parental control over children to make them safe and genius iGen on Internet:  

Parent Alert: How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online (Educate yourself for kids safety on Internet)

Raising Humans in a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology

Cyber Smart: Five Habits to Protect Your Family, Money, and Identity from Cyber Criminals

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